23+ Brilliant Baking Charts That Will Make You A Pastry Chef

Last Updated on April 9, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

People from every corner of the world like baking, that’s for sure. Mostly, people think that baking is a really stiff and time taking task. So, one has to prepare his/her mind to go for baking. Fortunately, in this article, you will have the 21 lifesaving charts if you love baking. These charts will definitely bring ease in your baking life, especially if you run a bakery. 

21 lifesaving charts for anyone who loves baking


1. Lazy enough to go to a store but still striving to bake? 

1 bake charts


Most of the time you don’t have the mood to go to any of the stores to get the ingredients or baked items. So, what you can do is, use the ingredients available at your home, you can bake for yourself. This chart will help you do exactly that.



2. Some of the best conversions available for your kitchen 

2 bake charts


These conversions are for the people who don’t want to google their problems but still want to get rid of them. Here is the chart for the finest conversions in your kitchen. 



3. Do you want a conversion chart for international recipes?

3 bake charts


Searching on google for every international recipe conversion chart is such a hectic task to do. All the information on one chart can certainly save a lot of your valuable cooking time.  



4. For a foolproof pie crust fan

4 bake charts


The crust is the most focused part of a pie. You need to have the perfect information to make the perfect crust. The crust can enhance the satisfaction of any pie.



5. Finest lattice chart 

5 bake charts


If not the crust, you must be a lover of lattice. Usually people ignore the lattice part of the pie, so if you want the simplest ways to form the perfect lattice, get a chart for yourself.



6. To know when to use which pan 

6 bake charts


If you think you have used all the ingredients and all other essentials properly and you will have the perfect pie? You might be wrong. Until or unless you use the right pan for the right pie.



7. If you don’t have the pan you require, see these substitutes

7 bake charts


As mentioned above, use the right pan. If you don’t have that then use the right conversion for it.



8. Getting the finest tools from the market 

8 bake charts


When investing in your kitchen, you must know which tool will give you the most utility and when to use them.



9. The chocolate lover’s chart

9 bake charts


The ones who love chocolate need to know the easiest and quickest chocolate fixes to satisfy themselves.



10. Guide to different types of flour 

10 bake charts


There is a variety of flour in the world, especially when making pie. You must have a guide for the flours.



11. Have gluten free flours 

11 bake charts


This is for the people who want gluten free flour, here is the best chart.



 12. The chocolate chip cookie chart

12 bake charts


We have already talked about the chocolate, but this is for the cookie lovers. The chocolate chip cookie needs a lot of precise information.




13.  The bakers who love decorating the cakes 

13 bake charts


You can utilize this chart if you have a birthday or any other event coming at your house.



14. If you have spice cravings 

14 bake charts


This chart is for your fall cravings. 



15. The vegan bakers 

15 bake charts


If you are running out of eggs while baking or you are vegan, then this chart is made for you.



16. Substitutes for sugar 

16 bake charts


If you don’t want to put sugar in your desserts but still want a sweet taste, you can have the alternatives for it.



17. The butter substitutes 

17 bake charts


Like sugar, some people don’t want butter in their deserts but still want the cherishment of it. In this case, you can have the alternatives of butter. 



18. Are you baker who doesn’t wants gluten 

18 bake charts


This chart is for the people who don’t want gluten in their deserts. Follow this chart if you are one of them.



19. These tips are for vegan bakers 

19 bake charts


There are millions of people around the world, who are vegan bakers. They surely can follow these tips in the kitchen.  



 20. Do you want to make home-made bread? 

20 bake charts


Many of the times you don’t want to get the bread from any store. No worries, you can make your own bread at home. Furthermore, you can utilize it anywhere you want.



 21. The weekend full of candies

21 bake charts


People love to make desserts on the weekend. If you are one of them, you can follow the chart to get the finest steps to make candies for yourself and your children. If it is Halloween, then this chart can create your Halloween much easier and the children’s much sweeter.


22. Know tablespoons to cup conversion

22 bake charts


23. Yeast conversion

23 bake charts