20+ Best DIY Shell Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on March 8, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

While you sit by the beach, cooling off your heels to the pleasant-sounding ocean waves, you treat your eyes to the sunset and the beauty nature offers. In that beauty lies a few masterpieces surfacing from beneath the ocean and hitting the shores. Shells!

Some ideas that can surface from shells are unique and unparalleled and we look to express the same with a bit of creativity. These ideas can transform living spaces with splendour.

How to make a DIY shell rack?

If your creative juices flow in full capacity, you can be the Michelangelo of creating shell racks. Well almost. You need to pick up some exotic shells from the shore that can add to the beauty of your rack. Try creating wind chimes if you like or paint shells as well. Create a pallet wood rack and place them strategically and your home would be drool-worthy.

How to DIY tortoiseshell frames?

Tortoiseshell frames refer to the design of a tortoiseshell. It isn’t literally that you use a tortoiseshell for your frames but the pattern (read spots) is that of what you would see on a tortoiseshell.

Pick any wood, file them using sandpaper and use shades of pale yellow for the base and the spots on the frames, use combination shades of brown and your tortoiseshell frame is ready for display.

Here are the 20 DIY shell projects that have people ‘shell’ shocked:

1). The table-top:

1 DIY Shell Ideas

This beautiful piece of art witnesses seashells stuck on thin metal rods that are adhered to the base with a glass dome. You could use a warm white LED to brighten things up.


2). The shell rose plant:

2 DIY Shell Ideas

This cute and adorable showpiece needs a thick twig, glue and a few beautiful similar shells. The base, a glass jar, is filled with pebbles to hold the shell-rose.


3). A shell basket:

3 DIY Shell Ideas

This requires shells to be glued to the walls of the basket, a few to be placed inside and a rope that holds them together. A beautiful table-top is ready!


4). Wall hangings:

4 DIY Shell Ideas

Shells also bring empty walls to life with their beauty. Look at this simple wall hanging complimenting the shade on the wall.


5). Shell chimes:

5 DIY Shell Ideas

If you miss the beautiful sound of the ocean, these shells bound together into a wind chime could produce music that takes you to the shore. Use twine to bind them together and hang them to a branch.


6). Shells in a frame:

6 DIY Shell Ideas

How about a picture that speaks a thousand words like this? Create a frame, fill it up with shells and conceal both sides with glass.


7). X-Mas tree:

7 DIY Shell Ideas

This Christmas, why not create a tree with shells? You could use paint to colour the tree green and stick some goodies on it.


8). Simple wall decor:

8 DIY Shell Ideas

Use pallet wood on your wall and sprinkle it with a few exotic shells like this.


9). The Holy Trinity:

9 DIY Shell Ideas

You would need a ‘cross’ with a wooden base to adhere to these beautiful shells.


10). The pedestal:

10 DIY Shell Ideas

WOW your family and friends the next time they visit you with art such as this!


11). The old man:

11 DIY Shell Ideas

This may be a complex project, but the effort is worth its weight in gold. This is one big conch, shaped to suit a piece of art like this. You could try variations based on shape.


12). A heart-shaped wreath:

12 DIY Shell Ideas

Shells can replace flowers in creating a masterpiece such as this.


13). Shells in a jar:

13 DIY Shell Ideas

Place your artificial flowers or the real ones with shells forming its base inside a jar.


14). Candle stands:

14 DIY Shell Ideas

You can be assured of the room getting illuminated like never before with this brilliant DIY hack. You need to adhere shells along the walls of a glass and your candle stand is ready to flaunt itself with panache!


15). Fishbowl:

15 DIY Shell Ideas

Let the fish in your aquarium feel the beauty of their natural habitat.


16). Champagne glasses:

16 DIY Shell Ideas

Enrich your drinking experience by creating glass art. Armand de Brignac anybody?


17). On the wall:

17 DIY Shell Ideas

Expressing love got mushier. Use shells to impress!


18). DIY pen stand:

18 DIY Shell Ideas

Give your children more joy with a pen stand like this.


19). Cute frames:

19 DIY Shell Ideas

More kiddy stuff to add to the love at home.


20). A shell wall:


20 DIY Shell Ideas

Amaze everyone visiting your home this festive season with wall art that scores a maximum. Create a shelf and place all your exotic shell collection!


The beauty of life is discovered when we come out of our ‘Shell’. Simple hacks using shells can create a world of difference. We assure you that these brilliant DIY shell ideas will make your festive season more colourful and joyous.

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