10 Teenage Study Area Ideas and Designs (With Pictures)

Last Updated on June 30, 2022 by Kimberly Crawford

Designing a home sounds like fun, but when you are designing a room for your teenage kid you need to be clear about how you want to go about it. Teenagers can be picky about how they want their room to be.

Many parents today want the best for their kids and therefore they want to design their study room to offer the best experience. When you are designing a study area for your teen kid you need to look into how much space you choose and the colors you use.

Many parents today look for online degrees and programs for their kids that would make it easier for their kids to manage their education right from the comfort of their homes.

Today, you can find affordable masters programs online that would make it easier for you to provide your child with better quality education. However, you must also provide your child with the best study room ideas. You may want to collaborate with your kid to implement some of these ideas.

Here are 10 teenage study area ideas that you can implement.

Choose a Quiet Space

quiet study room

When you are renovating a study room for your teen kid you need to focus on how you can minimize distraction. A better way to do that is to choose a smaller room that doesn’t have a lot of foot traffic.

This would allow your child to focus on their studies. If you don’t have an extra room you can transform the corner of your kid’s bedroom into a study area and that would be sufficient.

Ample Space for Movement

While renovating the study area for your teen child you must know that your child must have ample movement to move around, sit, stand and pull out the chair and open and close drawers without any hindrance. Hence, the furniture must be at the right distance allowing your child to have ample space for movement.

Install Proper Lighting

study room with lighting

Lighting can make a huge difference in how you design a study area for your teenage kid. Hence, you need to look for the best lighting options you can find based on the amount of space you designate for the study area.

Choosing the right study table lamps would make a difference and therefore you need to look for the best ones that offer the best lighting allowing your child to read without squinting. You can also focus on how you can use natural lighting from the outdoors during the day hours.

Room’s Temperature

Having the right temperature doesn’t seem like a big deal but it can impact the productivity of your child. Extreme hot or cold room temperatures are not good for your child when studying and therefore you need to regulate the temperature of that space.

With this, you can ensure that you can make the most of the space you have. Having a window near the space can allow you to bring in the fresh air and make it more breathable. You must also choose the right air conditioning for that space right from the beginning.

Buying the Right Desk and Chair

teenage study room with desk

Buying the best quality desk and chair is the key to providing your teenage kid with the best experience. For this, you need to evaluate and compare plenty of options before you narrow down on the best ones.

You need to ensure that the desk is stable and large enough for the study area you want to create. Also, it must be at the correct height in comparison to the chair.

On the other hand, the chair must be comfortable, and supportive and offer the right ergonomics to your kid. Choosing a high-quality desk and chair can offer you the best value for money.

Incorporating the Right Color

When you are designing your teenage kid’s study area you must also focus on the color of the study area. This can make a huge difference to the mood of your kid when studying.

Different colors have an impact on our psychology and therefore you need to choose ideal colors for the study room to positively affect the mood of your teen kid.

While bright colors are generally advisable you can choose from different shades of red, yellow, greens and blues. You can also choose the shade of creams and whites if you want to choose neutral colors.

Avoid Clutter

Designing a small study area can be a challenge because you want to incorporate everything in a limited space.

However, you might end up creating a cluttered space for your child and that is not an ideal thing to do. Hence, you need to plan out the details to ensure that everything has a designated space which makes the area look clutter-free.

Incorporate a Theme

Not all kids are the same and therefore you need to be creative with how you design a study area. If your child loves sports you can incorporate a sports theme into the study area and that would do the trick.

Incorporating a theme is a great way to ensure that your child loves to be in the room. You can also add the right splash of colors to make the room brighter and cheerful.

Use Shelves

Having shelves in the study area can allow you to save a lot of space. Also, this would allow your child to store his or her favorite books. This would also make the area more productive and ensure that your child can have quick access to all or any books required.

You can either look for readymade shelves in stores like IKEA or you can go for a custom design to offer a seamless look in that limited space.

Space for Meeting

Not many parents think about additional soft couches in the study area but you need to design a space for meeting as well. Teenage kids love to invite their school friends to their study area and therefore you need to know that it is likely that someone may drop in to meet your kid for certain study-related issues. Having an additional chair or couch would do the trick.