30 Faucet Brands For Your Bathroom and Kitchen (Worst and Reliable)

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Faucets are underrated but when it comes to more utilitarian spaces like kitchens and bathrooms, faucets are their heart and soul. Aesthetically, faucets make the sink more aesthetic looking.

With these reasons, it is imperative for you to know a range of faucet brands. More importantly, you have to know which faucet brands are more reputable than others. 

In this post, we rundown some faucet brands and categorize them accordingly in terms of their performance. Through this, you can easily get a list of what to check out first and which to shelf for the meantime. 

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worst reliable faucet brands for bathroom kitchen

Types of faucets

You might not know this but there are six major types of faucets featuring different functions and different styles and designs. Since we are narrowing down the best and the worst faucet brands out there, it is also important to know the types of faucets out there for more specific references. 

Four major types

1. Ball faucet

Considered as the first type of washerless faucets and are commonly found in kitchens. It is a single-lever faucet featuring a ball-shaped cap.

It also has a built-in chamber with a metal ball inside which regulates the water flow of the faucet. 

2. Disc faucet

This is another single-lever faucet with an identifiable cylindrical body. It is considered as one of the more modern types of faucet with ceramic discs that control the temperature of the water flow.

They are known for their durability and being more resistant to joint leaks. 

3. Cartridge faucet

This is the most common faucet type in residential and commercial settings. It comes in both single and double lever features.

You open this by half-turning the lever at one end and then closing it by turning it back at the center. This does not require a lot of pressure to be opened and closed compared to other faucet types. 

4. Compression faucet

This is the first type of faucet to emerge during the peak of modern plumbing.

They are typically found among older homes which require you to open the faucet by tightening your grip on the lever, compressing the water to open or close water flow. Like cartridge faucets, they also come in single and double levers. 

Other types of faucets in terms of functions, styles, and designs are as follows: 

  • Pull-out/pull down
  • Pot filler
  • Bar faucet
  • Hands free faucet

How to identify kitchen faucet brand 

Since we have already established that some faucet brands are better than others, knowing how to identify the kitchen faucet brand is important in saving time, effort, and money in looking for faucet replacements. Here are some of the ways to identify kitchen faucet brands. 

  • Logo. It is always large and defined but not that obtrusive. 
  • Model number. Use a flashlight or wipe the faucet to find the faucet’s model number. To know the brand, just key in the model number in a search engine and they would give you a list of brand names per model number. 
  • Broach, splines and stem:  Another way to identify a kitchen faucet brand would be counting the splines on the broach and then measuring the stem. Each brand has different measurements of broaches. For instance, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Sterling, among others, feature a 4-point broach while Fishers, Sears, and Elkay are 12-point broaches. It is then essential that you get a broach gauge for this. 
  • Other distinguishing features: Each faucet brand has distinguishing features which help you in identifying the faucet brand. For example, Mixet and Moen faucets sport oval broaches while Delta faucets have a striking D-shape broach. As such, you have to look for certain features that would give you the brand immediately. 

6 Worst Faucet Brands To Avoid

As has been said, faucets are made differently. Because it is always a hassle to replace faucets every now and then, you have to know which faucet brands to avoid.

The basis for this list would be overall performance of the faucet based on online reviews and general customer satisfaction from faucet brand surveys and testimonies from customers in online reviews. 

1. Peerless

peerless faucet logo
peerless faucet

The main flaw of this faucet brand would be its overall durability. A lot of customers rate this at 2 out of 5 only because of its low-quality performance.

Aside from this, issues on minimal water flow are also listed as downsides of this faucet brand. Brand surveys also note of regular repairs (especially water leakage) when it comes to this brand. 

2. Pfister

pfister faucet logo
51XBkLOkAFL. AC SL1000

While they come in different styles, designs, and build, it is rated very low by customers because it becomes faulty and releases hot water flow every now and then.

Some of its major downsides would also be frequent leaks coming from the faucet joints. Most importantly, a lot of customers note the slowing down of water pressure when used continuously. 

3. Glacier Bay

glacier bay faucet logo

Following online reviews for the last seven years, Glacier Bay faucets (especially kitchen faucets) have been consistently rated at 2.5 out of 5 citing water leakage as its main issue. This is due to weak joint seals and poorly made cartridges of these faucets. 

4. Retail Exclusive

This brand does not only have the retail in it but also delivers poorly like mass produced retail faucets are judged to be. Both customer and brand reviews reveal that this one cannot keep up with very busy kitchens.

They are often the subject of repair because of poorly sealed joints. Rated as 1 out of 5 by customers, this one should not make your faucet list. 


arrisea bath logo
51v6nzt5LNL. AC SL1000

This is another low rated faucet brand because of issues on blockage, minimal water flow, poor build (handles easily break), and low durability. Aside from this, it has received consistent unsatisfactory ratings from customers and brand surveys. 


Kraus logo
71V599s1BlL. AC SL1500

While this one is a popular brand, they fall short when it comes to quality. The replacement parts are also very hard to score and most replacement parts are just made of plastic.

As such, it is hard for this brand to penetrate as a household name because while it does not fall short in style, it is not that durable. 

Most reliable faucet brands

On the brighter side, there are also a lot of reliable faucet brands out there. In this section, we shall look at some of the most reputable faucet brands across styles, and manufacturers. Hence, here are some of the best rated faucet brands out there. 

4 Best Kitchen faucet brands

If anything, kitchen faucets are the soul of the kitchen because of their role in food handling and preparation. Here are the five most trusted kitchen faucet brands in the market today. 

1. Moen

moen logo
51sA9EPrOeL. AC SL1000

Aside from having a large stock of options to choose from, Moen faucets have been around for more than five decades so when it comes to brand reputation, it is already one of the more trusted faucet brands. 

In terms of features, it is well-rated because of its overall durability, high-quality build, and resistance to corrosion. Customers also have high praises on their warranty coverage and good customer service. 

2. Delta

delta faucet logo png
61j525tGmeL. AC SL1500

This is another household faucet brand in general and not just a pro on kitchen faucets. The Kate model is especially loved for kitchens because of its 20-inches hose which is beneficial in reaching other spaces around the sink during cleaning time.

It also features a steam spray option. When it comes to build, leakage is not a problem and mounting is very secure. 

3. Kohler

Kohler Brand logo
51k35ELWrIS. AC SL1500

Like Delta, this one is another household name when it comes to faucet brands. It has been around for almost 150 years and they have one of the best kitchen faucet selections at different price points.

Customers particularly love the limited lifetime warranty of all faucet models of Kohler. They also deliver high quality customer service and their faucets are very accessible in the market. 

4. American Standard

american standard 1
51QdL1Ky++L. AC SL1000

When it comes to form and functionality, AS is really a gold standard especially when it comes to kitchen faucets.

It is one of the most requested brands for kitchen faucets because they are corrosion resistant and comes with ceramic valves which prevent water leakage. 

Other than this, AS kitchen faucets also come with 20-inches hose, hot and cold levels, and moveable faucet head for all angles. 

5 Best Bathroom faucet brands

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is also a default space for faucets. As such, you have to be picky when it comes to your faucet choice and most of the time, the durability needed for bathroom faucets depend on the brand. 

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1. Luxier

luxier logo
luxier faucet

Versatile and high-end looking, Luxier offers sleek, modern and versatile bathroom faucets for the artsy eye.

Most faucet selections of this brand are tall and narrow, leaving geometric details to a supposed plain sink. Perhaps, the only downside to this bathroom faucet brand is that it is pricey. 

2. Pacific Bay

For bathroom faucets at a more reasonable price but with the promise of sleek form and finish, Pacific Bay is a consistently well-rated brand to consider.

This brand’s selling point would be its lightweight construction, thanks to the use of high-grade plastic polymer. 

For more high-end looks, they also have a wide range of chrome and other metal finishes. Its two-handle design is also perfect for regulating temperature and added aesthetic value. 

3. Joss and Main

joss and main logo
joss and main faucet

If you are still into single hole bathroom faucets because of their uncomplicated style and easy to install nature, one of the best brands to choose from would be Joss and Main.

It has been consistently rated at 4 out of 5, citing modern finish (chrome and stainless steel), durability, and good customer service as its main upsides.

It also features sleek selections incorporating minimal geometric details which make the bathroom faucet a real standout. 


wowow logo
51zDDMU9lrL. AC SL1100

When it comes to design innovation, this brand rings popular. Its main selling point would be their curved, center-set bathroom faucets.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, they are also corrosion and fingerprint resistant. Their selections are also made with sturdy ABS material and incorporate a built-in flow regulator and stopper which reduces water consumption by 50%. 


61loJT2tzkL. AC SL1500

If you are looking for wall-mounted bathroom faucets that really define what a decluttered bathroom looks like, this is the brand for you. It specializes in brushed nickel, chrome and brass finishes. 

Made from quality materials, their bathroom faucets are made to last, resisting corrosion, tarnishing, and breaking. Their spouts can be moved at a 360 angle and they have a single handle lever which regulates water temperature and flow. 

5 High-end luxury faucet brands

If you have the money to splurge on more high-end faucets, the following brands can give you the best selections which will give you a go for your money.

Most of them are foreign brands but there are also some notable household brands with stunning high-end faucet selections. 

1. Hansgrohe

hansgrohe logo
61i9ENPuM7S. AC SL1500

When it comes to stunning, delicate, and emotive designs for bathroom and kitchen faucets, this German brand can give you a luxe selection of faucets.

The intricacy of the decorative details of this faucet brand are based on the brand mantra that bathing and showering are reflective processes. Hansgrohe faucets range from $100 and above. 

2. Rohl

rohl logo
31gS7lub4HL. AC

Going with the tagline “authentic luxury for kitchen and bath” is the real charmer for this brand because they live up to it.

As a unique brand, its main selling point would be its extensive collection of faucets designed to represent the major cities of the world.

Their faucet designs also range from Victorian opulence and intricate craftsmanship. Rohl faucets range from $120 and up. 

3. Toto

toto logo 1
618Oq0PdT4L. AC SL1500

This Japanese brand has been around since 1912 and it has elevated a lot from manufacturing plumbing fixtures to toilets and then sinks to faucets.

This faucet brand is considered high-end and luxurious because of its selling point of safer, cleaner, and water efficient bathroom and kitchen fixtures including faucets. 

4. Kingston Brass

kingston brass
51Yev1 dKWL. AC SL1000

Known for incorporating style and function, this brand has easily kept up in the plumbing industry. Established in 1998, this brand is known for their geometric faucet design and other top-notch selections from sink to toilets.

The sleek and high-end styles of their faucets are very commendable and you would be surprised to know that you can buy one at just $50. 

5. Symmons

Symmons The Smarter Choice logo
71IWAkHbrFL. AC SL1500

When it comes to sanitary ware and plumbing fixtures, this brand is a reputable name having been around since 1939.

The workmanship and style innovation of their faucets are well-loved in the hospitality industry as well as in commercial settings. Selections for residences are also available. They also have a reasonable price point for different faucet models. 

5 Best German faucet brands

When it comes to pioneering innovation, engineering, and overall design, German faucet brands are the most reputable to say the very least.

Some of the more high-end faucets are made by German brands and it is always enticing when faucets are tagged as made in Germany. 

1. Dornbracht

dorn bracht logo
61a +buys8L. AC SL1500
Source: Amazon

When it comes to modern faucet designs, this German brand is the place to be. They have luxury selections ranging from glass finish, to 18-carat gold and copper faucet finishes. 

2. Hansgrohe

hansgrohe logo

We have mentioned this in the high-end, luxury faucets and that alone already speaks volumes.

Aside from being a reputable brand for many decades now, it is also a very well-awarded plumbing brand. From different shapes, to colors, and a wide selection of styles, Hansgrohe is a top faucet brand to always consider. 

3. Jorger

jorger logo
jorger faucet

If you are into sophisticated touches, you would love the world-famous tap collections of this German faucet brand.

The most popular faucet finishes from Jorger would be matte, gold, platinum, chrome, bronze, and mink. The reputation of Jorger is traced back to royal plumbing installations since 1909. 

4. Grohe

Grohe logo

This one is a Dusseldorf-based faucet brand and has been around the market since 1936. It has become one of the trendiest faucet brands in the last ten years because of their highly technological faucet designs including hands-free faucets, and faucets releasing cold and filtered water. 

5. Blanco

blanco logo
71I6cRedbNL. AC SL1500

This is a family-owned faucet and plumbing brand that was established in 1925. Its main product selection would be sinks but it also does not fall short when it comes to faucet models.

Like Grohe, this brand incorporates design, style, and technology. Their best faucet finishes would be chrome and stainless steel. 

5 Best American faucet brands

Faucet brands from the US are as prime as the other manufacturing companies around the world. To that end, the following are the best American faucet brands that you should be checking out. 

1. American Standard

american standard 1

The name alone screams that this is American made. As a plumbing, bathroom, and kitchen fixture brand, it has been around since 1881.

The best faucet selections of this brand include pull-down, pull-out, deck mount, wall-mount, four function and single and two-handle faucets. They also come in matte, bronze, and gold finishes. 

2. Pfister

pfister faucet logo

When it comes to shapes, styles, and hands-free options, this American faucet and plumbing manufacturer is a popular brand in the US.

They take pride in their contemporary, traditional, as well as transitional design faucets. This company is the first faucet brand to be WaterSense certified. 

3. Moen

moen logo

For motion sense, power clean and hands-free faucet technology, this faucet brand has been a household name since 1956. When it comes to easy to maintain, easy to clean, easy to install and reasonably priced faucets, Moen is a good brand to depend on. 

4. Delta

delta faucet logo png

Established as a brand in 1954, this one is considered as the pioneer brand for single handed faucets. This one is consistently in the top list of the most reputable faucet brands for commercial and residential spaces.

Their most innovative faucet technologies involve hands-free features called the Touch2O and their patented durability feature called DIAMOND. This patented technology gives it a longevity of up to five million uses. 

5. Brizo

brizo logo
Source: Amazon

Incorporating artistic touches to chrome, gold, nickel, matte black and stainless-steel faucets, Brizo is a popular faucet brand which is a proprietary company of the Masco Brand which is also the mother company of Delta and Peerless faucets.

Some of its sought after faucet innovations would be the electronic valve technology, Smart Touch and Voice IQ. 


What is the best faucet brand?

There are many implications over the tag ‘best faucet brand’. But across review sites from the last five years, the following were rated as the best faucet brands across various categories: 

  • Delta
  • Moen Arbor
  • Kraus
  • Fapulli
  • Brizo
  • Hansgrohe

What brand of faucets do plumbers recommend?

As per observation, plumbers often recommend mainstream faucet brands because the replacement parts are easier to get and they have more accessible selections, customer service, availability in major hardware stores, and have comprehensive warranty clauses. As such, the most recommended faucets among plumbers would be: 

  • Kohler
  • Delta
  • Brizo
  • Peerless
  • Moen
  • Grohe

Which brand is best for bathroom faucets?

With style, form, build, and technology as factors, the following emerged as the best faucet brands for bathroom faucets: 

  • Luxies 
  • Delta
  • Phiestina
  • Pfister
  • Vibrant Bath
  • Farun
  • Kingston Brass
  • IKEA

Who is the largest faucet manufacturer?

When it comes to the largest faucet manufacturers, you would find more diverse brand selections featuring different faucet technologies, styles, designs, and places of distribution. Here are the 10 largest faucet manufacturers around the world: 

  • Roca
  • Hansgrohe
  • Villeroy Boch
  • Grohe
  • TOTO
  • HCG
  • Kohler
  • INAX
  • MOEN
  • American Standard
  • Corona
  • Duratex
  • Hui Da
  • Lecico

Is Moen better than Delta?

This is a question that has been asked by many homeowners over the years. While both brands are considered to be some of the best in the industry, there are some key differences between them.

Moen is known for its innovative designs and its wide selection of finishes and styles. It also offers a lifetime warranty on many of its faucets, which is something that Delta does not always offer.

Delta, on the other hand, is known for its quality construction and its warranties. It also offers a variety of features and finishes that are not available from Moen.

Which brand is better ultimately comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer the sleek designs of Moen faucets, while others prefer the more traditional look of Delta faucets. Ultimately, the best way to decide is to try both brands out and see which one you prefer.

Is Delta Faucets made in USA?

Delta Faucets are not all made in the USA. However, many of their faucets are, and they are working to make all of their faucets in America in the near future.

Which is better Delta or Pfister?

When it comes to comparing Delta and Pfister faucets, people’s opinions vary. Some people prefer the sleek look of a Delta faucet, while others prefer the more classic look of a Pfister faucet. In terms of quality, both brands are known for making high-quality products, so it really comes down to personal preference.

Delta does have a few more options when it comes to finishes and styles, but Pfister also offers a wide variety of finishes to choose from. Ultimately, the best way to decide which brand is better for you is to try out both brands’ products and see which one you prefer.

Is Kohler made in USA?

Yes, Kohler is a USA-based company. They have been in business for over 130 years and are known for their high-quality plumbing products. In addition to faucets, Kohler also manufactures sinks, toilets, and other plumbing fixtures.



Just because faucets are low-key accent pieces in kitchens and bathrooms would mean that we have to take the faucet choice for granted. Like all else, not all faucets are made the same. Aside from the type of finish, the range of style, shapes, and designs, one of the most important determiners of good faucet performance would be the reputation of faucet brands. 

There are a lot of faucet brands all over the world but some are true standouts compared to the rest. What is common among the best faucet brands would be the combo of form, function, and technology. It is also important to know which faucet brands to avoid to save you from time, effort, and money.