22+ Elegant Christmas Garland Decorating Ideas

Last Updated on September 1, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

One can find garlands all over the place during the Christmas season. Initially, garlands were prominent in Europe before being brought into the US.

Garlands are usually used to decorate homes to signify that the holiday season has arrived. Also, compared to olden days, garlands are artificially made these days, thereby allowing people to reuse them multiple times.

best christmas garland decor ideas

How do you make Christmas garland?

Several methods exist for making a Christmas garland, as part of the home décor. For holiday home decoration, one can create lush, beautiful greenery based Christmas garlands that will wow your family and friends.

A lot of DIY methods are readily available for creating a beautiful Christmas garland. Initially, you have to organize all the elements of your garland to make the entire process very smooth. For attaching your garland, use good-quality command hooks. Step by step process is as follows:

  • Fix the hooks on top of the mantel, at each corner. This will compensate for the downward pull of the garland.
  • Tuck in the center of the garland to the top hooks.
  • Adjust as needed, and then wrap a sprig around each hook to keep it all in place.
  • Using a lighter garland removes the extra step and lets you jump ahead to fluffing up the branches.
  • You may cut a separate garland into numerous sprigs that can be added into the mix.
  • Attach Chenille stems with the initial piece.
  • Add as many as you need to achieve the look you want, and move right along to pine needle picks, to create a different look.
  • One can use a patterned accent ribbon, along with a solid colored one to compliment it.
  • Attach the ribbon to the garland made.
  • One can also add poinsettias to bring out the festive mood.
  • Add ornaments, which come in varied shapes and sizes

What is garland made of?

Chenille stems are perfect for attaching the sprigs to the garland since they twist and secure easily, and blend right into the greenery. Including pine needle picks into your garland decoration will add yet another element of color and texture to the garland.

One can also add ribbons to the existing garland, after attaching chenille stems. To add poinsettias to the green garland with ribbons, the trick is trimming the stems and bending each into a shepherd’s hook that can be slipped into and around the garland. One can also add ornaments to your garland.

22 best Christmas garland decorating ideas

1- Green garland embellished with red and golden ornaments

1 christmas garland decor ideas

This design consists of a garland made from a lot of greenery. Adorn the garland using white gift boxes and multi-color ornaments. A red and white theme can be used on this garland setup, and the design will effectively suit your fireplace.

2- Green and red garland with bigger sized ribbon knots

2 christmas garland decor ideas

In this design, a basic garland setup is complemented with a wider red ribbon. This arrangement can be hung over your door behind the sofa in your living room.

3- Candy themed garland

3 christmas garland decor ideas

This design aesthetic follows that of a red and white pattern. It is adorned with a lot of ornaments and can be hung over the doorway having a lantern in the top middle section.

4- Snow themed garland

4 christmas garland decor ideas

You can make this garland using minimal ornaments. The majority of the design elements in this arrangement has to do with the white, snow colored ornaments, and you may match this with a similar designed farmhouse wreath placed at the center of your entry door.

5- Garland using Orange peel

5 christmas garland decor ideas

This is an unconventional design for a Christmas garland because it uses only orange peel lined on a thread/wire as its raw material. The peel can be shaped in the form of stars, hearts, and starfish.

6- Cloth based Christmas garland

6 christmas garland decor ideas

This is an inexpensive way of making a Christmas garland. Stitch together green, red, and golden-colored clothes and adorn the garland, thus formed, with illuminating lights.


7- Silver-blue themed garland

7 christmas garland decor ideas

Using minimal greenery, you can include silver and green ornamental balls of varying sizes to hang along this garland design.

8- DIY garland using multiple ‘props’

Rather than stitching together greenery or similar kinds of ornaments together, try mixing it up with different kinds of ‘props’ from Christmas celebration. Material such as scented paper, fridge magnets, coffee beans, and small twigs from pine trees can be used to create an amazing Christmas garland.

9- Battery operated synthetic garland

9 christmas garland decor ideas

Several synthetic garland options are readily available in the market. One of them includes a minimal design, following a black aesthetic and of pine cone beads. Once fully charged, they can operate continuously for 6 hours

10- Minimal red garland with single ball ornament

10 christmas garland decor ideas

Suitable for hanging along the stairs, this design can be made by anyone. What you need is a red ribbon of medium length and a red ball ornament.

11. Felt Garland

11 christmas garland decor ideas


12. Gold garland

12 christmas garland decor ideas


13. Candy cane wreath

13 christmas garland decor ideas

14. Paper garland

14 christmas garland decor ideas

15. Gingerbread letter garlands

15 christmas garland decor ideas


16. Trees felt garland

16 christmas garland decor ideas

17. DIY Lighted burlap garland

17 christmas garland decor ideas


18. Pinecone garland

18 christmas garland decor ideas


19. Candy cane garland

19 christmas garland decor ideas


20. Scandinavian Christmas garland

20 christmas garland decor ideas


21. Peace

21 christmas garland decor ideas

22. Dried orange garland

22 christmas garland decor ideas



The easiest way to hang a garland evenly is by finding its middle and lining that up with the center of the mantel. While making a garland, always ensure that the greenery is nice and full.

Adding extra greenery makes the garland life-like. While attaching the ribbon to your garland, the easiest method to follow is tuck and twist method.

Random ribbon arrangement looks best on a garland, with loops appearing to come from within the garland instead of just wrapping around. When adding poinsettias, use only a few in your garland arrangement, as they are usually pretty big. When adding ornaments, fill in bigger sized ones first, followed by smaller ornaments.