24+ Creative Fire Pit Ideas & Designs

best fire pit ideas

Adding a fire feature to the backyard can add charm and appeal to any outdoor setting. Choose the right design to accommodate any living space.

A. Choosing a Fire Pit Design

Fire pit designs come in many shapes and sizes, complementing even the must mundane of architectural landscapes. These units may be installed by a professional contractor or personally by the home owner.

The structure itself may be free-standing or incorporated into part of a larger patio. A fire feature can enhance the atmosphere of any backyard, and with some creativity, can be constructed to fit any size living space.

1. Stone Fire Pits

There are many different ways to construct permanent fire pit designs. Most involve digging a small pit into which the fire feature will be placed, and surrounding it with natural stone or any type of fire resistant material. Stone and gravel patios may be constructed around the completed pit. This type of outdoor enhancement may be fed by gas or burn natural wood.

The hole where the fire will be placed may be any shape. Square, rectangular, and circular pits are the most common, however, custom fire pit designs are also possible.

Once the hole is dug, it may be lined with fire resistant clay brick, stainless, or galvanized steel. Pre-made steel inserts are available for purchase through many home improvement websites. These inserts are often sold as part of a kit which the homeowner can easily assemble and slide into place to create a safe fire burning area that will not erode over time.

The pit may be filled with sand, gravel, or lava rock to create a finished look around the fire. Natural gas lines must be fed below ground into the pit, and connected with the home’s existent lines. The opening to the piping should end just above any additional rock features which are added to the pit. It may then be surrounded by any style of paving brick or natural stone. Common choices include concrete pavers, clay brick pavers, and natural stone retaining walls.

2. Portable Fire Pits

Homeowners who do not wish to create a permanent feature, or who are unable to dig into their outdoor area, may want to consider a portable unit. These fire pit designs may require some light assembly, but once they are complete they may be placed anywhere in the outdoor landscape. They are typically constructed from stainless or galvanized steel, copper, bronze, or cast iron. Most stand alone units are wood burning, though gas powered models are also available.

The fire pit typically resembles a large bowl on metal support legs. It may be circular or square in shape, depending on the preference of the purchaser. Some models feature screen lined cut outs along the edge so that the light of the fire may be viewed on all levels. Wood may be placed directly into the bowl and does not require any type of resistant lining.

Propane fire pit designs fit well into table style models. These units typically feature a flat table top surface made off sturdy materials suited to outdoor weathering elements. The center of the table features a bowl area fed by a propane line where gas logs, lava rocks, or decorative stone may be placed. The table is often activated by a switch, and is safe for use on any surface.

3. Fire Pit Accessories

Once the fire feature has been completed, homeowners may begin using it immediately. Accessories are available that both enhance the enjoyment of the unit as well as increase its safety. Spark screens are constructed to prevent ash and cinders from escaping the fit and landing on flammable materials, such as decking, grass, and foliage. Roasting and grilling inserts may be purchased to temporarily change the fire pit from a design feature to a functional outdoor oven. They may be found to fit any width and shape, and are removable for easy cleaning.

Creating a fire pit in the backyard adds value to any home. In ground pits require an intermediate level of construction expertise, but can be completed with relative ease following detailed instruction. Portable fire pits may be assembled quickly and placed on any surface. They are ready for use immediately, and are small enough to accentuate any size space. Regardless of the type of pit chosen, accessories may be added to the completed design to make them both safe and functional.

B. Types of Fire Pit Accessories

Fire pit accessories can really enhance the outdoor experience. Here is a list of the must-have fire pit accessories for new fire pit owners.

Fire pits are popular outdoor accessories for any patio or deck area. They are used in the cold winter months to say warm and roast marshmallows. During summer months they serve as a gathering place and to grill food. Here are a few basic fire pit accessories that every fire pit owner should have.

1. Fire Pit Fill

One of the most basic fire pit accessories is fill which is the material that burns. Fire pit glass is a unique specially formulated glass that does not melt when the fire pit is in use. It is available in almost any color imaginable and creates a unique experience as the fire emanates from the glass rocks rather than logs.

Lava rock is another popular fire pit fill option. Lava rock by nature is designed to withstand high temperatures making it a good choice over natural wood. It is also very lightweight making moving portable fire pits easy. Lava rocks produce no smoke when they burn and will last longer than wood logs.

2. Fire Pit Tools

Just as there are tools used to tend a fire in a fireplace, there are similar fire pit accessories to tend fire pit fires. These tools can be purchased individually or as a set. The main tools needed are a fire pit poker that is used to stoke the fire and fire pit tongs that are used to pick up and move the wood logs around inside the fire.

3. Fire Pit Screen

Fire pit screens are mesh devices that sit on the outer edge of the fire pit and prevent sparks and ashes from flying out. A fire pit screen is one of the most important pit accessories for safety reasons, but there are several designs to choose from. The most basic fire pit screen is a low mesh dome that sits over the fire to contain it.

Other types of fire place screens are tall cylinders which are open at the top. These fire pit screens can be used alone or with a cooking grate that is placed on top of it. This allows food to be placed on top of the grate, which essentially turns the fire pit into a grill.

4. Fire Pit Covers

If the fire pit will stored outdoors when it is not in use, especially during the winter months, then a fire pit cover is one of the necessary fire pit accessories. Fire pit covers are made of thick, durable plastic much like outdoor furniture covers. Fire pit covers some in circular shapes and easily slide right over the fire pit to protect it from weather, dirt, debris and insects.

As fire pits continue to grow in popularity so will the number of fire pit accessories. Having the right fire pit accessories will make the outdoor experience fun and relaxing.

C. 24+ Best Fire Pit Ideas

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20. Tractor wheel fire pit


21. Round concrete fire pit

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24. Stone and pebble fire pit



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