15+ Gorgeous Brick Patio Ideas to Upgrade Your Outdoor Living

Last Updated on July 4, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

Are your backyard hangouts feeling a bit dull? Brick patio ideas might just be the game changer you need! These aren’t just about tossing some bricks on the ground; it’s about crafting a space that begs you to chill out all day.

From the undeniable charm of a classic red brick layout to clever designs that keep your outdoors fresh, this article has got it covered.

We’re diving into 15 creative ways to transform your garden with bricks—each idea designed to inspire and spark your next big DIY project.

So, why settle for a plain backyard when you can jazz it up with style and functionality? Stick around, as we dig into a variety of styles that are sure to make your neighbors peek over the fence in awe!

15+ Unique Brick Patio Ideas for a Beautiful Garden Retreat

1. Classic Red Brick Patio

1 brick patio ideas

Got a backyard begging for a bit of classic charm? A Classic Red Brick Patio is your go-to. These bricks don’t just look good; they’ve got the muscle to last through any weather.

Perfect for outdoor gatherings, their timeless appeal and versatile style make any garden shine.

As Martha Stewart says, “A beautiful garden doesn’t make a home, but it sure makes the place we call home much nicer!”

2. Herringbone Pattern

2 brick patio ideas

Looking to level up your patio game? Lay down some bricks in a Herringbone Pattern. This setup isn’t just a feast for the eyes; it’s a recipe for a dynamic outdoor space.

It’s all about angles and arrangements that catch the eye and don’t let go. Great for spaces that need a dash of drama without the fuss of high maintenance.

3. Basket Weave Pattern

3 brick patio ideas

If you’re after a cozy nook that feels both organized and original, try the Basket Weave Pattern. This design interlocks horizontal and vertical bricks, creating a dance of geometry that’s both pleasing and practical.

It’s the kind of pattern that invites you to kick off your shoes and relax, perfect for smaller patios that crave a touch of detail.

4. Circular Brick Patio

4 brick patio ideas

Why go straight when you can curve? A Circular Brick Patio draws everyone in, making it a stellar choice for fire pits and central table setups.

It’s like the round table of the backyard – no corners, just smooth edges that make every seat the best seat in the house.

5. Mixed Material Patio

5 brick patio ideas

Mix it up with a Mixed Material Patio where bricks meet other buddies like stone or gravel. This isn’t just about mixing it up for kicks; it’s a strategic play for texture and contrast that gives your outdoor area a modern edge.

Define different zones or pathways and watch your garden go from flat to phat in no time.

6. Reclaimed Brick Patio

6 brick patio ideas

Fancy a touch of nostalgia? A Reclaimed Brick Patio uses old bricks for a cool, vintage vibe that tells a story. It’s eco-friendly and packed with rustic charm. To nail that throwback look, throw in some retro furniture.

You’ll feel like you’re stepping back in time, but with all the comforts of today. As garden designer P. Allen Smith once noted, “Old bricks make a garden feel like it’s been around forever.” You can check out his ideas here.

7. Modern Geometric Patterns

7 brick patio ideas

If straight lines bore you, shake things up with Modern Geometric Patterns. This isn’t your grandma’s patio; think bold shapes and sleek designs that make your outdoor space pop.

It’s the perfect backdrop for minimalist gardens where less is more but has to be more interesting.

8. Mosaic Brick Patio

8 brick patio ideas

Ever think about making your patio a masterpiece? With a Mosaic Brick Patio, you use bricks of different colors and shapes to create your own unique art.

It’s all about being colorful and personalized—a real eye-catcher that says ‘this is my place.’

9. Brick Patio with Border

9 brick patio ideas

It’s all in the details with a Brick Patio with Border. Adding a contrasting border can turn a simple layout into a sleek, polished outdoor space.

Just choose a darker or lighter shade for the border, and watch how it frames your patio perfectly. It’s like putting a ribbon around a present.

10. Brick and Grass Combination

10 brick patio ideas

Love the feel of grass under your feet? Mix it up with a Brick and Grass Combination. Lay bricks with patches of grass between them for a patio that’s not only pretty but also feels like a part of the landscape.

Just remember, keeping the grass green means a bit of extra elbow grease!

11. Raised Brick Patio

11 brick patio ideas

Ever thought about giving your garden a bit of a lift? A Raised Brick Patio does just that, adding dimension and making those sloped gardens look sharp.

Build it with steps or retaining walls to create levels that turn an ordinary space into a standout feature. It’s not just about looks; it’s about making every bit of your garden usable.

12. Brick Patio with Inset Lighting

12 brick patio ideas

Why should the fun stop when the sun goes down? With a Brick Patio with Inset Lighting, it doesn’t have to. These bricks come with built-in lights to keep your patio lit up and welcoming, long after dark.

It’s perfect for those who love a late-night chat or an evening bash under the stars. Just imagine the ambiance—it’s about safety, style, and extending your outdoor time.

13. Outdoor Kitchen Brick Patio

13 brick patio ideas

If you’re all about that grill life, then an Outdoor Kitchen Brick Patio is your stage. Designed to support a full-blown outdoor kitchen, this setup is where function meets finesse.

Throw in some countertops and a dining set, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate spot to cook, eat, and chill. As celebrity chef Bobby Flay might say, “Outdoor cooking is not just about hot dogs and hamburgers.

It’s about creating flavors and having a space to bring your friends and family together.”

14. Brick Patio with Water Feature

14 brick patio ideas

Looking for a little oasis in your backyard? A Brick Patio with Water Feature brings a slice of serenity right to your doorstep.

Whether it’s a bubbling fountain or a calm pond, integrating water into your patio design not only boosts the aesthetic but also the vibe. Remember to pick water-resistant bricks to keep your tranquil corner looking good year after year.

15. Brick Patio with Pergola

15 brick patio ideas

For those sunny days when you just want a bit of shade, a Brick Patio with Pergola is your solution.

It’s not just about staying cool; it’s about adding structure and style to your outdoor area. Drape it with climbing plants or string up some lights, and watch how it transforms your patio into a charming garden retreat.


That’s a wrap on our journey through 15 dynamic brick patio ideas! Whether you’re drawn to the nostalgic touch of a Reclaimed Brick Patio or the modern vibe of Geometric Patterns, each design brings something special to the table.

These ideas aren’t just about throwing bricks together; they’re about creating a space that feels like yours. Remember, the perfect patio isn’t something you find—it’s something you build.

Why not mix and match these ideas to suit your style? Got a cool patio project you’re proud of? Don’t keep it to yourself—drop a comment below and share the love. Let’s keep those creative juices flowing and transform those outdoor spaces into personal paradises!