15+ Cool Minecraft House Ideas & Designs

Cool Minecraft house designs and plans

Last Updated on December 9, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

Minecraft is an open sandbox game that serves as a great architecture entry point or simulator. They’re like Lego blocks for the Millennial Generation.

Regardless of the game mode or build, gamers can meet many of the same limits of real architecture, thus you’ll have a better handle on aesthetic and space using Minecraft building blocks.

Modern Minecraft House Ideas

For modern Minecraft house ideas, follow these examples.

#1. Large Tree House

Large minecraft treehouse


Any amateur DIY home builder has built their own tree house for their children one way or another.

Why not do so with Minecraft? It’s like making a 3D sketch of a house in 3D form. It’s a good way to start familiarizing yourself on the more architectural aspects of this fun open sandbox game before making a full-blown house.

#2. Minecraft Jungle Treehouse

Minecraft Jungle Treehouse


#3. Minecraft treehouse in snow

Minecraft treehouse in snow


#4. Stable

Small horse stable minecraft


This is certainly simpler to do than a tavern or castle in that you can actually use modern references for this. Stables haven’t exactly gone out of style or changed much through the years.

You just have to figure out which materials to use for the hay and whatnot. Usually, you’re good to go with a fence gate, fencing material, and acacia slabs.

#5. Elven Greenhouse

Elven Greenhouse Minecraft


Speaking of farms and livestock, how about building something that houses flora instead? Expect to invest in a lot of windows and heating systems.

You will also be doing gardening and landscaping on top of practicing some amateur virtual architectural skills for this idea to come into fruition.

#6. Theater

6 minecraft house ideas

Make a Minecraft theater. You can make an open coliseum type of theater or you can do something worthy of Broadway.

If you wish to start small because you lack the time for bigger, more ambitious projects then you can instead build your childhood children’s theater from memory. How did your elementary school theater look like?

#7. Space Colony

Space Colony minecraft


You can’t get any more modern than a space colony. Here you can build a spacecraft, a launch pad, and so forth.

Make it as futuristic as possible and have fun using Google to figure out how NASA makes their space stations or space bubbles. Make a list of items needed then build a system for the ship to provide such.

Medieval Minecraft House Ideas

For medieval Minecraft house ideas, follow these examples.

#1. Castle

Skull castle minecraft


Yeah, sure, only kings can afford castles in real life. But with Minecraft, your resources are infinite and you can build anything as big as you like as long as you have the free time and passion to do it.

You can start with the throne room and go from there. A castle can be as simple or complex as you want it to be.

#2. Tavern

Tavern minecraft


If you’ve ever made a modern bar then you can make a tavern.

Just have it become more medieval themed by adding things using a lot more wood and barrels or putting in furnaces, spittoons, chamber pots, and barley. Have a stage for the bard to sing instead open mic night.

#3. Armory

10 minecraft house ideas


This one is simple architecturally but complex when it comes to filling it out with actual armors.

You’ll need to figure out which decorations to use, how the weapons will be placed, how the shelves will be put into order, and how to pose the armor properly for display like heavy metal mannequins.

#4. Treasury

treasure minecraft


Like the armory, the treasury or treasure room is practically just a square room partitioned in accordance to the treasures you want to put in it.

You can go all OCD in it and turn it into a medieval bank vault or you can have the treasures scattered around with a dragon guarding everything in the center of the room.

#5. Jousting Arena

Jousting area minecraft

If you’ve ever been to a Renaissance Fair or watched “A Knight’s Tale” then you should be able to imagine from memory how a jousting arena would look. You’d have the place where the peasants watched, the place where the royal family watched, and the place where the knights jousted on horseback.

Wooden Minecraft House Ideas

#1. Wood Elf House

13 minecraft house ideas

Quartz Minecraft House Ideas

#1. Quartz Suburban House with Pool

14 minecraft house ideas

Brick Minecraft House Ideas

15 minecraft house ideas

Minecraft House Step by Step

Here’s how you go about making your own Minecraft house step-by-step.

Step 1: Find a large flat area for you to build your house on and move there.

Step 2: Gather all the materials you need and plan things out. Make a blueprint if you must.

Step 3: Make the frame and wall of your bungalow. Fill in gaps with cobblestone and wooden logs.

Step 4: Build your house from bottom to the top. Make your foundation first then build upwards.

Step 5: Build your second floor, add columns below for support. It’s okay to not put in the staircase yet.

Step 6: Concentrate on the floors, like what tiles or design you want them to be in. Consider making certain levels of your home higher than others on the same floor.

Step 7: Finish up by putting in the roof and gutters while into consideration a design where the rain falls down and cascades to the gutters.

Step 8: Put in the windows. In real architecture, it’s better to make walls with windows already built but this is just a video game.

Step 9: Put in partitions for rooms in the form of inside walls and doors.

Step 10: Put in a staircase in a place that makes physical sense. Put in ladders too if you wish.

Step 11: Decorate your new home with ornaments, furniture, and appliances.

Step 12: Do some finishing touches on the façade of the home.

Minecraft House Blueprint

When making a Minecraft house blueprint, start with something simple then work your way up. Do a cubicle to get a feel of making your plans.

Afterwards, make rooms or make houses of various shapes and sizes from the top-down perspective, like you’re making the floor plan of an old-school RPG. You will have separate sheets for every floor plan of your overall Minecraft house blueprint.


You can explore architectural design principles like harmony and asymmetry as well. Then again, Minecraft was also the game where people made a scale model of the U.S.S. Enterprise, so it’s hard to be shocked by this fact.

You can even see your designs come to life, with you exploring them inside and outside as your player character. You can even make changes on the fly. No wonder Minecraft has such longevity as a game!