20 Clever DIY Wooden Spoon Crafts

Spoons are one of the most common utensils found in kitchens all over the world. They can be used in numerous ways, but are generally used for cooking and mixing things, as well as eating. But if you think that the versatility of spoons is just this much, then you couldn’t be more wrong. There are several other ways in which one can use a spoon, like for making several DIY crafts. Here are 20 great ways in which you could use a spoon. 


1. Faces at the end:

You can easily draw some faces at the end of a long wooden spoon. You would only need a few markers, some color pencils and pens. Draw whatever you wish to draw, but remember to make it cute and funny. Image Source: 

2. Dancing Girl:

You can paint or stick a dancing girl at the end of your wooden spoon. You can wrap the rest of the spoon in pink ribbons to give it a special effect. Image Source: 

3. Flowers:

You can also add in some flowers at the end of your spoon. You can try this technique for spring seasons, as it will go with the theme. Image Source: 

4. Family:

You can use these wooden spoons to make a wall hanging. For this, you would require six spoons, and stick them to a piece of paper. You can paint the ends of these spoons and write down “FAMILY”, and then turn it into a wall hanging. Image Source: 

5. Cats:

You can also design the end of these spoons into cute little cats. You would only need a pen, marker and some colors to do it. Image Source: 

6. Bowtie:

You can also add in a few small bowties to your spoons. These bowties would look really cute on your wooden spoons and even better on your dining table. Image Source: 

7. Stripes and shapes:

You can also add in some colorful stripes and shapes to your spoons to make them look even more amazing. Make sure to add in several colors to give them a vibrant appeal. Image Source: 

8. Sober colors:

You can paint the ends of these wooden spoons with sober colors like pink, blue and white. This will give it a peaceful appeal and would go well with the color of the rest of those spoons. Image Source: 

9. Golden edges:

You can also color the edges and the ends of these spoons golden. This will go brilliantly with the burnt brown color of the rest of the spoon’s body. Image Source: 

10. Dolls:

You can easily transform these spoons into dolls. All you need to do is paint some faces, add some fake hairs and you can also add in some fake clothing to go with the effect. Image Source:

11. Flower Wraps:

you can wrap the edges of these spoons with some flowery gift wraps. This will give it a whole new effect, something that is both pretty and cute. Image Source: 

12. White with black dots:

You can either paint or wrap the edges of these spoons in papers that are white and have black dots on them. You can also color them in that way. Image Source: 

13. Spoon disk:

You can create a wonderful round disk using some wooden spoons. This is one of the most fascinating DIY Dishes that you can make. Image Source: 

14. Santa Claus:

You can make some very Christmasy DIY spoons, using some paint. For this, all you need to do is paint some pictures of Santa Claus at the ends of these spoons. Image Source: 

15. Olaf:

You can make a snowman at the ends of these spoons to give them a winter look. For this, all you would need are some marker pens and paint. Image Source: 

16. Boutonniere:

You can add in some pearls or some fake white flowers at the edges of these pens, to give them a beautiful new look. You can also add in a ribbon to highlight the effect.Image Source: 

17. The Christmas Appeal:

You can paint some white Christmas pictures, like a reinderr and a snowman on the edges of these spoons, to give them a fantastic new look. Image Source: 

18. People:

You can make a number of different kinds of faces on these spoons. You can add in bowties, hats made out of paper and several other accessories to make them look more realistic. Image Source: 

19. Pink Vibes:

You can paint the ends of these spoons a deep shade of pink, to give them a vibrant new appeal. Image Source:

20. Spoon Chandelier:

This is one of the best creations that could be made from spoons. You can make an entire chandelier using spoons and some other things, and it looks really unique in every room. Image Source: 


Spoons, even though we might not know, can be used for a number of things. Wooden spoons are biodegradable, therefore, the next time, you plan to throw away your extra wooden spoons, think again. 


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