18+ Contemporary Bathroom Faucets and Faucet Design

Today’s modern bathroom incorporates more than just function. Designer faucets and new faucet designs help take bathroom to the next level.

Whether designing a powder room or a master bathroom, style should be reflected in every inch of the space. New contemporary and designer-inspired faucets can help put the finishing touch on any design.

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Faucets that Appeal to Many Senses

One of the most intriguing aspects of many of today’s faucets is their ability to appeal on multiple levels. Faucets with LED lighting will show blue for cold water, red for hot, and a combination of the two for warm.

Watermark Design’s Touch27 faucet collection, designed by Clodagh Design, combines both sleek, contemporary lines, with a unique hammered metal handle, sensual to the eyes as well as the hands.

Watermark’s Napa faucet calls to mind the shape of a wine bottle, with its elegant body and spout. These faucets do more than simply deliver water; they deliver an experience.

Environmentally Friendly Faucets

Along with designer looks and sensual appeal, many of today’s faucets are green friendly as well, with water-saving flow restrictors and the ability to set a faucet to flow at one constant rate, no matter how hard the handle is turned.

Watermark’s Touch27 collection is equipped with a 1.5 gpm aerator on all their faucets and shower components, while touchless faucets will flow at the same rate whenever they are used.

In addition to saving gallons of water a year, these faucets can also help to prevent splashing and are ideal for shallow and vessel sinks.

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From Smart Phones to Smart Faucets

Many faucet manufacturers are teaming up with engineers and designers to help bring designer bathroom fixtures to homeowners. The results bring new depth to the products.

iHouse’s Vado smart faucet, incorporates a touch screen pad with their faucet, which controls flow and temperature of the water to the exact degree desired.

Water Décor, a southern California faucet manufacturer, has implemented a quick installation system for their faucet lines, allowing a homeowner to change out the look and style of the faucet at any time, with ease.

With these new innovations, faucets are becoming more than simply water delivery systems; they are becoming engineering marvels as well as works of art.

Designs to Complement Any Space

Styles of faucets on the market today are able to match any bathroom design and décor. Narrow, sleek, stainless steel faucets compliment modern bathroom styles, and vanities with clean lines and metallic accents. Minimilistic faucets that blend into the sink base or wall are available for bathrooms whose tile takes center stage.

Transitional faucets, such as Watermark’s Napa, will fit into a range of styles, from Tuscan to contemporary, and complement them all.

Faucets that have been tumbled in drums with rocks and pieces of metal have a rough appearance that will fit in with slate, stone and spa style bathrooms. LED-lit faucets will work well with glass- or Lucite-containing baths, while a range of finishes ensures that any faucet chosen will complement the color pallet of the room.

When choosing a faucet, keep the style of the bathroom, the sink and the vanity in mind. Look for faucets that already incorporate and embrace the style of the room, as well as the style of the homeowner, and bring the bathroom design to a new level today.






































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