20+ DIY Desk Ideas and Designs

With the increasing flexibility of work, desks have become a much-needed piece of furniture in every space.

They are varied in size and can be customized depending on the functionality.

In this article, we are going to explore ideas on how you can make the perfect desk for you.

How to make a desk

Before making the desk, you will need to design it. Not much technical expertise is required, and there are many templates that you can easily find online. Look for a design that will suit the functionality you intend.

Once you have the design, you can buy the necessary materials at the hardware store. For your DIY desk you will need:

  • Planks of wood cut to different measurements depending on the design.
  • A hammer and nails.
  • A saw
  • Varnish or paint.

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How much does it cost to build your desk?

A desk isn’t an expensive thing. You need to purchase materials that will best fit your style. Once this is done, you will be all set for an amazing DIY desk. The expensive materials may cost you some 250 dollars though the majority will be something close or below 150 dollars!

How do you make a rustic desk?

You may have come across very many varieties of the desks! Let see the steps for making a rustic desk

  • The initial stage is to print plans, after which you gather all the necessary materials.
  • Make the necessary cuts and also assemble the I-beam desks supports
  • You will then be required to connect the I-Beams, after which you add the cross supports.
  • The last stage is to attach the top parts, then do the final finishing. Add polyurethane your previous procedure for making a rustic desk.

How tall is a desk?

For a person of average height, between 5’7 to 5’10, the desk should not be higher than 77 centimeters for flat desks. Desks intended for drawing or other technical work can be higher on the side next to the wall.

Complement this with a comfortable chair that eases the strain on your back. Chiropractors recommend that you sit at an angle of 90 to 110 between your torso and legs.

How high should my desk be?

To know the correct height of your desk, find the position where your arms are 90 degrees to your torso when seated.

How can I decorate the top of my desk?

Now that your desk is ready, you need a bit of decoration to give it some beauty!

  • Start by mixing and matching the colors that you consider your favorite
  • You will also need a mirror and some pathways to let me some light. Now layer your decoration.
  • Bring some greenery to your desk. There should be some cup. It will be useful for anything. Ensure that the office has the right accessories to make it perfect.

What is the best wood to make a desk out of?

Maple, oak or cherry are the most common wood types used for DIY desks. Oak is the hardiest and is commonly is ideal for desks that are prone to heavy working conditions. For everyday light use work such as study desks, maple is the got to. It is cheap, and you can easily add other materials to it to make it more appealing.

20 DIY Desk Ideas

best diy desk ideas 1

Below are the fantastic 20 DIY desk ideas you can consider.

1. The Gold berry basket organizers

1 DIY Desk Ideas Article

The gold berry baskets look great on your desk. They are just not baskets, it’s how you use fun to organize your office.


2. The covered cork board tutorial

2 DIY Desk Ideas Article

The fabric-covered corkboard is the best desk idea. It will ensure that you get a simple way to pin those reminders and other purposes. You also need to have a plan of what you ought to do, pin them on the corkboard!


3. The pastel jars

3 DIY Desk Ideas Article

Using the pastel jars is a great desk idea. It will just bring that order and fun at your desk.


4. Fabric coil bowl

4 DIY Desk Ideas Article

How do you preserve the paperclips at your table? Why can’t you apply this ideal idea?


5. Magnetic color block desk accessory

5 DIY Desk Ideas Article

It is perfect for the desk that doesn’t miss pins! If your task is to deal with pins and the likes, then you need this smart desk idea!


6. The geometric pencil cups

6 DIY Desk Ideas Article

Look at this? It is very amazing, and you don’t even have to incur a dollar. Just get this material, and then you get your geometric pencil cups.


7. The Lego man Cord holder

7 DIY Desk Ideas Article

This idea is super cute. Look how the Lego man patiently keeps your desk accessories?


8. The DIY kate spade

8 DIY Desk Ideas Article

One of the best ideas that won’t disappoint you. It brings beauty and fun to your desk.


9. The wood pencil block

9 DIY Desk Ideas Article

Woods are amazing. Play with your creativity, and for sure, you will get the best desk ideas such as the embellished pencil block.


10. Decoraed desk accessories

10 DIY Desk Ideas Article

The decorated desk accessory is one of the best DIY desk ideas that will deliver order and beauty around your desk.


11. The hanging notepad

11 DIY Desk Ideas Article

The idea here is to remind you of the good old days of the scrolls!


12. DIY cereal box drawers.

12 DIY Desk Ideas Article

This amazing cereal box drawer will do. No one throws them away unless you do!


13. The DIY desk organizer

13 DIY Desk Ideas Article

This idea is very brilliant. Make your desk a beautiful place to be by encouraging cute desk ideas.


14. The last-stitch effort

14 DIY Desk Ideas Article

We like how the last stitch effort brings order to your office. It is a fantastic desk idea that you should consider.


15. The decorated magazine holders

15 DIY Desk Ideas Article

Your desk is where you will have quite a few accessories. You won’t miss the magazines. It’s the reason why you should consider the painted magazine holder idea.


16. The old book mail organizer

16 DIY Desk Ideas Article

The old book mail idea has been in existence for decades. Despite the old age, it still stands out as the best idea.


17. The DIY clip on desk organizers

17 DIY Desk Ideas Article

The DIY clip on desk organizer is the smartest idea that will only deliver an intelligent desk organization. It dramatically reduces clutter and hence, most outstanding.


18. The cork pencil holder

18 DIY Desk Ideas Article

One of the leading DIY desk ideas is the cork pencil holder! It makes everything look smart and organized.


19. The handy desk organizer

19 DIY Desk Ideas Article

Whoever initiated this idea is a genius! Look how lovely your desk will be when you employ the handy desk organizer?


20. The teatime planters

20 DIY Desk Ideas Article

We love this desk idea so much! It looks nice to view them, bringing nature to your office.



The DIY desk ideas are just so amazing. We have thousands of them, and we have only listed a few to light you up!