20 Incredibly Cool Crafts For Kids That Adults Will Want To Try

Kids are continuously innovative. This little era for the kids is to learn many new things and learn about the reality of life. Although, they are not very worried about the future at this time.

So, let them find really cool and invent really cool crafts. So, the little scientist in them can thrive bigger and bigger. This will let them think out of the box. Their thinking power will be increased and also, they will enjoy doing and crafting all these.

1. Decorating the house with Tin crafts


All of us drink soft drinks. The empty tins can be used by the kids as a craft for innovating their creativity. The kids can cut the lids and the bottom of the tins and attach some colorful strings with them and that’s it they are good to go.

2. Puffing Paint in the Oven


If the little scientist wants to make good artwork. Simple take a blank chart paper, show your creativity on the paper by spilling the paint in a proper pattern and put it in the oven to let the paint puff up.

3. Make a magnetic Bottle


Take an empty transparent plastic bottle. Take printer ink and fill it in the bottle. Now fill up the bottle with water and let it settle for some time. Now place the bottle aside and move towards making your magical wand. Cut some pieces of hard chart paper which can bear the weight of magnets, attach two or three cell-sized small magnets. Attach these magnets on one end of the chart paper and play!


4. Creating Key Wind chime

If your house contains plenty of old keys, which are not in your use. These keys can be converted into an art piece. Take a stick from the woods, make it smooth with the help of a knife (parents by themselves should do this). Now paint the stick colorful. Attach the keys tied to a thread and attach it with the stick. Hand it on some suitable place and the artwork is completed.


5. Making Airplanes with Clothespins

The material you require for this artwork is a clothespin, a glue gun, and a few ice cream sticks. Now glue these ice cream sticks on the top of the clothespin as wings of the plane. Cut an ice cream stick into half and use it as the tail of the plane.


6. Making Streamer Rainbows with Tissue Paper

Source: happinessishomemade, mykidcraft

Every house has streamers and tissue paper. So, the material is very simplistic. Cut the tissue papers in long strings and attach them with a chart paper or a stick and your streamer rainbow is ready to go.

7. Making Garden Flowers


If you want the artwork spread even outside the house you can think about making garden flowers with your kid. All you need is a round plastic plate and a wooden stick. Attach the plastic plate to the tip of the stick and paint it with acyclic colors.

8. Artwork with soap base


Take a small glass container. Put the soap base in it and microwave it for 15 seconds. Put some glitter and some small sculptures in it. Now let it rest and your artwork is ready.

9. Pour Painted Flower Pots


Take a pot which is not in your use empty it and pour paint on the bottom side of it. Pour almost 7 to 8 paints and it will look pretty good.

10. Stained Glass


This artwork will let you enhance the beauty of your house with some great kid artwork. It is easy to make and will be eye catching for the visitors.

11. Random painting with leaves


Take a chart paper and a few leaves. Pain the leaves and do not let them dry place them over your blank chart paper and randomly drag them all across the paper. This will create a masterpiece for your child.

12. Paper Collage Birdhouse


Make a birdhouse with the chart paper by cutting and molding it in the shape of a birdhouse. Attach the birdhouse with a tree in your garden, and thus you gave a house to some bird.

13. Cupcake Flowers


Everyone loves cupcakes. Their taste reminds of the good memories. But once you are done enjoying the cupcake. You can use its bottom holder for making an art piece for your child. Just open and attach some cut paper in the form of flower petals and attach them with the bottom.

14. Magical Princess Wand

Source: ourpotluckfamily, darice

Your little princess is everything for you and her smile is precious. You would never want that smile to disappear from her face. You can widen up that smile by making this art piece to her. You can make it with colorful chart paper by dropping some amount of glitter on it. Attach it with a long straw and color it. Your magic wand is ready to spice the magic.

15. Paper Flowers

These paper dream catchers are very easy to make. You can use different approaches to make them, where most efficient maybe by using the old contouring brush. Take an old contouring brush that can pull out all the hair from it and put a round cut piece of paper on it and attach it with a thumb pin. Cut the paper in such a way that it looks like the petals of a flower.


16. Rockets for the little astronaut


You can use old tin packs of cold drinks. Cut their lid side and bottom side, attach a few colorful paper strings, and on the top of it attach a paper cap. Your rocket is all set for the space adventure.

17. Paper straw tulips


These paper straw tulips can be used as decorations around your house. Because they are so pretty.

18. Binoculars for the little explorer


All you need is a pair of used party poppers. Glue them together, attach a cloth strip to hand them in the neck and there you go, all set for the little adventure.

19. Making cherry blossoms with tissue paper


These are really eye-catching. Make that with your kid and that art piece will give a boost in his/her artistic skills.

20. Bottle Flower Stamped


This is one of the easiest and greatest DIYs. You just need to dip the bottom of the soda bottle in the ink and stamp on the paper.


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