Christmas Trees with a Doggy Theme

Doggy Christmas Trees

Last Updated on August 10, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

When Christmas season rolls around, a Christmas tree decorated with doggy ornaments may be found in the dog lover’s home.

Dog lovers are known to get a bit extreme at times but hey, man’s best friend is worth it. Some dog owners include their dogs in every area of life.

Scruffy joins them in family portraits, on vacation, at work, and even in weddings, birthdays and holiday celebrations.

Keep Safety in Mind

It’s easy to decorate a Christmas tree with a dog theme for the holiday.

A full sized family tree has a lot of potential for doggy themed decorating but since the family dog usually has access to it, some precautions must be carefully observed in order to keep Scruffy safe and out of mischief during the holidays.

Angel hair, tinsel, ribbon, batteries, electrical cords, artificial snow, Christmas lights, Christmas tree water and tipped over trees are only a few of the holiday hazards for pets.

Ideas for Ornaments

#1. I Love My Dog

1 christmas tree with doggy theme

#2. Doghouse

2 christmas tree with doggy theme


#3. PAW Patrol Themed Christmas Tree

3 christmas tree with doggy theme

#4. Ribbon Embellished Paw Patrol Themed Tree

4 christmas tree with doggy theme

#5. PAW Patrol Themed Christmas Tree With Presents Wrapped In PAW Patrol Paper

5 christmas tree with doggy theme

#6. Dachshund Christmas Tree

6 christmas tree with doggy theme


#7. Doggie Christmas Tree Decorations

7 christmas tree with doggy theme


#8. Santa Paws tree for the dog

8 christmas tree with doggy theme

#9. Dog Christmas Tree

9 christmas tree with doggy theme

#10. The dog-themed Christmas tree in the mud room

10 christmas tree with doggy theme

With that in mind, the doggy themed tree can be decorated creatively using stuffed dogs, doggy toys, red dog booties, photos of the family dog (especially those with Santa), collars, outdated registration tags, and doggy ornaments found at most dollar stores during the holidays.

Leashes make creative garland. Even more unique garland and ornaments can be homemade from dog hair, called cheingora.

Some specialty stores carry Christmas tree skirts with a paw print or breeds pattern. Many online stores such as,, and offer adorable holiday dog ornaments.

Some of these sites donate a portion of earnings to dog rescues which adds to the holiday spirit of giving while creating a heart warming Christmas tree.

For the dog owner who participates in doggy activities such as Frisbee, agility, or flyball, mementos from these sports can be creatively turned into decorations.

Table Top Trees

Dog themed Christmas trees don’t have to be full sized. When the family tree is traditional, doggy themed table top trees can create a personal touch to the bedroom or office area of a dog enthusiast. Some table top trees can be bought with snow, pine cones, or holly berries already on them.

Toy breed collars with rhinestones make glittery adornments to loop over limbs while fancy leashes serve as garland. Doggy photos framed in tiny charms or key rings personalize the decorations.

Tiny ornaments of dogs, fire hydrants, dog houses, paw prints, etc can be found at most dollar stores during the holidays. As long as Scruffy does not have access, milk bones make cute ornaments when hung with bits of red and green ribbon.

A doggy bandana with a paw print or breeds pattern makes a striking tree skirt for the table top Christmas tree.

Festive barks from the Jingle Bell Dogs, Christmas Unleashed album provides background music and the finishing touches to a doggy themed holiday celebration.

creative doggy christmas trees