20+ Creative Cinder Block Bench Ideas

Last Updated on November 27, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

A great way that you can accessorize your porch or yard is by having a bench. These can be made from different materials such as tires, repurposed wooden crates, and even cinder blocks.

Depending on how creative you are, you can come up with different designs that will beautify your outdoor area. In this article, we look at some ideas that you can use to create awesome benches.

DIY cinder block bench with back

One variation that you can make is the cinder block bench with a backrest. For this, you will require the below materials.

  • Eight double cinder blocks ( 20x20x14 cm)
  • 2 double cinder blocks (20x20x20 cm)
  • Five wood planks. Minimum 10 feet but if you can find longer ones the better.
  • Three tubes of construction adhesive
  • One tin of primer and one tin of paint. The color of the paint is entirely up to you
  • Wood Varnish
  • Paintbrushes
  • 6 Cushions

Step 1

Use construction adhesive to glue the blocks together to make the ends of the bench. The arrangement should be similar to that of a regular living room sofa. Let the glue set for about an hour until the blocks are firmly joined.

Step 2

Apply the primer on the blocks and allow them to dry. Once dry, paint the blocks evenly on all the surfaces and then let dry.

Step 3

Set the blocks at a distance of 6 feet apart. You can use the wood planks to set the distance. Ensure that you allow for a foot on either side once the plank is fitted.

Step 4

Arrange the wooden planks through the gaps to form the seat and backrest for your bench.

Step 5

Apply varnish evenly on all the surfaces of the wood and allow it to dry. The varnish adds a layer of protection against termites and water.

Step 6

Arrange the cushions on the seat and backrest to complete your bench.

Corner block potting bench

You can also make potting benches from cinder blocks. The process is the same as if you were making a bench.

The materials required will depend on how big you want your potting bench to be. You can create multiple levels for your potting bench allowing you to grow different varieties of plants in one location.

Cinder block bench plans

The variety of benches you can make from cinder blocks is infinite. You can vary the designs accordingly to suit your ideal style.

You can also make a terrace similar to the ones in football fields if your yard is big enough.

Supplies for cinder block bench

The supplies required to make a cinder block bench are readily available. They can be found at any hardware store or supermarket that also sells construction material.

All you need are cinder blocks, planks of wood, construction glue, and some paint to get you started. The average DIY cinder block bench should not cost you more than $50 to build.

1. DIY Cinder Block Bench

1 cinder block bench


If you have extra cedar planks sitting out in the garage, best turn it into this DIY cinder block bench.

It is good for small decks/patios and can act as functional railing if you have toddlers around.

In here the cinder blocks were used as the resting structure/bench feet of the wood planks and the cushion. It was painted to protect the cinder blocks from outdoor elements.

2. L Shaped Cream Cinder Block Bench

2 cinder block bench

3. Cinder Block Bench Tutorial

3 cinder block bench


This one basically follows the same design as the first one, only wider and longer. It makes use of 14 cinder blocks, 6 4x4s and some construction adhesive. Unlike the long bench on top, this one is shaped like a park bench.

For this size, it is perfect for large patios with fire pits or for outdoor nooks like this one here. Use cushions and pillows to top off the design. At most, you can finish this design for half a day.

4. Cinder Block Bench with Sofa, Cushions

4 cinder block bench


If you find that your cinder block bench is too plain, you can use cushions to accessorize it further. Standard living room cushion also work well for cinder block benches.

Use water-resistant covers for your cushions to ensure that they can withstand the weather when used outdoors. Pillows and blankets can also be added to make the bench much cozier.

5. DIY Cinder Block Garden Bench

5 cinder block bench


6. Easy Outdoor Cinder Block Bench

6 cinder block bench


This one is custom-fitted with the design of the home’s patio. If you have wide, empty spaces like this, you can make as many cinder blocks as possible.

There are three connected cinder block benches at 4ft each in each angle. For each bench, 16 double cinder blocks and 4 single cinder blocks are connected together for support.

Since wood posts are only available at 12ft max, this one made use of carriage bolts, nuts and washers to have a 17ft long bench. Adding cushions and pillows will surely complete these patio long benches.

7. Low budget cinder block bench

7 cinder block bench


In this one, you can go for the old school no-hole cinder block connected together to form a concrete block bench. All you have to do is to stack the blocks together using construction adhesive.

The length and width of this concrete bench will be entirely up to you. Cover the wood plank with fabric or top it with an easy to carry cushion (for indoor transfer when it rains or snows).

Add some throw pillows to add color and character. In total, this design will cost you around $30-50. 

8. Creative Cinder Block Bench

8 cinder block bench

9. Easy and cheap cinder block bench

9 cinder block bench


If you need extended seating during BBQ afternoons with family and friends, this under $30 cinder block bench is a good fit. This one used 12 double cinder blocks connected using liquid nails.

For the seating area and wood base accent, 4 pieces of 2x4x8 lumber were used. Instead of wood stain, this design used some old-fashioned white paint and dark grey paint for the cinder blocks to protect it from elements. And for the final element, cushions for seating.

10. DIY Cinder Block Outdoor Bench With Firepit

10 cinder block bench


If you spend most of your time in the backyard, you can also make cinder block benches that feature a fire pit.

The advantage of cinder blocks is that they can withstand intense heat without any significant damage.

You can have your benches built around the fire pit, making for a great barbeque area of warming spot depending on the season.

11. Colorful Cinder Block Bench

11 cinder block bench

12. DIY Succulent Outdoor Bench

12 cinder block bench


You can also use cinder block planters to make your outdoor bench.

You can place the planters to act as the ends of the benches, thus adding a more natural look. Planters may include flowers or succulents depending on your preference.

14. Graffiti cinder block bench

colorful cinder block bench



This outdoor graffiti cinder block bench was assembled using 2 two-holed cinder blocks where two 2×2 wood stained lumber will rest and 6 three-holed cinder blocks to act as bench feet.

Concrete adhesive was used to connect the cinder blocks together. To complete the graffiti vibe, latex paint and painter’s tape were used.

15. Sofa bench for coffee

21 outdoor seating bench


This one features an adjustable cushion that can be used as a sofa bench for coffee and conversations or recline it a bit to comfortably read books.

It used 12 cinder blocks as support (6 blocks on each side) connected through construction adhesives.

The blocks were painted for longevity. The 4 4x4ft lumber is wood stained and at a length of 10ft. If you do not want excess wood extending out of the blocks, you may opt to trim it anytime.

16. Cinder block bench for sunroom

22 cinder block bench



If you want cozy furniture to use in your sunroom, this cinder block bench goes well with concrete patios. To achieve this, 14 pieces of cinder blocks were used stacked using silicone adhesive.

To provide a stable bench support, the blocks were stacked in the traditional L-shaped bench. The blocks were then painted with primer before assembling the 6 pieces of 4×4 wood planks at 8ft each. After resting them in, the cushions and pillows were arranged.


17. Concrete patio bench

23 cinder block bench


You don’t need to spend so much to have an artsy outdoor bench. This bohemian inspired cinder block bench costs less than $30.

The length and size of the bench is yours to determine but this one made use of 24 blocks for the sitting space.

For each end, two additional blocks are stacked to act as posts. Instead of cushion or wood planks installed in the seating space, this one used a bohemian designed detachable soft mat.

18. DIY outdoor bench from cinder blocks

24 cinder block bench

For this chic design, 6 double cinder blocks were used. Each is stacked up using construction adhesive and painted with white primer.

For the seating space, two 4x4s were installed and topped with an outdoor cushion. For simple designs like this, you can set up deeper seating by adding more space in between the wood planks. Surrounding it with plants will surely top it off.


19. Cinder block bench for hillside

25 cinder block bench


Having an elevated patio on a hillside home is nothing but dreamy and the furniture you will accent it with need not be expensive like this cinder block bench idea here.

For this bench, 22 doubles and 8 singles were used. The layout is a simple L-shaped support and square block intersection support in the middle.

For the bench, 6 wood-stained 4x4s are attached. To add more elements, small plants were installed in the cinder posts, throw pillows were added and a fire pit in the middle sealed the deal.

20-27. More Cinder Block Bench Ideas

13 cinder block bench

20 cinder block bench

19 cinder block bench


18 cinder block bench

17 cinder block bench

16 cinder block bench

15 cinder block bench

14 cinder block bench

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of wood is used for cinder block benches?

Typically, cedar or pine wood is used for cinder block benches. They are good outdoor planks that age beautifully even without sealing or staining. However, pine is used more conveniently nowadays because cedar is way more expensive than pine. 

What size is the post for the cinder block bench? 

The size of the post will be determined by you but typically, the post should not exceed 4ft for comfortable seating. If you have at least 12 8x8x16 cinder blocks around, that should be enough for you to make your first DIY cinder block bench. 

How much does it cost to make a cinder block bench? 

DIY cinder block benches should not exceed $30. One double cinder block only costs a dollar, construction adhesives are about five bucks, wood planks would go above 10 bucks depending on the dimensions. Paint is optional and if you have extra throw pillows, that should not be a problem.


Planters, fire pits, benches are just some of the things you can make from cinder blocks. All it takes is a little imagination, and you can create a great yard item for your home.

best cinder block bench ideas