Decorating your Dormitory with a Small Budget

Last Updated on September 6, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Redesigning a dorm room with fresh ideas can be a tedious task. But you can still try and test some do-it-yourself tips and get a stylish dorm room ready on a budget. A dormitory with a cute interior makes it warm and cozy and gives a feeling that you are at home. 

You can anytime redecorate your dormitory that suits your style. There are various ways to re-décor your dormitory that make a lasting impression on friends. Use your imagination and try some cost-effective dorm room décor ideas.

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Cheap paper decorations for the wall

The wall is an important part of your dorm room, and giving it a creative look requires a little effort and time. If you are not willing to spend an extra amount, you can go for cheap paper decorations for the wall. 

Think about some creative ways to use paper decorations on the wall. You can cut papers in any shape, and stick them on the wall, to enhance the look.

You can have a polka dot style wall, some abstract long rectangular shaped bars, and small cute squares on the wall can also be a good option. You can also try washi tape decorations that make it a colorful-looking wall.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Mirrors look like wonderful decorative pieces and are an inexpensive option for decorating a dorm room. It gives an illusion, makes your room look bigger, and is attractive enough to draw attention. You can look for a different mirror shape that enhances the look of your dorm and gives a unique look. 

Mirrors are easily available in a thrift store near you. A thrift store offers a variety of cheap second-hand goods that you can buy without a second thought. Place the mirror

on the front wall to have a beautiful-looking dormitory.

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Placing a rug

Keeping a rug on the floor is one interesting way to make your dormitory look different and beautiful. The rug size should be such that it doesn’t make your room look odd. A small rug with vibrant pop colors can transform the look of your room. 

You can find cool rugs with different skins like super soft sheepskin, black Brazilian cowskin rugs etc. The options are endless, and you can have a cat as a pet to have a picture-perfect look. Ensure the rug remains clean and tidy to have a perfect-looking dorm room.

Cute fairy lights for girls and neon lights for boys

Nothing works better than having a proper lighting setup in your dormitory. They are the most inexpensive options for redesigning your dorm. It gives a finished look to a room and does not cost you much. Depending on your choice, you can find lights, hang them down, or make a pattern using hooks. 

You can buy lights at a low price from an online marketplace that has a vast collection of dorm décor lights. Some colleges also sell essentials for a dormitory at a budgeted price. Here, you can find used furniture, fancy lights, mattress, and other college supplies. 

Dorm décor with recycled furniture items

If you want to save a buck and re-décor your dormitory, reusing old furniture like chairs or desks by making them functional is a safe game. Upcycling reused items to redesign your dorm can be an exciting way to bring back life in your dormitory. You can use food containers with broken lids or plastic bottles and change them into cute-looking bins that you can keep on the desk. 

Think about other creative ideas like painting a chair again and decorating it; washi tape can give it a new look, placing a headboard behind the bed, making a cute photo collage as wallpaper, etc. 


The creative-looking dormitory is a matter of personal choice, making you feel good and comfortable at home. On the other hand, a dull-looking dorm room adds boredom and makes you feel low. Take inspiration and create your own stylish personal dorm room.

A wide variety of lovely ideas are very easy and affordable. Make it a place that not just you fall in love with but others too and at the same time, give you the ideal student life you want.