34+ Creative DIY Pallet Sign Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on December 23, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

Pallet signs are a great way to make your house or office look smart. Interior designers can help you get an excellent wooden design.

best diy pallet sign ideas

How do you hang a pallet sign?

There are two ways that a pallet sign could be hung up. One is by finding the studs on your wall and then drill screw studs, and the other one is by putting drywall anchors and put the screws on these anchors, either way, all will work.

How to make pallet sign vinyl.

Use any craft cutter that you can get if you want to use Vinyl lettering. Then design the writings using a matte white vinyl and silhouette cameo. Weed the words out and transfer to the boards.

DIY Pallet sign projects you should try

1. Hello Sunshine sign

1 pallet sign ideas

This gorgeous and attractive DIY sign will not only light up your house but also cheer everyone that lays their eyes on it. It distinguishes your house from others giving your visitors a relaxed and welcoming feeling.

2. Coffee mug pallet project

2 pallet sign ideas
You can’t help but fall in love with this unique pallet idea. This coffee mug pallet hung on your kitchen wall where you can hang your coffee mugs is just satisfying.

3. Love at home DIY Pallet project.

3 pallet sign ideas


This classy and elegant pallet idea adds a warm and cozy feeling to your house. It looks even better when paired with other enhancements like painting or a bouquet of flowers beside it.

4. Pallet idea for garden planters

4 pallet sign ideas

This is a great idea for gardeners who love to create fascinating projects for their gardens and flower beds. This pallet idea brings out a sense of art-making your garden and flowers have an exciting and appealing look. Every gardener should try out this idea.


5. DIY welcome sign idea

5 pallet sign ideas

This anthropology-inspired welcome sign on the front porch gives your home a welcoming feel and is easy to make. This is just the perfect way to welcome people to your home without saying a word, and they will feel at home!


6. DIY Laundry Room Sign idea

6 pallet sign ideas

Anyone with young kids can relate very well to this pallet. This humorous pallet will remind the kids what to do while still decorating the laundry room. If you have kids and find that your pantry room is always in muddled condition, you should definitely try this.


7. The Heat Pallet project idea

7 pallet sign ideas

This heart pallet created by Kristi is a simple but mind-blowing idea. With just a few pallets, Kristi was able to create this heart-soothing heart pallet, which she hung in her master bedroom.


8. DIY Today I’m Thankful for Pallet idea

8 pallet sign ideas

This pallet idea is a great piece, especially if you are parenting wishing to teach the kids the importance of being grateful for every little thing that they have. With just a few wood pallets and a piece of chalk you can make this for your home and kids.

9. Wood pallet idea for your laundry room

9 pallet sign ideas

This simple yet sophisticated looking idea can light up your laundry room. With just a wood pallet, you can come up with hanging station which when paired up with an ironing table is just magical!


10. DIY Inspirational Quote Pallet Idea

10 pallet sign ideas

Inspirational quotes play a vital role in the growth of an individual in different dimensions. If you need a reminder to help you focus on what is important in your life, this pallet idea is perfect for you!


11. Wedding Anniversary Pallet Idea

11 pallet sign ideas

A significant day like a wedding commemoration is a significant memory. Such significant dates can be shown in a wooden pallet in block numbers on the topmost part of the wall of a room to bring a comforting feeling which is a constant reminder of that important day in your life

12. Christmas tree pallet project

12 pallet sign ideas

This involves setting up a wooden Christmas tree from old wood pallets or any idle pieces of wood lying around the compound. The Christmas tree, when placed at the front porch gives the house a sparkling and lively look during the festive season.

13. “Let it snow” DIY pallet Idea

13 pallet sign ideas

Express your DIY skills in different seasons of the year. Express the snowy winter days using white or light blue lettering and sparkles on a grey wooden pallet. You will be surprised by the magical look of the snowy winter season pallet!


14. DIY Express your feelings on a pallet

14 pallet sign ideas

Express your feelings on a pallet and let everyone know what you are feeling. Use bold letters and bright colors to emphasize your personal feelings.

15. The Scrap Wood Ornament Pallet idea

15 pallet sign ideas

Do you want to spice up your indoor décor? Then you have to try out these ornaments on the pallet idea. You are open to choosing the design that resemble your ornaments to make it even more interesting.

16. Wood Home Sign

16 pallet sign ideas

This eye-catching wood home sign with wreath makes your home feel lively and more welcoming especially when you are having a couple of family and friends over for a small gathering such a birthday occasion. Place it at the entrance where it can be easily seen.

17. The Love Story Pallet Idea

17 pallet sign ideas

Everyone has their own personal version of how they celebrated love. Feel free to express your own version in a beautiful large pallet hang on the wall just above your bed that catches your attention each morning, reminding you of those heartfelt memories.

18. The Distressed wood Pallet sign Project

18 pallet sign ideas

Let people close to you know that they are important in your life through this fascinating and heart-warming distressed sign. The whimsical white cursive letters presented on the painted wood will announce your inner feelings in the perfect way.

19. DIY Sibling Pallet sign Idea

19 pallet sign ideas

Allow your children to express their love and feelings towards each other by making their own signs. You can hang these pallets in their rooms as a constant reminder of what they are.

20. “I love you” DIY Pallet Idea

20 pallet sign ideas

Express your intimate feelings to your partner through this simple yet charming wood love pallet. Simply curve a gray shaped frame, then carve out a few love words, paint them white, then glue them on your frame, and you are done. Isn’t this just amazing?


21. “Eat” sign

21 pallet sign ideas

Source: theturquoisehome, sweetpickinsfurniture

22. DIY jute rope love sign

22 pallet sign ideas


23. Rustic blessed sign

23 pallet sign ideas


24. DIY fab 5 sign

24 pallet sign ideas


25. Pineapple welcome art

25 pallet sign ideas


26. DIY Monogram Pallet Family Name Sign

26 pallet sign ideas


27. Pallet home sign

27 pallet sign ideas


28. Happy fall sign

28 pallet sign ideas


29. DIY anchor sign

29 pallet sign ideas


30. Burnt pallet sign

30 pallet sign ideas


31. Reclaimed wood love rope sign

31 pallet sign ideas


32. DIY Embroidered ‘Hello’ Pallet Wood Art

32 pallet sign ideas


33. “I’ll eat you up I love you so” sign

33 pallet sign ideas


34. Coffee crate lid sign

34 pallet sign ideas



These are very simple DIY pallets ideas that you can customize any way you want. Simply select what you need the sign to say and then paint it onto the wood, adjust a few things, and then add a hanger, and you’re all done!