Designing & Building Your Custom Log Cabins and Log Homes

Last Updated on August 29, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

As you research how to build a log home, you will find that some are made from log cabin kits and others are bespoke. The photographs alone, though, might not be enough to identify which is whose.

Both building methods produce stunning, individually designed homes, but they differ in terms of projected costs, construction time, and design flexibility.

You may choose from a variety of pre-designed spaces and designs for your log house, including open-concept kitchens and soaring ceilings. The log homes are then delivered by the builder in pre-assembled components that may be quickly put together by you or a contractor.

Developing Time

Designing log house kits is simple and quick. You consider the various available styles and choose those that best suit your vision. Simply combine and match the components to personalize your log cabin.

The pieces of a kit house are already put together before delivery. Thus, you may immediately build the parts on-site without spending time waiting for the unprocessed products to be cut.

Costs of Log Home Kits

Log home kits are more affordable in terms of labor, materials, and design time. The components of the house itself were constructed previously, and its structural soundness and design have already been authorized, so your architect, as well as the engineer, will not require any input.

A log home kit’s pre-cut and pre-assembled building parts reduce the amount of time needed at the log yard as well as during construction. Log cabin kits are a terrific method to create a beautiful log cabin at a lower cost since they save time, which is a big consideration.

kit home

Customizing A Kit House

Despite the name, log home kits provide you the option to choose from a wide range of home designs. For instance, an open concept kitchen and vaulted ceilings are two of the most well-liked designs. It could take you a little longer to choose between your preferred designs.

Unless you possess a really particular vision in mind for your house, you should be able to locate a cabin kit that suits your requirements, preferences, and aesthetic preferences.

Transportation of Materials

Your log house kit will be transported to the site after being partially built at the log yard. The pieces of your home will be linked and fitted together once it has arrived.

Our log house ( kits are easy to use if you like to “do it yourself.” All of those window and door apertures, siding slots, and drywall slots will be pre-cut by the builder, and they will also supply a thorough “how-to” manual to help you complete your log home correctly. It should not even be necessary to carry a power tool to the construction site.

Designing and Planning

For custom homes, you need more time up front to imagine, design, and get your team of an architect and an engineer to approve it.

Before being disassembled and brought to you, the building’s raw elements, such as the logs and supports, must be specially cut. When it pertains to construction, a bespoke home often has every component made from scratch on-site. If you have a clear idea of the type of house you want to build and more leeway in your building schedule, this is the ideal option even if it takes longer.

Cost of a custom build

Custom houses, as previously noted, demand additional time from your design and construction team to lay out, guarantee structural integrity, and construct the home piece by piece. Click here to read more on structural integrity. This makes the work easier.

Additionally, the cost of the materials will be higher since they must be specially cut and bought for your property.

Individualize Your Custom Home

The design of a custom-built home is entirely up to you for everything; you are the designer and your engineer. You have the opportunity to create your own special fantasy house.

You may choose each component of your home’s decor and alter it to your preferences either on your own or with the help of a designer. Your only restrictions will be your budget, construction rules, and the laws of physics.


In the log yard, the builder will first construct your whole unique home. The builder may then make sure that all the raw materials are there, properly cut, and additionally that the blueprint ( is flawless.

Then, they disassemble it and transport it piece by piece to your location, packing your home’s various components into containers to facilitate on-site assembly.