20 Lovely DIY Feather Craft Ideas and Projects

Ever pondered over the possibilities of feathers in your artistic capacity? Believe it or not, a simple feather holds tremendous potential in being transformed into an exquisite feather art. Well if you are a lover of the simplicity of the feathers, you are going to love these amazing crazy items. Be it feather ornaments or feather art, we have got you covered with amazing feather craft ideas. Have fun!

Here are some 20 lovely feather craft ideas you might find interesting to look at:

1. DIY Clay Feather Earrings

Feathers can be used in earrings too, which can however, be done using polymer clay. You can make the most fashionable earrings out of them.                                


2. Paper Feather Wall Hanging

We all use wall hangings to decorate our rooms. But did you know that you can do so by feathers too? Well, feather wall hangings can give your home the most stylish look you want. It can make your room a perfect place to live in.


3. DIY Feather Daydream Necklaces

These gorgeous feather necklaces will make anyone look gorgeous and would turn any boring outfit into a perfect one. You would just have to take a combination of crystals, beautiful gems and colorful feathers to make a DIY necklace.


4. Macrame Feather Wreath

If you are a lover of macrame projects, then you might want to take a look at this. You can make a beautiful light feather wreath out of yarn. This would look gorgeous in your home.


5. Peacock Feather Greeting Card

Worried about how to give our best friend an interesting greeting card?  Well, you can make one yourself using feathers and gemstones. This one would really help you stand out from the crowd.


6. DIY Floral Dream Catcher

You can catch all your good and bad dreams with this beautiful yet simple looking dream catcher made out of feathers. You can also add a gorgeous paper flower to give it an extra effect.


7. DIY Feather Bookmarks

If you are a lover of books then you might want to take a peek at this. You can easily make one without spending any money plus it will give your book a nice simple touch.


8. DIY Paper Feathers

You will definitely love this if you are a lover of paper crafts. Plus you can use them to entertain your kids too. These craft items are generally very children-friendly. These can be a great playing item for your kids too.


9. DIY Feather Bracelet Cuff

Feather bracelet cuffs can go great with costume parties. This one should be a must wearing item for you. They are so light-weighted too, you would not feel a thing in your hand.


10. Feather Pumpkins

Who says you can only decorate carving pumpkins for Halloween? You can always make a gorgeous pumpkin with colorful feathers glued to it.


11. Gilded Feather Pendant

This one is slightly different from a feather necklace. You can also use any paint to give your pendant a simple yet dipped look.


12. Simple Feather Art

A feather art can give you a simple décor look that won’t be much of a distraction. You can also make a gorgeous simple frame out of colorful feathers.


13. Watercolor Feather Tutorial

If anyone of you is an artist then this feather tutorial is a must try for you. This can be a pretty challenging artwork too, if you want to give a test to your watercolor skills.


14. DIY Boho Wreath

If you are up to decorating your house for Christmas or Halloween, then you should probably check this out. You can make a beautiful wreath out of just a feather to decorate your door.


15. Mini Feather Quilt

If you want to decorate your home, quilting projects is a great way to do so. It will make a décor piece for your home. Your house will look just lovely.


16. Feather Easter Eggs

Easter is not just about printed eggs only. You can give the egg an interesting and a different look too, if you try using eggs with feathers.


17. DIY Glitter Feathers

Glitter feathers are very much petty looking. Well if you want one, you can make it yourself too. It would take some colors and glitters. You can use them in your greetings card or birthday card or even to decorate your home.


18. DIY Feather Gift Wrap

Sometimes you can give your gift a different look by putting into it a little feathery touch. You can make the wrapping as special as the gift.


19. Pretty DIY Fabric Feather Dish Towels

These pretty feather dish towels will give your house the simple girly look you want.


20. Anthropologie Inspired Watercolor Feather Pen

You can give your kids an interesting thing to write with. It will also add their interest to studies and writing plus would look so innovative too.



 Whether it is a fun party or general items for household aesthetics, a piece of feather craft can make your home stand out in the crowd. It is sure to pass everyone’s test with ‘flying’ colors.



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