22+ Creative DIY Coffee Mug Holder Ideas

Coffee mug holder ideas - How to make a coffee mug holder

Last Updated on December 24, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

Are you that person who feels disturbed with just massive amounts of coffee mugs? You want them to be in a safe place, but you can’t find the best way to store them? Why can you try some coffee mug holder ideas that exist in just varieties?

This article will deliver the best for you consider the 20 simple coffee mug holder ideas that simplify every task. All you need is to understand the coffee mug holder and make the perfect choice that you think is best for you.

best coffee mug holder ideas

Below are steps on how to make a coffee mug holder

1. Plan your design

There are many ways to design the coffee mug holder, depending on the choice that you really want. You need to decide on the design that you wish to have.

2. Actual designing and measurements

The second step is the actual designing that entails the accurate measurements and the choice of the right materials that will suit the choice of your coffee mug holder.

3. Cutting the designs

Once the actual models and measures have been established, you need to cut out the materials into the desired sizes ensure that you use the perfect tool such as a circular saw while cutting the wood. Safety gear must be worn during the process.

4. Complete the process

The last stage entails the attachment of the measured materials in suitable places. Ensure that every hook, wood, or metal fits the right place that it should as per your chosen design!

Where can I find the coffee mug holder?

Coffee mug holders can be found in almost all the selling platforms such as Alibaba, Amazon, banggood, and even eBay! All you need is to make an order of your choice as you agree to the billing information! The rest shall be done. It shall be delivered at your doorstep at the time of convenience.

Let’s now consider 20 coffee mug holder ideas that you may consider while choosing the best option that will fit your needs. they are 20 different varieties that you may find for your coffee mug storage.

20 Coffee mug holder Ideas

1. Pallet style rack

1 coffee mug holder ideas

Pallet style rack is undoubtedly one of the best coffee mug holder ideas that are designed in a lovely way! You intend to properly store your mugs. You will need some woods and hooks, and you are ready to enjoy the pallet style rack mug holder ideas!


2. Little house for coffee mugs

2 coffee mug holder ideas

How about the little house for your coffee mugs? The name is derived from the way the mug holder looks like! You will love this small house that will act as the habitat for your coffee mugs!


3. Metal wall racks

3 coffee mug holder ideas

Another fantastic idea is the metal walls racks. You need metals and hooks where you will hang your mugs on the walls. Metals and hooks are attached to the wall hence allowing room for the mug storage.


4. Cup hooks in the cabinet

4 coffee mug holder ideas

Cup hooks in a cabinet is also another secure way to store your coffee mugs! Just erect hooks along the walls of your office, and there you are. Your cabinet is ready to save the coffee mugs safely.


5. Wall shelf with hooks

5 coffee mug holder ideas

Did you know that your wall shelf can be the best way to store your coffee mugs? What you will only need the hooks along the wall shelf that is appropriately held at the wall. The results are a fantastic idea just for you!


6. Moose head mug holder

6 coffee mug holder ideas

The moose head mug holder is so careful about the beautiful appearance in the room! You need to give it a try.


7. Coffee mug holders with barrel staves

7 coffee mug holder ideas

The holders with the barrel staves are other options that deliver simply the best way to store your coffee mugs. The advantage here is the easy DIY manufacturing that only takes a small space and gives that fantastic scenic wall design.


8. Little pedestal rack

8 coffee mug holder ideas

It is the purest form of the mug holder. All you need are hooks that alternate along with a pedestal rack, and then you get a fantastic storage place for your mugs!


9. Gray stained rack

9 coffee mug holder ideas

The gray stained rack is just another one that you consider when you are keen on the appearance and proper arrangements. The hooks will be located at the upper end of your cabinet.


10. Heart-shaped coffee mug

10 coffee mug holder ideas

The heart will always bring love closer. We admire the heart-shaped idea, for it will only explain how we love coffee! We need to keep these coffee mugs at a beautiful place, and we believe this one will do it!


11. Pallet DIY coffee mugs

11 coffee mug holder ideas

This idea is the simplest. It takes less space and will hold all your mugs. Give it a try and save yourself the challenges that come with a disorganized kitchen.


12. Four peg mug holder

12 coffee mug holder ideas

It’s just for you and your wife. It will be useful if you get two more friends, but the idea here is to get a perfect place for your coffee mugs! Don’t you think the four peg coffee is simply the best?


13. Mug holder with plumbing pipe

13 coffee mug holder ideas

How about the coffee mug holder with the plumping tube? This criterion is a fantastic idea that aims at utilizing scarce resources. The plumbing pipes will still play a role as a support compartment for your mug platform!


14. Lazy Susan mug holder

14 coffee mug holder ideas

Lazy Susan Is for real the best! I love how this fantastic mug holder is versatile. It will still retain more space for the storage of other kitchen utensils! It is a cheap way to stay organized in your beautiful kitchen.


15. Weathered look coffee mug holder

15 coffee mug holder ideas

Look at this appealing weathered coffee mug holder shelf? Every compartment is reserved for the safety of a single coffee mug! It’s just perfect for the fragile utensils.


16. Stenciled wall rack coffee mug holder

16 coffee mug holder ideas

It will take no more of your space! All you need are hooks above your head, and it becomes the permanent storage place for your coffee mugs! We care about the area, and that’s why we are coming up with smart ideas to serve you better!


17. Box with screws and coffee pod holder

17 coffee mug holder ideas

Have you ever considered this little and spectacular mug holder? It is a secure storage place for your mugs. You will appreciate the coffee pod holders that are amazingly designed!


18. Coffee mug hung on rustic planks

18 coffee mug holder ideas

Too many coffee mug holder ideas will impress, but of course, the coffee mug hung on rustic planks is merely another idea that you may wish to have. Everything is done on your wall, and you don’t have to reserve a place in your little room!


19. Pallet holder with a quote

19 coffee mug holder ideas

We love quotes; Love, attitude, motivational, and the rest! But how about this? Just the two of you sharing a cup of coffee! It’s really a fantastic coffee mug holder that will bring you closer!


20. Mug tree

20 coffee mug holder ideas

You need some little art skills to design this. It’s effortless and does serve a smart purpose to hold your mugs properly!


21. Farmhouse mug rack

21 coffee mug holder ideas


22. DIY shutter plate rack

22 coffee mug holder ideas



All these are the best ideas that will make serve to hold your coffee mugs! Choose the best that suits your needs and have a blast!