15 Crochet Dog Sweater Free Patterns

Last Updated on December 16, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

Your furry friend will get cold sometimes, and you are always not happy about that. There is something you can do to safeguard such a situation.

A crochet dog sweater is everything you need to get started with right away. Here are 15 free crochet dog sweaters that you can try by checking the instructions from the sources attached.

best crochet dog sweater free patterns

1. Cabled dog sweater

1 crochet dog sweater free patterns

The cabled dog sweater is a lovely crochet design that employs easy to follow knits. All information about the crochet sweater is available from the source here. It won’t cost you to reference while working on something new for your pet.

Source: https://www.acrochetedsimplicity.com/free-crochet-pattern-cabled-dog-sweater/

2. Bernat crochet dog coat

2 crochet dog sweater free patterns

Yarnspirations presents a beautiful crochet design that will impress your cute pet during the cold seasons. You want your family members to be stylish, and you won’t leave your furry friend suffering. Check the source and start your project.

Source: https://www.yarnspirations.com/row-en/bernat-crochet-dog-coat/BRC0713-007851M.html

3. Small dog crochet sweater

3 crochet dog sweater free patterns

The sizes of dogs vary, and maybe yours is a little one. Take a look at the crochet sweater here and see if you can make something for your pet. Don’t allow the pet to suffer the harsh winter season, yet, you can do something.

Source: https://www.itchinforsomestitchin.com/free-quick-and-easy-small-dog-crochet-sweater/

4. Bumble bee dog sweater

4 crochet dog sweater free patterns

Here is another lovely pattern from the crochet guru. All details about the crochet are impressive, and it will be easy for you when trying it for the first time. It is a lovely design that will fit your pet well.

Source: https://www.crochetguru.com/crochet-dog-sweater-pattern.html

5. The romantic dog sweater

5 crochet dog sweater free patterns

The lion brand never disappoints when it comes to crochet ideas! The romantic dog sweater is among there cute ideas that rank best among the dog sweaters. You can refer to the source here for inspiration about the crochet pattern.

Source: https://www.lionbrand.com/crochet-pattern-the-romantic-dog-sweater-1.html?noImages

6. Easy crochet dog sweater

6 crochet dog sweater free patterns

You will need something simple and gorgeous, that is why you need to take a look at the soured here for inspiration. The easy crochet pattern is nice and will be smart when your furry friend puts it on.

Source: https://makeanddocrew.com/crochet-dog-sweater-free-pattern

7. Girlie girlie and rough

7 crochet dog sweater free patterns

The dog sweater pattern is cute. You won’t stop admiring the smart details that the knits make. It is even appealing when your pet dresses on it. Here is the source that will guide you as you get inspirations to crochet a new sweater for your pet.

Source: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/dog-sweaters-2

8. Doggy sweater

8 crochet dog sweater free patterns

Crochet creations present a cute crochet pattern for dogs that has all details you expect to see in a crochet pattern. You can check for the knitting instructions from the source here and try it during your free time.

Source: https://crochetitcreations.com/the-doggy-sweater-size-medium/

9. Size small dog sweater

9 crochet dog sweater free patterns

Stitch11 is among the giant crochet creators that always presents the best crochet patterns. Size small dog sweater is one of their creations that is receiving lots of love from pet lovers. You can refer to the knitting instructions from their source here.

Source: https://stitch11.com/size-small-dog-sweater/#_a5y_p=3129248

10. Well-dressed dog coat

10 crochet dog sweater free patterns

Are you looking for familiar and fun crochet to try at home? A well-dressed dog coat from moogly is a cute free pattern that will suit your furry friend. It is a perfect dressing during the cold winters.

Source: https://www.mooglyblog.com/well-dressed-dog-coat/

11. Crochet min pin sweater

11 crochet dog sweater free patterns

Here is another beautiful crochet pattern for crochet lovers that they can try during their leisure time. The crochet has all the details that you want to see in a crochet pattern for pets. It is a cute free pattern.

Source: https://minpinsweaters.blogspot.com/2010/10/autumn-stripes-crochet-min-pin-sweater.html

12. Custom-fit dog sweater

12 crochet dog sweater free patterns

If you want something that will fit your furry friend, then you should go for a custom fit dog sweater. The crochet patterns fit the pet, and you will appreciate the stylish look of your pet. Check through the knitting instructions from the source here.

Source: http://www.cs.oswego.edu/~ebozak/knit/esb-patterns/dog.sweater.2008.html

13. Extra small dog sweater

13 crochet dog sweater free patterns

It is winter, and your dog has bubbies. It will be good if you begin to crochet small dog sweaters following the knitting instructions from the source her. It is among the cute designs from still 11 creatives.

Source: https://stitch11.com/xs-dog-sweater/

14. Granny square dog jumper

14 crochet dog sweater free patterns

Granny square patterns can make cute dog jumpers if you are creative enough. Check the source below for the inspirations on how you will start a granny square dog jumper. Granny squares will be easy for you. All you will need to master is how to do other knits to make a whole sweater.

 Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20131204144117/http://www.astashaddictblog.com/2013/10/granny-square-dog-jumper.html

17. Harley’s sweater

15 crochet dog sweater free patterns

You will admire the double belt that wraps around the stomach of the dog. It uses perfect knits to make a beautiful Harley dog sweater. Here is a source to inspire you as you crochet the sweater for your furry friend. It is helpful during the cold winters.

Source: https://sewingmywaythroughtheusa.com/2016/11/11/african-flower-dog-sweater/