63+ Creative Powder Room Ideas and Designs

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Powder rooms are very utilitarian spaces in the home especially for guests. If you do not want your room bathrooms to be taken over by unwelcome guests, a powder room, featuring just a sink and toilet is a must-have.

If you have a convenient free spot in your home, might as well consider putting up a powder room there. But what should they look like? Design wise, how much should you put in it? 

In this post, we shall go over some of the best and most practical powder room ideas out there. Some key information about how to build or design a powder room are also enumerated. Hence, without much fuss, read on. 

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What is a powder room?

what is powder room

But first, what is a powder room? In other terms, the powder room is also referred to as your half-bath or guest bathroom. As has been said, it only features a sink and a toilet.

It is the term used for comfort rooms in bars and restaurants. In the olden times, powder rooms were built specifically for women; to have a safe space in public hangout spaces. 

Powder rooms are usually placed near the receiving areas of the home. As such, they are often seen near living rooms, on the hallway or foyers as well as in dining areas.

The powder room is a half bathroom traditionally just off of the entryway for guests. While a half bathroom can now be used by anyone, its design remains unchanged.

Many homes will have a half bathroom included in their floor plan. This small bathroom may be located in the traditional powder room location, or may be tucked into various corners of the home as a way to streamline the home’s traffic flow.

While the half bathroom includes little more room than necessary for the toilet and sink, the design possibilities in this small space are large.

Tile in the Half Bathroom

half bath tile

Tile in the half bathroom focuses on two functions. As a floor covering, or backsplash behind the sink and as a style element to help visually enlarge and enhance the room.

The floor tile in a half bathroom should follow one of two models. Either using a 12” tile, or larger in modern half bathrooms, or by using a mosaic tile. A 12” or larger tile will have fewer grout lines than 6” or 8” tiles. This will help visually enlarge the room, as it creates less of a grid effect on the floor.

Formal powder rooms can make the most use of this by using a polished marble on the bathroom floor. Since the space is small, heavily veined marbles can provide a visual effect that draws the eye outward to the sides of the room, enlarging it.

Mosaic tiles including traditional bathroom tile designs such as basketweaves or octagon and dot patterns create a pattern across the entire floor which helps to visually enlarge the room as well.

If wall tile is used in the half bathroom, it should be kept to the wet wall, or the wall behind the sink and toilet. While wainscoting is a popular bathroom feature, it can make a small bathroom seem smaller, so keep wall tile as an accent to enhance the room, rather than close it in.

Dramatic effects can be produced by using an accent wall behind the sink. Use mosaic wallpaper, or continue polished marble to the ceiling on this wall to draw the eye upward and visually enhance the space.

Small Bathroom Fixtures

small luxurious minimalist bathroom

The pedestal sink is a small bathroom fixture which has stood the test of time, and can compliment many bathroom designs. If there is no room for a vanity in the bathroom, or if a vanity would take up more visual space than it really requires, consider using a pedestal sink and toilet suite.

Suited bathroom fixtures are designed to work with one another in color, lines and shape. As the sink and toilet are frequently near one another in a half bathroom, using a fixture suite helps give the bathroom a cohesive appearance.

If there is room for a cabinet, or if some storage is required, consider using a furniture style vanity cabinet.

A furniture style cabinet can be made of either a wooden cabinet with door fronts and a wood top; a whole can be cut into the top by a contractor for a decorative drop in sink, or can be a vanity cabinet specifically designed with furniture details, such as raised legs.

The reason for the use of a furniture style cabinet in the powder room is twofold. One, frequently powder rooms do not have a great deal of depth to them, and the vanity, if used, will need to be fairly narrow. The furniture style cabinet will often have enough detail and design elements to make up for the narrow appearance that a traditional box style cabinet will give. The second reason for use of a furniture style cabinet is the interest and design element it brings.

Look for furniture which is set on legs, up off of the floor. This will allow the tile to run beneath it, visually enlarging the room. The furniture top and other elements will provide subtle interest to the room, without a heavy appearance which could make the room feel cramped.

Finish the vanity with a fluted or handpainted drop in sink to further enhance the design.

Colors of the Half Bathroom

half bathroom

Keep the colors of the small bathroom design cool in tone whenever possible. Warm colors, contract visually, which is why they are thought of as “cozy”. Cool colors recede from the eye, visually enlarging the room.

If warm colors are used, either due to the presence of warm wood tones in the room, or to continue the color palette of the rest of the home, keep the fixtures white to provide contrast, and a crisp, clean finish.

The half bathroom or powder room design should flow seamlessly off the room it is located. If the powder room is off of a formal entry, consider tile and fixtures which work accordingly. A half bathroom off of a children’s playroom, however, would take its cues from an entirely different style.

Keep the half bathroom design simple and cohesive with a few design elements which work together. Visually enlarge and enhance the room, and keep the powder room or half bathroom as beautiful as it is functional.

51 Powder room ideas 

When it comes to powder rooms, there are only two design considerations to think of: good arrangement and theme. Hence, here are 51 powder room ideas that you can draw inspiration from if you are thinking of incorporating a powder room in your home. 

Small powder room ideas 

There are many ways to spruce up a small powder room and one of the most immediate ways to do that is to fill the walls with art.

Having a lot of visual stimuli around would lessen the cramped up feeling of anyone who would use the powder room and that is what this idea imbibes. 

1 powder room ideas designs 1

Following the same idea, this one here kept the spatial balance by using the lightness and sense of spaciousness of white and the bolder, more intimate feel of black. But the different textures and sizes of the decorative pieces cohesively worked with this contrast for it not to feel too small for the person using this powder room. 

2 powder room ideas designs 1

Modern powder room ideas 

The fanfare for modern designs extends even to powder rooms. The effect of dark neutrals has always been one of the hallmarks of modern sophistication and in this powder room, that is very much exuded.

The slate tiles for the flooring and walls give it a lot of natural tone and the backlighting for the mirror down to the sink as well as these corner pendant lights are fine touches. 

3 powder room ideas designs

You can also go with the conventional modern elements by using polished marble with splashes of irregular patterns.

The unpredictable streaks of this modern powder room wall breaks the monotony in this very neutral powder room. 

4 powder room ideas designs 1

Powder room vanity ideas 

What better feature is there to incorporate than to set up a vanity in a powder room? Since this room is made for retouching, glamming up and all the essentials, here is a simple vanity set complete with a stool, good side drawers, and the neat effect of a beige enclosure. 

5 powder room ideas designs

Powder room wallpaper ideas 

For an eye-catching powder room, this one here builds on bold florals on the wallpaper. More than the play of grey, gold, and white, this powder room is given more texture, color splash and dynamics with this simple, graphic wallpaper. 

6 powder room ideas designs

While florals put in a lot of dynamics, a textured wallpaper like this arrowroot fiber, denim wallpaper is something to really go for.

Intersecting modern clean lines from the marble countertop sink, toilet and walls, and chick asymmetries thanks to that herringbone, mosaic tiles, you get this very cohesive looking powder room. 

7 powder room ideas designs

Powder room tile ideas 

For two-toned designs, this idea here gives a sophisticated nod to modern and rustic in one small powder room.

The use of rustic tones, wood details for the flooring and one corner wall, along with a backsplash of stone tiles, floating sink and industrial style mirror and chandelier are all on point in this one. 

8 powder room ideas designs

You can also consider tile on tile if you want to give your powder room more playful dynamics like this one here.

For the walls, the top half is adorned with off-white penny tiles while the bottom half is covered with pink subway tiles. With the circle mirror and some gold accents, this one is low-key chic. 

9 powder room ideas designs

Farmhouse powder room ideas 

Nothing gets homier and more inviting than the rustic accents of a farmhouse style.

This powder room idea here screams farmhouse with that distressed mirror frame, wood countertop with built-in sink, bronze details, wicker baskets underneath the sink and those wood plank walls.

It might just be a half bath, but you would have a time traveling experience with this one. 

10 powder room ideas designs

And if it is a modern farmhouse you are going for, check out this black and white, cattle doodle wallpaper for this home. Simple and clean, plus the contrast of neutrals never disappoints.

Those thick mirror trims are compelling as well as this marble countertop with built-in sink. The sleekness of those black details is also impossible to miss. 

11 powder room ideas designs

Powder room mirror ideas 

If you are working on a really cramped up space that could only accommodate a sink and a mirror, you can keep things minimal without cutting the glamour of your powder room.

This one here offers a classy, timeless look with those white walls, black countertop sink, and flooring. But the focal point of this powder room is this three-panel, industrial style mirror. 

12 powder room ideas designs

If you happen to have a more outlandish taste, here is a lemon yellow, lucite framed mirror to take inspiration from.

This would work well with minimalist, contemporary, or trendy powder room designs. Any neutral powder room could also benefit a lot from this color splash. 

13 powder room ideas designs

Traditional powder room ideas 

The use of solid colors, be it monochromatic or two-toned, is what separates traditional powder rooms from other design schemes. The sink is usually a pedestal type, traditional toilet with flush, and mounted towel handles on one side.

Instead of an elaborate shelving, hand soaps and other essentials are usually lined on top of the toilet or surrounding the sink’s faucet. 

14 powder room ideas designs

This is another traditional powder room to take inspiration from if you want softer hues and lots of natural light. 

15 powder room ideas designs

Elegant powder room ideas 

This one is not just elegant but also very dapper, fit for a his and hers powder room. Built on a contrast of black and white, in differing angles and patterns along with gold details from the mirror, sink and small fixtures, it offers a high-end, London allure and a visual impact that lingers. 

16 powder room ideas designs

And if you really have a preference for opulence and a dramatic, dreamy vibe, this one here is built on the warm glows and the vintage look of black subway tiles, splotched glass tinted wall, vintage mirror, an industrial style console sink.

If you love lustrous looking powder rooms, this one is a good idea to adopt. 

17 powder room ideas designs

Powder room paint ideas 

Painting your powder room with a monochrome style is indeed timeless. But to give it more appeal and details, you can always go for stenciled painting and have geometric patterns painted all over your powder room walls.

This chevron style lined up at half of this powder room’s wall is all it took to give it a spruced up look in a sea of whites. 

18 powder room ideas designs

No, this is not a wallpaper. If you have an artistic side, you can go beyond solid colors and try wavy patterns to paint in your powder room.

Going for these irregular patterns can give an illusion of space to a very small powder room like this one.

The brass mirror and the black floating sink are standout pieces that make this room playful and very trendy. 

19 powder room ideas designs

Floating vanity powder room 

The separation of the sink and the floating vanity set underneath make this powder room a stunner. All of the modern elements of this powder room are in sync with each other including the mirror with LED backlights.

The bold gray tones of this room give it a dramatic charm. And the simple floating wood vanity set is off the charts. 

20 powder room ideas designs

Powder room sink ideas 

When it comes to powder rooms, sinks are important fixtures to prioritize being one of the only two essentials in half baths.

Simple yet striking, this idea here incorporates a vessel sink and thoughtfully mounted on an oakwood slab to give it more edge.

Going for bronze plumbing also gives it a refined, upscale look albeit with a monochromatic backdrop. 

21 powder room ideas designs

But if you are eyeing for more structure, stability and permanence, this console sink and dresser make a phenomenal choice.

The lightness of this powder room is owed to the soft balance of gray and white as well as the large window and neutral walls. What makes it more grounded would be the shell patterned flooring. 

22 powder room ideas designs

Shiplap powder room 

If you are drawn to rustic designs or coastal vibes, the use of shiplap walls is a go-to idea.

In here, the nautical feels of this narrow powder room are emphasized by the interlocked shiplap walls and ceiling and the simplicity of the toilet and sink design chosen. The bucket trash bin below the sink gives it a thematic look. 

23 powder room ideas designs

Powder room under stairs 

If there is a perfect space for powder rooms, that empty corner under the stairs often used as extra storage can be converted into powder rooms.

Using the same color as the stairs or of the interior in general, literally allows this powder room to fade seamlessly into the home’s interior design.

As you open it, a new layer of color is found, giving it a striking look and a sense of surprise. 

24 powder room ideas designs

If it is a hallway corner just beneath the stairs, this small powder room and wash room is a beautiful home feature to incorporate. The space is well-used, only sporting an elegant vanity set and moody lighting. 

25 powder room ideas designs

Narrow powder room ideas 

You can have the narrowest room powder space and you would find that it is still workable as long as you have an ingenious design like this one.

The hardwood flooring, the all-white façade, and the dainty florals on the top half of the wall and the good placement of the toilet and this wall mounted sink keep it minimal but not very cramped up. 

26 powder room ideas designs

Powder room ideas with pedestal sink 

If you have more space to accommodate, going for an old-fashioned pedestal sink in your powder room is still one of the best ways to spruce up a powder room especially if it only functions as wash rooms.

This elegant, blue wallpaper here offers a textured contrast to this porcelain pedestal sink. 

27 powder room ideas designs

Powder room lighting ideas 

Just because it is a half bath would not mean that the usual light fixtures would suffice. If you want a statement powder room, task lighting and hidden lights can do wonders.

For instance, this one here features just a mirror and sink but the LED backlights and overhead can lights really brought out the eclectic, modern look of this powder room. 

28 powder room ideas designs 1

And speaking of eclectic style and backlights, here is a contemporary mirror with rock-crystal backlights.

This powder may be narrow but the lighting just glistens with the white walls. Describing it as whimsical is an understatement. 

29 powder room ideas designs

Powder room storage ideas 

Having a console sink with drawers and cabinets underneath is one thing but extending your storage over the toilet with some crafty floating wicker baskets like this one is such a phenomenal move.

A powder room may be small but this one here proves that it would never run out of face towels and tissue paper. It is definitely a good use for space. 

30 powder room ideas designs

The common problem with powder rooms is not just its small size but also the irregularity of the space’s shape.

To deal with this, lining up a vertical storage featuring an elongated countertop with built-in sink and lots of storage underneath would be the best solution. This idea here embodies that look. 

31 powder room ideas designs

Black powder room

If you want some vintage opulence, a black powder room is definitely the idea to go for. In this one, you get a regal looking powder room with black as the anchor which accentuates the dark florals as well as the white and chrome details of this narrow powder room. 

32 powder room ideas designs

Black and white powder room ideas 

Veering away from the usual contoured, black and white contrast following straight lines and symmetries, this vivacious black and white room using an elegant curved cross pattern, white ceilings and trims and dark hued flooring give this powder room a lot of brightness and strong personality. 

33 powder room ideas designs

Luxury powder room ideas 

If you have money to splurge for a powder room and to create something that looks like it was cut out from a five-star hotel or glamour magazine, gold embellishments never run out of style.

The small foot area of this Hampton’s powder room is given a spacious and layered look with those glass details.

The grotto looking pedestal sink and the use of ornate, gold wall accents plus the ambient lighting would satisfy the opulent, eclectic style of the rich and mighty. 

34 powder room ideas designs

Powder room backsplash ideas 

A standout backsplash for a powder room could make it feel more compact, more spacious, brighter or moodier, depending on your choice of color and materials.

This narrow, mosaic tile backsplash with silver edges combined with this oblong mirror in this narrow powder room are enough to give it a structured and more spacious look. 

35 powder room ideas designs
Source: Housetrends

Fun powder room ideas 

To give your powder room a lot of personality and dynamics and elevate it with an illusion of space, making it fun and colorful is a good technique to achieve these. You can still keep your flair for clean lines but with more color like this one here. 

81thshGfOhL. SL1500
Source: Amazon

Or give it a more funky, contemporary look like this one. The homeowner transformed this powder room into a playful look using book covers as wallpaper. From a dark hallway, you get to be surprised with this very colorful, small powder room. 

36 powder room ideas designs

Powder room wainscoting ideas 

To give your powder room more angle, texture and a contemporary, rustic tone, you can always have wainscoted walls for your powder room. If you prefer an all-white look with wainscoted walls, here is an idea to take after. 

37 powder room ideas designs

Tropical powder room ideas 

Another funky flair to incorporate in your powder room to give it more character and an illusion of space would be using tropical design walls like this one here.

Lined with robust greens, wood floating sink and wicker details, this one nailed the tropical powder room assignment. 

38 powder room ideas designs

Powder room window treatment ideas 

Half valances and sheer curtains are staple window treatments when it comes to powder rooms. However, the popularity of window blinds even for small rooms like this has become uncharted in recent years and for a good reason.

Curtains are vulnerable and half valances are somewhat outdated looking. If you want function and style, this bamboo blinds here is a good choice. 

39 powder room ideas designs

Yellow powder room ideas 

If you want to stay away from the conventional look of all-white, going for yellow is a fancy choice to give your powder room a lot of funk and natural light.

You want a sunny yet cozy powder room? This solid mustard yellow paint is a good backdrop for this small vanity set and refurbished farmhouse mirror. 

40 powder room ideas designs

Powder room basin ideas 

The circular shape and extreme functionality of basin sinks make it a standout choice in powder rooms.

If you want a powder room basin in a pedestal sink design, this is a good idea to put in your powder room. It makes good use of space and it looks minimalist at best. 

41 powder room ideas designs

Spa powder room ideas 

The therapeutic effect and tranquil vibes of the spa should be radiated even in their powder rooms.

If you want the calming effect of spa powder rooms, the use of wood, natural stones and ambient lighting are the combo to go for. Here is an idea that you can draw inspiration from for this design.

42 powder room ideas designs

Mid-century modern powder room ideas 

If you love the eclectic beauty of mid-century designs, you can draw inspiration from this moody contrast of maroon and black.

The minimalism of the arrangement and accent pieces used in this powder room is strategic in giving it a regal and structured look. 

43 powder room ideas designs

Beige powder room ideas 

The warm neutral glow of beige is fitting for rustic toned homes or for chic, contemporary and boho designs. Incorporating two tones of beige gave this small powder room a layered and dainty look.

On one side, pink beige is used for a feminine appeal and a sandy beige is splashed on the other corners to make it look more tonal and balanced. 

44 powder room ideas designs

Masculine powder room ideas 

We often associate powder rooms to women but even the male brood could benefit a lot from powder rooms especially for their man caves.

To keep it dapper, this black and gold powder room screams masculine but the artsy take on the details keeps it inviting for anyone who would use it. 

45 powder room ideas designs

Dark blue powder room ideas 

If you are going for something that would really bring out a rich and refined look in a small powder room, going for dark blue walls would be a fine touch.

Here, the herringbone mosaic tiles for the flooring, the grained marble patterns and the gold details of the undermount sink, and mirror trim are all flaunted thanks to these navy-blue walls. 

46 powder room ideas designs
Source: Live Laugh Decorate

Blue and white powder room ideas

The combo and blue and white can evoke many vibes. From masculine, to coastal, beachy or chic, you can experience a lot of feels in this blue and white powder room idea.

The white walls give it a lot of natural light, the blue tiles are for a textured appeal and the blue and white console sink give it an overall cohesive and a bit of a playful look. 

47 powder room ideas designs

Beach powder room ideas

And if you want a softer, trendier look, this baby blue and white shiplap powder room is a classic design to draw ideas from. The simple, traditional details of this powder room is good for a beach house or a rustic home. 

48 powder room ideas designs
Source: Charles Hilton Architects

Orange powder room ideas

From funky, contemporary to rustic, orange works a lot of magic when it comes to rooms. If it is a minimalist orange tone you are looking for, this narrow powder room benefits from the brightness of orange to enliven its compactness. 

49 powder room ideas designs

But if you want the crisper, softer splash of orange in your powder room, this is a good idea to take design inspiration from. 

50 powder room ideas designs

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How big should a powder room be?

The standard floor area for a powder room is pegged at 20 square feet but the minimum area, as per rule of thumb is at 11 square feet if you are thinking of more compact half baths.

The standard for leg room size for the toilet and sink should be 21-inches and the minimum door opening should be at 32-inches. 

How much does it cost to remodel a powder room?

This one depends on the material, remodeling style and the region where the powder room remodeling shall be done. Nonetheless, the national average for powder room remodeling is in between $1000-4000 (excluding labor costs). Partial powder room remodeling is pegged at $1000-1400. 

Should I put a rug in the powder room?

No. Just as in bathrooms, putting a rug in powder rooms is highly discouraged. The bathroom is a moist area and the rug shall only absorb unnecessary moisture in the long run. This affects the smell of the room and you would really have a hard time cleaning your rug in the long haul. 

Is a powder room a bathroom?

No. Powder rooms do not have bath areas and shower areas. Most powder rooms have a toilet and sink but some just feature a sink and a mirror. Using a comfort room or the toilet are better terms to associate with powder rooms than a bathroom. 


Powder rooms in the home are good investments if you have a regular flow of guests in your house. It is also a good idea to build if you have a lot of free space in your home that you want to be functional.

Compared to other home improvement projects, powder rooms are more inexpensive to build and remodel since they only feature a toilet, sink, and mirror. And although not that high, a powder room can still add to the reselling value of your home. 

With all things considered, the only thing that must be considered here would be where to put it and how you will design it. With the list that we covered here, you should not be hard up in choosing the best one for your home.

powder room design ideas