20+ Creative Craft Ideas Using Wine Corks

We love the art that designs wine bottles. Their corks are another state of the art that brings amazing cork ideas to exist. Do you have quite a large number of cork s that are left after you have consumed very many bottles of wine?

Are you lost and don’t know what to do with the wine cork bottles? Never worry, we are here to give 20 amazing wine cork craft ideas to bring the fun!

What crafts can you make with wine corks?

Corks can make a large number of crafts, including the wine glass charm, creating a wreath with wine corks, bulletin board push pins, covering the top of the piece of furniture, and many other applications that you will fetch from the ideas below!

One of the most common wine cork ideas is making the wine cork vase. You need to select corks of similar size and arrange them so that it completes one side of the vessel. Every cork is added at a position and glued using the glue. The process is repeated as you paste until the one bottom of the vase is completely covered.

Wine cork crafts can also be used to come up with ideas for Christmas. This wine cork Christmas idea is us so famous, and you will find it among the 20 wine cork craft ideas below!

20 wine cork craft ideas

1. A wine-inspired cork Christmas tree cork

It is a practical and straightforward application of the cork! This is an appealing wine-inspired cork Christmas tree!


2. Kitchen tool holders

Gluing the corks together yields an amazing kitchen tools holder!


3. Keychain and jewelry

The wine corks will also give you this beautiful keychain and jewelry. It is a fantastic idea that we get out of the wine corks.


4. Tile piece out of cork

We love tiles, but the wine cork tile does excel! It’s only the best idea you can ever think about.


5. The corkboard

One of the stunning wine cork craft ideas is the use of corks to come up with a cork board. It is simply the best, and you should try it.


6. The color cork for decorative pieces

Who doesn’t like decorations? Get the color corks for purposes of decorations.


7. How about love via corks?

Wine corks can be significant in crafting a love sign. Look how cute this cork idea appears?


8. The corks and candles

Do you remember mason jars? Make a beautiful candle and cork centerpiece with this smart masons.


9. A cork-Y snowman for holidays.

A corkY snowman for holidays is just another smart idea that you can craft using your wine corks!


10. A coaster

As long as wine drinking doesn’t stop, you will need a lot of coasters, just for the purpose! Design the smart wine cork coasters.


11. The high-class centerpiece

The high-class centerpiece is another thrilling applications that we can get using the wine corks. Go for it. Fill them in a jar, and there you get a brilliant charm!


12. Olaf

Olaf is a product of the wine cork jars! They are so prevalent during the Christmas celebrations.


13. A wreath- best for all occasions

Wine cork wreaths are undoubtedly the best kinds of ornaments that suit every occasion! We love this wine cork idea do we recommend it just for you.


14. The hand-painted vase

For the hand-painted vase, you can match the colors with similar hues as your home decors!


15. The monogram craft

Wine corks will also be used for the monogram craft ideas. It is a fantastic house warming gift!


16. Garden markers

Wine corks do serve well as a garden marker! It’s a simple way to pass the message and labeling! We love this idea.


17. The cork vase

No waits for anyone to explain how beautiful the cork vase looks! It’s just one of those rare ideas that we can get from the wine cork craft ideas.


18. Candle accents

The candle accents look excellent. We love it inside the clear jars. It’s a heartwarming idea that brings back love.


19. Tradition keeper

Wine cork ideas have been cleverly used as the tradition keepers. It’s appealing, and we believe it excels in this area.


20. Home state wall hanger

The idea is undoubtedly among the best that merely delivers beauty. The home state wall hanger is one of the most significant applications of the cork. Consider this, and for sure, you will love it.



To conclude, we take wine, and we enjoy, but we don’t fail to come up with smart wine cork craft ideas to exploit all these resources that we get from wine bottles! They are the beautiful ornaments that can bring the décor and beauty closer to you. Consider this idea and celebrate beauty.


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