21+ Repurposed Projects Using Old Book Pages

Last Updated on May 10, 2023 by Kimberly Crawford

If you don’t have the guts to throw your old books away, and you don’t have use for them any longer, there’s a lot you can do. You can craft ideas and make new things, don’t throw away your old books, be creative and make something beautiful out of them.

best old book craft ideas

What can you do with old paperbacks?

There’s a lot you can do, from making a paper rose decorations to adding an interesting twist to items including gifts and Christmas tree ornaments. The paper decor is interesting and can realistically add good impressions to your interior if you do it the right way.

What can you make out of old books?

If can’t understand what to do with previous books, try this. It takes a small amount of patience, but you can really make some good decoration pieces, from making wreaths to Artichoke pendants you can do it all from an old scrappy pile of books. Let’s talk more about this…

20 DIY Old Book Craft Ideas

1. Book Planters

Book Planters


Never know what to do with previous books, try this. It takes a small amount of patience, and an outsized hole to make this well-read planter, however, the hassle is going to be worthwhile for book lovers.

Play with completely different mixtures of books and pots, stacking wherever required to make a mini garden of words

2. Try a Christmas Wreath

Try a Christmas Wreath


This book wreath is nothing short of breathless and excitement and it involves crafts with old books.

Patience and careful designing can lead to a really one-of-a-kind decoration item that guests to your home will swoon over. Simply make sure to hold it in an exceedingly outstanding location for max results.

3. Make a Paper Rose

Make a Paper Rose


Make some beautiful paper rose decorations by using book pages, you can place these decors anywhere to enhance the overall aesthetics and to give places a unique look.

4. DIY Greeting cards

DIY Greeting cards

Use old-book pages and covers to make Greeting cards. You can make any type of Greeting card with a background that is suitable for all types of occasions — events, birthdays, etc

5. Make a Vintage book Safe

Make a Vintage book Safe


A hard book which is hollowed is can always be used as a safe place to keep valuables and trinkets from access and it’s always very secured.

Store it with the matching colored books on your shelf or anyplace else to make it blend in seamlessly together with your decoration.

6. Make a Vintage Wall Clock

Make a Vintage Wall Clock


What better way to keep track of your time in vogue than an upcycled book clock? you’ll be able to add panache to your decoration for little to no price by making this refined piece, a true wow factor for friends and family to witness.

7. Make a Mail holder

Make a Mail holder


Keep your mail organized and attainable, rather than stacking a pile on the table you can use this mail holder to keep your files organized. Created from any kind of book into something that acts as a store folder, this DIY isn’t only simple but helpful, too.

8. DIY Book Picture Frame

DIY Book Picture Frame


The next time you’ve got a photograph you’d like to frame, think about making a book image frame instead of getting a generic frame at the shop. Trust me, it’ll take on more meaning in that manner and you’ll be able to tailor the frame’s look to the image you’re displaying.

9. A Stylish Book Lantern

A Stylish Book Lantern


A beautiful and elegant Book lantern made solely out of book covers and pages. You can easily DIY this project and make that empty corner shine bright and beautiful.

10. Make Cool Book Spine Book Marks

Make Cool Book Spine Book Marks


Many times, recycling centers won’t accept book covers, because of the glue that is used to manufacture the bindings. So, you’re kinda stuck with them and you try to seek out what to do with those books.

There are crafts with old books you’ll want to do, like build Bookmarks! They come in handy to keep a note of the work you do.

11. DIY Pencil Holder

DIY Pencil Holder


This quaint pencil holder could be a genius DIY project because it is created with the artichoke design in mind. Once you grace your table with this masterpiece, you’ll wish to grasp more of what you could achieve from scraps of books, make your space really practical by doing more.

12. Scrapbook Plain Bag

Scrapbook Plain Bag


You will never need to worry about somebody coming up with a similar bag as you have once you make your own purse out of a much-loved book. Settle into your own DIY space to make this beautiful bit of crafting magic.

13. Make a Beautiful Book Pennant

Make a Beautiful Book Pennant


This book-page pennant is an easy-effort craft to do with children and is endlessly customizable.

Simply cut, paste and thread the pennant flags and adorn with no matter which written material you wish. Stickers, stencils, and paint are all the ways in which you can create this DIY interior decoration your own.

14. Book Envelopes

Book Envelopes

Source and tutorial

Use old book pages to make envelopes for cards or just for simple gifts, looks elegant and unique.

15. DIY Book leaf Décor

DIY Book leaf Décor


A little glitter goes a long way to make these book feathers pop. Spread them out in your room or hang them on the entranceway, either way, they will bring out the beauty in things.

16. Not so scary Halloween Pumpkins

Not so scary Halloween Pumpkins


The kids will love helping you make these pumpkin faces. Spread some positivity and give out some candies, or make your boring space feel alive again.

17. Make a Chandelier from book

Make a Chandelier from book


Whenever you think about chandeliers you probably think about something very expensive, well guess what you can make yourself a DIY chandelier from old rusty books. Break, torn and cut yourself some slack and make a beautiful chandelier.

18. DIY Study lamp

DIY Study lamp


This short stack of books might seem like the side reading novels, however, in fact, it conceals the wiring that powers the bulb. Filled with excitement it’s prone to create an energetic environment in its surroundings.

19. Coasters made from book cover

Coasters made from book cover


Make yourself beautiful DIY coasters by using book pages, with a few layers of decoupage glue and varnish.

20. DIY BirdHouse

DIY BirdHouse


It’s about time we made something for the feathery and fluffy population, we did this fun DIY colorful birdhouse. It’s beautiful, helpful and unique.

21. Dahlia book page wreath

Dahlia book page wreath


22. Stacked-books table lamp

22 diy old book craft ideas


23. DIY a 3D Paper Lamp

23 diy old book craft ideas


24. Make book balls

24 diy old book craft ideas


25. DIY dollar store book topiary

25 diy old book craft ideas


26. DIY butterfly ornaments

26 diy old book craft ideas


27. DIY book headboard

27 diy old book craft ideas

28. DIY book flowers

28 diy old book craft ideas


29. New star design from vintage bookpages

29 diy old book craft ideas


30. DIY book planters

30 diy old book craft ideas


31. DIY wreath with paper book pages

31 diy old book craft ideas