30 Useful DIY Solutions For Hiding The Litter Box

Cats are adorable animals and they naturally maintain a clean space. But sometimes, in cases where there is no litter box, their feces would be greeting your guests and that is very uncomfortable. Fortunately, cats can stick to a litter place if it is prepared just for them in an enclosed place. These are 30 solutions for hiding the litter box.

1. Behind the curtain litter box

This beautiful concept of litter box behind the curtain box is just simple and catchy.


2. Repurposed damask benches

You can make good use of your damask bench by using it to make an improvised litter box for your pet.

Source: offbeathome, flickr

3. Modern litter box hider

Simple and inconspicuous while maintaining a clean environment.

4. Customized gold and black box

Customize a litter box to suit your cat’s color and can take care of your cat’s need.


5. Under stair litter room

Wondering what to use that extra space for? You can make a litter house for your cat.


6. Stolmen drawer IKEA track

Try out this awesome idea of a stolmen drawer for your pet’s litter box.


7. Handmade square box

This is a cute little litter box you can single-handedly make for your box.


8. Mod white litter box hider

This mod white litter box is not obvious which makes it comfortable for your pet to unwind if you know what I mean.


9. 2-door cabinet

You can turn an old cabinet into an improvised litter house for your cat.


10. The cat house

This is the full package for a cat house with a basement and completed with litter box. Exceptional for your cat!


11. Self-ventilating built-in litter box

This is an airy, light and sparsely ventilated litter space for your cat.


12. Refurbished file cabinet

You can transform an old filing cabinet into a creative litter box for your pet.


13. Best shelving unit IKEA pack

IKEA makes it easy to house your cat and give them a place to litter freely.


14. Kitty silhouette cabinet

With a cat silhouette on a box or cabinet, create a simple litter box for your cat.


15. Pirate trunk litter box

You can keep your cats happy by providing them with a comfortable litter house that you can make yourself.

16. The $6 litter box hider

This inexpensive litter box can be incorporated into your house to give your pet a simple and comfortable space to ease itself.


17. Minimalist IKEA hack

Another wonderful idea from IKEA that you can try out to make your pet happy and comfortable.


18. Upcycled side cabinet

Imagine having a comfortable place to ease yourself. Share some love with your pet.


19. Recycled wine case litter box

Stop throwing away your wine boxes! You can put it to good use by trying out this practical project of turning your wine box into a litter house for your pet.


20. Upholstered bench

You can attach hinges to upholstered benches to create litter houses.


21. Refurbished thrift cabinet

Instead of just letting your cat litter in a bowl in the open you can refurbish a thrift cabinet to cover its litter space to make your cat comfortable.


22. Storage box IKEA hack

IKEA never fails at simplifying life. Try out this storage box hack to house your cat and create litter space for it.


23. Handmade wooden litter bench

You can incorporate a litter house into your bench so it can serve two purposes.


24. Another kitty, another IKEA hack

IKEA keeps giving awesome and easy ideas/furniture to house your pet. Use this idea to make your cat happy and comfortable.


25. Repainted shelf litter box hideaway

You can use your old office shelf to make a DIY litter box for your cat. You could repaint it to add a pop of color.


26. Reclaimed porch boards kitty litter cabinet

Easy litter box to create for your pets and you can also make use of old porch boards instead of throwing them away.


27. Litter box in basket

If you want your cat to experience the comfort and enjoy their litter time, then you can incorporate this basket litter house idea in your home for it.


28. Mini cat house litter cover

This cute cat litter box idea is so easy and catchy!


29. Add curtains to console table

console tables to convert them into a litter house for your pet – DIY solutions for litter boxes and for hiding litter boxes. See more ideas about Litter box, Hidden litter boxes and Diy litter box. #storageideas #petideas #litterbox #farmfoodfamily”>

You can add curtains to console tables to convert them into a litter house for your pet.


To create a comfortable and hidden litter box, you can incorporate any of these ideas.


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