Budget Ideas For The Thanksgiving Holiday

Budget Ideas For The Thanksgiving Holiday

Last Updated on June 4, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Thanksgiving dishes can be served up with love on a tight budget easily. Consider purchasing the food from a farmer’s market or hosting a group dinner potluck style.

‘Tis the season of holiday cheer, family parties, delicious comfort food and hard-earned money spent well on gifts for all. These things may have to be on tight restrictions this year, but they can still be accomplished on a tight budget with a little creative and careful planning.

From less decorations to adding more guests, Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be a stressful or money-consuming holiday.

Purchase A Turkey Or Side Dish Ingredients From a Local Farmer’s Market

buying turkey

Shopping at a farmer’s market has many positives: less holiday stress from busy stores and long lines, along with smaller prices on fresher fare.

Many local butchers or farmers sell the most ideal holiday food such has ham, turkey, eggs, fruit for pies, vegetables for side dishes, unique bread and cheeses, and even wine at half to three-quarters the price as the same thing at the grocery store. Purchasing fresher food also makes for longer lasting leftovers, and there are dozens of ideas for delicious Thanksgiving leftovers.

Host a Group Thanksgiving Dinner With Friends Or Family

Host a Group Thanksgiving Dinner With Friends Or Family

Invite friends and family over for a Thanksgiving party, but ask each one to bring a certain side dish, beverage or main dish or dessert. This way each person is only responsible for spending the money on one or two items, other than an entire dinner. A group potluck of about six people will cover the entire Thanksgiving meal, from main turkey dish to wine to pumpkin pie.

If attending a group Thanksgiving dinner, make sure to bring a hostess gift if it isn’t necessary to bring a food dish. Unique hostess gifts on a budget (anywhere from $5 to $50 dollars) include things such as candles, small gift baskets personalized to the host, fresh flowers or specialty tea or coffee for after-dinner drinks.

Stock Up On Cheap Liquor For The Holiday Bar

stock up the wine

Admit it; the holiday season is also the season to drink and be merry, whether it is for fun or necessary to get through time with those stressed out in-laws or herds of little children running through your feet.

Although there are some types of liquor that should be bought top-shelf for the quality, there are several that do not really need to be.

Lesser-known brands of liquor are much cheaper than top-shelf brands, and the guests don’t need to know; keep the liquor in decanters or fancy skinny vases. Liquor that can easily be bought as generic includes vodka, gin and rum. Liquor that should be good quality includes whisky, scotch, and tequila.

Cut Down On Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving decorations

Decrease the amount of holiday decorations to just one or two main focal points, such as the dinner table or living room coffee table centerpiece, or a welcoming decoration on the front door. Focus on the festive colors of gold, burnt red, brown, green, yellow and orange.

Inexpensive but simple and beautiful centerpieces include large pillar candles, a basket of brightly colored fruit or vegetables, such as apples, squash, peppers, pumpkin, etc.

A basket can also be filled with fall leaves, twigs or pine cones. Place a Thanksgiving wreath from a craft shop such as Michael’s on the front door with festive colors and pleasant aromas.

Avoid Unnecessary Costs At The Dinner Table And Keep An Eye On Coupons!

Thanksgiving dinner table ideas

Don’t buy things such as paper plates or napkins, and plastic cutlery or cups. Use real dishes to add some formality, and consider that running the dishwasher a couple extra times may end up less expensive then sending the extra $15 on things that you will be throwing away anyways.

This also goes for bottled water, and holiday items that one needs to buy in bulk in order to get a discount. Remember to continually check the store coupons in the area for great deals, and always check the dollar stores for minor details and ingredients.

Thanksgiving should always be a time of close friends and family enjoying time together, and a lot of money does not need to be spent for this to happen. It seems that it is important for everyone to watch their budget this year, especially with Christmas right around the corner after the November holiday.

Budget Ideas For The Thanksgiving Holiday