20+ Clever Corner Decoration Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on June 10, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Corners are a sunken part of every room. Though they are an integral part of every home, they are often ignored to a point where their existence lies only to remind us of our lives’ emptiness, quite like the corners themselves.

Sometimes, adding a little bit of color and contrast to your room corners will not only make them look livelier, but also add a speck of excitement into your room. You can choose any idea that you like, as corners aren’t judgmental at all. Here are 40 clever corner decorations for every room in your home:

best corner decor ideas

1. Add unique shapes

1 corner decor ideas

Adding unique shapes into the corner of your room will bring out the uniqueness of it. This will not only highlight that particular area of your room, but also add quite a bit of excitement into your home. Uniquely shaped pieces or structures will work perfectly for this idea.


2. Create a gallery

2 corner decor ideas

You can create a wall gallery in the corner of your room. It’s quite easy to make as all you need are some photo frames with pictures on them. Try to choose the liveliest pictures, those are your personal favorites, and you have a unique room corner for yourself.


3. Add some extra seating

3 corner decor ideas

If you happen to have some long-drawn windows at the corner of your room, this idea would suit you the best. Add some extra chairs around the corner and you’ve just created a seating place for your guests.

4. You can add a desk

4 corner decor ideas

You can easily add a small desk in the corner of your room. This will not only make a safe and peaceful space for reading and knowledge, but will also add a great effect to your room corner.

5. Window seats

5 corner decor ideas

You can get some storage-cum-seats by the windows in the corner of your room. You can store some important stuff while browsing through your window, and you can even rest on that seat.


6. Create a playroom

6 corner decor ideas

You can create a miniature playroom for your kid at the corner of your room. Just add in some playful stickers, hangers and toys, along with some kid’s Lego sets and you are done.

7. Shelves

7 corner decor ideas

You can also add shelves into the corners of your room. This is a very common thing to do, and it will also make your room look a lot more homely and elegant.

Source: Apartment Therapy

8. Try a corner sofa

8 corner decor ideas

You can easily add in a corner sofa to give your guests comfortable seating at your room’s corner.


9. Add some plants

9 corner decor ideas

Some plants at the corner of your room will not only make your room look fresher, but it will also add an aesthetic effect to it.


10. Floor lamps

10 corner decor ideas

You can also add in a long floor lamp at the corner of your room to give it a stylish appearance. It may also make your room’s lighting better.


11. Stylish chairs

11 corner decor ideas

Adding some small, stylish chairs at the corner of your room seems like a great idea, to fill the vacancy and add some seating as well.


12. Rustic style corners

12 corner decor ideas 1

You can also bring in some rustic apparels and furniture to adorn the beautiful corners of your room and give them a rustic, traditional appeal.

13. Add in a traditional cupboard

13 corner decor ideas

Cupboards actually bide well with room corners. Just add in a traditional-looking cupboard at the corner of your room and you’re set.


14. Build a fireplace

14 corner decor ideas

You can also build or add in a tiny fireplace at the corner of your room. This will immensely magnify your room’s appeal and also help you keep warm.

15. Add a bookcase

15 corner decor ideas

If you are a bookworm, then this will be the best room décor for you. Build a DIY bookcase at the corner of your room and fill it with some great books.


16. Add an aquarium

16 corner decor ideas

An aquarium would actually look pretty incredible at the corner of your room. Not only it would fill the empty space, but also bring some light and colors to it.


17. Add some ceiling chimes

17 corner decor ideas

You can simply hand some pretty chimes from the ceiling of your room at its corner. The chimes would increase your room’s beauty at least ten times, and also create great music when winds blow.


18. Add a TV set

18 corner decor ideas

You can add in a television or a radio set at the corner of your room to make it look like an entertainment center. This would also make it look beautiful, fill up the vacancy and also bring some entertainment to you. And honestly, you can never have too much entertainment in your life.

19. Add a bird swing

19 corner decor ideas

You can easily purchase a bird-swing off of Amazon. They are beautiful structures, where you can sit comfortably and just read a book. Additionally, they would also make a great décor for the corners of your room. Just hang the swing from the ceiling and add in some cushions for your comfort.


20. Place a large vase

20 corner decor ideas

This is quite simple to do. You can just buy a beautiful, yet large vase off of Amazon and position it at the corner of your room. You can fill it with fake or real flowers too.


21. Kitchen and mudroom

21 corner decor ideas


22. Corner shelves

22 corner decor ideas


23. Floor lamps

23 corner decor ideas

24. Kitchen corner shelves

24 corner decor ideas

25. Hanging the mirror

25 corner decor ideas

26. Corner photo frames

26 corner decor ideas


27. Grouping of frames on the corner

27 corner decor ideas


28. Add a window seat

28 corner decor ideas

29. Add a lengthy mirror

29 corner decor ideas


30 corner decor ideas


31 corner decor ideas



32 corner decor ideas


33 corner decor ideas


34 corner decor ideas



35 corner decor ideas


36 corner decor ideas


37 corner decor ideas



38 corner decor ideas



39 corner decor ideas



40 corner decor ideas



No matter how big your room is, you can always add some stuff to make your corner look beautiful. Afterall, every corner of the room is important!