25+ Low-Budget DIY Backyard Chicken Coop Ideas & Designs

Getting into the poultry business can be very strenuous and demanding. Sometimes you might be wondering how to get that space and location to set up something petit before deciding to go large.

Here in this article, we are going to let you in on how that space behind your backyard can prove very useful and solve all those worrying. These are 25 DIY chicken coop ideas you can tap from. Here we go….

best chicken coop plans

1. Backyard chicken coop mini house

Backyard chicken coop mini house

This is one way to utilize your backyard. Installing a chicken coop that you can do yourself saves you a lot of time and effort especially if you do have a spacious backyard.

2. Penthouse style chicken coop

Penthouse style chicken coop

Still in your backyard, you can raise those chicks and watch their rapid development under this styled chicken coop.


3. Cabinet style chicken coop

Cabinet style chicken coop

This will give your backyard some style and finesse. The containment would keep the chickens from predators such as snakes, cats or some other wild predators that come at night to attack.


4. Modern chicken coop idea

4 cheap chicken coop plans 1

This is the merging of two amazing things; Comfort and rearing poultry. If you are thinking of starting that poultry farm, you should try this out. Some pieces of wood and some nets.

5. Makeover chicken coop

Modern chicken coop idea

What better way to rear chickens than putting that OLD car to good use. With an already installed frame, adding some slightly metallic net would surely leave you with the chicken coop to rear those chickens.

Source: Unknown

6. Hobbit house chicken coop

5 cheap chicken coop plans

This chicken coop DIY idea is more or less for large farmland with a lot of space but it could also be built in your backyard in a portable way.


7. Carriage style chicken coop

6 cheap chicken coop plans

If you are into the commercial aspect of chicken rearing, this could spare you some change as you can wheel the chicken to the market.

Source: schneitman.blogspot

8. Colored oriental chicken coop

8 cheap chicken coop plans

Having a colorful chicken coop in your backyard adds to the growth and development of the chickens and the environment in general.


9. DIY backyard chicken tunnel

9 cheap chicken coop plans

This tunnel is a sort of fence for that little garden behind your house to protect those little crops but also it can be used as a coop to rear chickens.


10. Trampoline chicken coop

10 cheap chicken coop plans

You could transform that torn out trampoline you want to discard into an amazing chicken coop.


11. Swing frame chicken coop

11 cheap chicken coop plans

If you are thinking of starting poultry, that item might come in handy. This swing frame is perfect for that outdoor summer chicken coop.


12. Dual purpose chicken coop

12 cheap chicken coop plans

Having to collect eggs at convenience, providing warmth and protection for the chickens and what’s more? Grab one of those beers while you are engaged in all that activity. This is a must-have if you want to be a poultryman.


13. Chicken coop idea

13 cheap chicken coop plans

In rural areas, chickens like to climb trees to pass the night so in adding a staircase sort of, you get to key into that basic instinct of chickens and have them live as though they are in an unrestrained environment.


14. Simple chicken coop

14 cheap chicken coop plans

You could employ this simple easy chicken coop idea in your backyard if you don’t intend to rear a lot of chickens.


15. Redwood chicken coop

15 cheap chicken coop plans

This is another idea that you can incorporate into your backyard space if you love a bit of agriculture.


16. Pipe oriented chicken coop

16 cheap chicken coop plans

If you don’t intend to spend too much but want to rear chickens, you can attach pipes to the wall or a wooden stand to feed your chicken.


17. Wooden complete chicken coop

17 cheap chicken coop plans

You can just get some planks of wood and build a chicken coop to rear chickens and store eggs.


18. Chicken coop made with nets

18 cheap chicken coop plans

How about saving money and using mostly nets to build a chicken coop in an airy cool yard? Try out this idea.

19. Wooden pallet chicken coop

19 cheap chicken coop plans

You can employ the scope of a wooden pallet to build a chicken coop without having to break your bank.


20. Iron net chicken coop

20 cheap chicken coop plans

Using the iron net and a bit of painted wood can make for an appealing chicken coop idea.

21. Cylindrical chicken coop

21 cheap chicken coop plans

Instead of throwing away the cylindrical drum in your home, you could build a chicken coop out of it.

22. Ventilated wooden chicken coop

22 cheap chicken coop plans

Incorporate this idea into your backyard and build a clean chicken coop.


23. Neat and tidy chicken coop

23 cheap chicken coop plans

This is one chicken coop that you can build in your backyard.


24. Chicken coop with enough ventilation

24 cheap chicken coop plans

This is a cute and inexpensive chicken coop to build.


25. Old fashioned chicken coop

25 cheap chicken coop plans

This is an old-fashioned large simple chicken coop you can build in your backyard.



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