20+ Family Command Center Ideas

Last Updated on November 18, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

How efficient are you when you are keeping track of your schedule and belongings? How about your extended family? Keeping the right track and the plan of your belongings can be so daunting!

You need something that will simplify the task, right? Did you know that a family command center can help you out? You should consider setting up a family command center so that you sort your issues about mental and physical clutter.

diy command center ideas

But, first, what is a command center?

A command center, in simple terms, is a fantastic way of creating a very organized space to allow a smooth flow of events at your family. It’s the only way to keep yourselves organized! Command center acts as a centralized hub, or even sometimes referred to as a control room that will store all the devices and instructions on what to do at a given time.

What should be included in a command center?

Every command center has its specifications that must be included when designing it. First, you need to determine the right location where you will establish your command center. This is the primary requirement for a smart family command center.
You will then have to ensure that the items below are found in your command center:

  • Key rings,
  • A clock
  • A family schedule
  • Hanging wall files for mails, bills or any essential paperwork
  • Shoe rack or pins
  • Wall files
  • Clipboards
  • A chore checklist
  • The school lunch menu for the kids
  • Hooks for coats
  • A list of dinners for the week
  • Binder

Notably, for efficiency, you need to establish a command center in a location that you always pass through. Ensure that the place is common to all family members, such as the kitchen!

How do you make a family command center?

Below are the tips for making a smart family command center. It’s the only way to keep your family organized all the time as they prepare for their daily adventures!

  • Locate an accessible location .Pick the best calendar that is admired by all and hang it in the chosen location.
  • You will also need a communication board to allow the family members to correspond. Installation of hooks is the other step.
  • Hooks play essential roles as a site for hanging coats, jackets, backpacks, and purses.
  • A clock for timekeeping.
  • Baskets.
  • Shelf for supplies such as scissors, stickers, pens, calendars, and anything other relevant supplies!

All these are the tips that will accord you with a perfect family command center.

Let’s consider the 20 command center ideas that you can choose between while constructing your family command center!

1. UnOriginal mom

1 command center ideas

This, of course, ranks among the best command center ideas that you should consider. All you need is a proper arrangement of the command center tools in a designated place!


2. Retro back to school look

2 command center ideas

This command center design is also worth the price. It’s a simple arrangement that you can employ. It’s a perfect idea for kids heading to school. Enjoy that classroom feeling with this fantastic design that exhausts all the necessary information for the command center ideas!


3. Kids command center via the colored door

3 command center ideas

All the essentials are available her, and you will love the smart design that it gives.


4. Vanessa family command idea

4 command center ideas

It’s an appealing design that attracts the eye. Every detail including the clock, supplies, mailbox and also the hooks are available just for a convenient command center!


5. A fantastic compact and orderly look

5 command center ideas

What is so amazing with this command center idea is order? It has accorded a proper organization since it entails all the information that your family will require without compromising the homeliness of the environment. It’s only the best design you should consider.

6. Back-to-school design

6 command center ideas

This layout is simply the best for the family with kids. The calendars are located above the hooks for hats and coats. It’s only a fantastic design worth considering.


7. The classic stark command center design

7 command center ideas

Do you love corners? The classic stark design will surely be your choice! It’s very precise, and every family member is assigned with a basket to hold essential accessories! It’s only a better option.

8. The welcoming command center

8 command center ideas

This center accord warmth and softness. Remember, white color has an advantage. But the walls also add to the benefits so that it does not blindly reflect the light. Go for it!


9. The clear design

9 command center ideas

This is the most straightforward design for sure. Notably, the model can be erased and rewritten and therefore granting the utmost efficiency and durability! Everything can be done on chalk! Isn’t this amazing?


10. The warm and inviting lighthearted center

10 command center ideas

It is the lovely command center designs that warm the heart of many people. It’s a fantastic design that evokes the moods of relaxation. The calendar has more detailed information for the next month, and it’s printed on a whiteboard to allow for easy erasing.

11. School inspired design

11 command center ideas

The inspiration behind this fantastic design is the classrooms and school. The mixture of the bright colors that prints the schedule makes it one of the best designs. The sticker sheet is for kids’ motivation; it would be nice if they reward themselves for the completed tasks!


12. Autumn-inspired kitchen center

12 command center ideas

Is autumn seasons your favorites? You need this design, for it perfectly fits the family that always craves for October! The sight of this command center evokes a cider able thoughts with really beautifully designed colors. It has all the information that the command center must contain.

13. The minimalist wall

13 command center ideas

The fantastic command center idea has an entire organization. The small width, packed floor to ceiling, the chalkboard paints, and the erasable fence make it an excellent center for you. It’s a lovely idea that entails all the information for the family!


14. The brightly colored center design

14 command center ideas

Do you enjoy bright colors? The command center employs a variety of bright colors with amazing funky prints to give that pleasant taste to your daily life. As a family member, you are entitled to a personalized paperwork folder with names inscribed.


15. Wall mount center

15 command center ideas

The wall mount center will appear cluttered at a glance, but the organization of the tools here is brilliant. The items here are just many, but every one of them has an intended purpose. Just take a look, and you will love it!

16. Compact door design

16 command center ideas

The thin door command center is the best for those who live in a small room. But still, you deserve all the reminders, and that why the compact door design will serve you. It features details such as calendars and the mail bulletins!


17. A minimalist design

17 command center ideas

It’s the most professional design that employs a black accent. You won’t have the clutter issues. You will admire the whiteboard calendar with another empty bulletin board.. A mailbox for every child that is mounted above the hooks is also available! This is another fantastic option for you!

18. The pastel design

18 command center ideas

The pastel design excels when it comes to colors. Every color perfectly accentuates each other resulting in the most adorable design. All the entities, such as the calendar, reminders, and also supplies, are included in the most organized manner to make it the better choice.


19. Command center décor for the upcoming events

19 command center ideas

Here, the most notable ideas are the calendar and the chalkboard. You have sufficient space to write every detail on the whiteboard. The weekly menu will be written using the chalkboard.. It’s undoubtedly the best design for the upcoming events.

20. Extended family command center

20 command center ideas

If your extended family lives in multiple time zones, then the command center for the extended family will be the best bet. You will find the clocks at the top for an efficient track of time, the small chalkboards in the underneath, a supplies bucket, which hangs over a light switch, and also a notation calendar behind it! It is the best design that fits a large family!


In conclusion, the command center will keep your house organized! You need to choose the best command center design ideas that will just fit well with your needs! The opinions are only so many, but you won’t miss the best that will suit you and your family!