Top 10 Fun, Easy & Creative Ways to Use Clip Art for Christmas

Top 10 Fun, Easy & Creative Ways to Use Clip Art for Christmas

Last Updated on December 17, 2018 by Kimberly Crawford

There are many sites offering free or inexpensive Christmas clip art designs. What are the best ways to use these popular and festive images?

Top 10 Easy Ways to Use Clip Art at Christmas

  1. personalize family newsletters
  2. create unique gift tags
  3. decorate inexpensive plain gift boxes or tins
  4. add flair to plain brown paper wrapping
  5. highlight a favorite family recipe card
  6. decoupage a holiday tray
  7. make memorable Christmas ornaments
  8. print Christmas party invitations
  9. identify storage boxes of Christmas ornaments
  10. recycle old tags, bags and boxes by placing clip art over writing or damaged spots

Styles of Clip Art for Christmas Crafts

#1. Christmas penguin
Christmas Pinguin Clipart


#2. Owl school clipart

owl school clipart 4T9aoz8TE


#3. Poinsettias

Poinsettia christmas vintage clipart3


#4. Winter Scene

winterscenes clipart graphicsfairy006b


#5. Merry Christmas with Santa, snow and presents

2018 santa snow animation waving


Along with their many uses, some styles of clip art are more suitable than others for Christmas projects.

Family newsletters look festive and stylish when decorated with professionally created clip art, perhaps of a snowman family or a fireplace hung with stockings on which the name of each family member is printed.

Gift tags can be personalized for family and friends by selecting an image that suits their age, personality or hobby. One can also choose a signature clip art design so that people immediately know who the gift is from.

Nature lovers might enjoy using or receiving items decorated with clip art of Christmas scenes, like snowy landscapes, evergreen wreaths or floral designs like holly, mistletoe and poinsettias.

For many children, nothing says Christmas better than an image of Santa Claus and a sleigh filled with colorful presents.

Use Christmas Clip Art to Recycle & Reuse

Think green at Christmas by pasting clip art over writing or damaged spots on last year’s wrapping paper, boxes or bags.

Eco-friendly brown paper wrap can be made more glamorous with the simple addition of a piece of clip art for Christmas. This is also an easy way to decorate Christmas gifts that go through the mail. Just be sure that the image is firmly attached to the package and doesn’t obscure the address of the sender or recipient.

Vintage Clip Art Designs



Retro and vintage designs are also popular clip art Christmas images.

These styles are perfect for decorating a card featuring a favorite old-time family recipe, which one can include in a Christmas card, or even use as a gift tag for presents of bake-ware or cookware.

Family Fun with Clip Art

The best part of using clip art is that the projects can be easy enough for all family members to enjoy. Creating a Christmas ornament, or decoupaging a tray or box are crafts that can be done even on Christmas day. Just remember to have all the items ready in advance.

Free Christmas Clip Art Image Sources

  1. Phillip Martin Clip Art
  2. Christian Clipart
  3. Vintage Clipart
  4. Christmas Graphics Plus
  5. Hubpages
  6. Openclipart
  7. Leehansen
  8. Homemade Preschool
  9. Hellas Multimedia
  10. Clipart Panda

 Top 10 Fun, Easy & Creative Ways to Use Clip Art for Christmas