35+ Creative DIY Ideas To Reuse Old Drawers

Recycle and reuse old drawer ideas

Last Updated on December 22, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

Are you looking for some crazy ideas to recycle your old drawer? Want to use your old drawer and make something creative and sexy out of it?

There is absolutely no need to throw your old drawer out just because it’s old, or if it doesn’t look sexy enough for your bedroom anymore. We are going to throw some of the best ideas to come up with something wonderful using your boring drawer that you are going to throw out anyway.

best recycled old drawer ideas

1. Turn Your Old Drawer Into A Mirror

1 recycled old drawer ideas


One of the best things you could think of, turn your old drawer to make a mirror out of it. That mirror could be hung on a wall in your room or can be placed in your lobby. It makes the room or the place look more beautiful.

2. Hang Them On The Walls And Use As Shelves

2 recycled old drawer ideas


This is another idea for using your old drawer. You can hang it on the wall and can actually use it as a shelve. Great way to keep your daily routine things or even decorations.

3. Make Wall Arts Out Of Them

3 recycled old drawer ideas

This idea will make your lobby or your drawing room more attractive. You could make wall arts using old drawers that can be used in your bedrooms or place you feel like to make them prettier.

4. Make A Beautiful Bed For Your Puppy Out Of It

4 recycled old drawer ideas


One of the best ways to build your puppy its new bed. You can place it anywhere according to your wish, inside or outside of your house, wherever you feel like. You will see your pet jumping all over with joy…we are pretty sure about it.

5. Hang The Drawer With Old Belt

5 recycled old drawer ideas

If you can’t think of anything, don’t just throw it away. You can still simply hang it using your old belt which you probably are not wearing anymore and just hang it somewhere. It’s still great to keep things like your shades, belts, perfumes, purse or maybe decorative items, isn’t it?

6. Use Different Kind Of Drawers And Make Vintage Drawer Chest

6 recycled old drawer ideas

With the different set of drawers, you can actually build a chic and vintage drawer chest which can be placed anywhere in your living room or any room you feel like. Moreover, you can paint it with different colours.

7. Create Super Cute Shelves Out Of Them

7 recycled old drawer ideas

You can create cute shelves out of your old set of drawers. They can be placed or hung anywhere in the house according to your needs. You could place your daily use kitchen items, accessories or decorative in them and it will just look beautiful.

8. Oh, Wait! How About Making A Jewellery Hanger Out Of It?

8 recycled old drawer ideas

Are you someone who loses the jewellery items every other day, or just can’t recall where they are kept when getting ready for special occasions? And let us guess, you don’t have a fixed place to keep your stuff, right?

Well, this is THE BEST EVER idea or advice, especially for women. Just turn your old drawer into a jewellery hanger and hang it in your dressing room where you get ready every day. Keeping your entire jewellery ready at one place saves tons of time.

9. Your Very Personal Garment Hanger? Lol!

9 recycled old drawer ideas

It’s a challenge for many people to find their garments in the morning, and we are not kidding, it’s actually true. You could use your old drawers as a garment hanger. Just hang that old drawer in your room and use it. You will find all your garments at one fixed place in the future.

10. Cute Shelf For Your Jewellery

10 recycled old drawer ideas


You can make a cute looking shelf for your jewellery and wearable items and arrange them at one place. By doing this, you will get all your stuff managed at one place.

11. Playful Place For Your Cats

11 recycled old drawer ideas

Recycle your old drawers and create a playful place for your cats out of it. If you don’t have any suitable place at your home for your cats to play at, just do it using the old, unused drawer which will look amazing and then you save a lot of bucks by doing it.

12. Make Rolling Drawers Under Your Bed

12 recycled old drawer ideas

One fantastic suggestion is to create under-bed drawers using old, unused drawers where you can keep your daily use items such as wallets, purses etc. so that you locate them easily when they are needed.

13. Use Them As Shelves In Kitchen

13 recycled old drawer ideas

Is your kitchen messy and dirty? And you are not able to arrange things properly? This idea will totally help you in keeping your kitchen clean and make it more beautiful and impressive. Making shelves and hanging them in the kitchen can help you a great deal.

14. Vintage Drawers For Family Pictures

14 recycled old drawer ideas

If you have got a great collection of old pictures of family and friends but don’t have an appropriate place on the walls to hang them all, you can use your old drawer as a shelf to keep your memories and give them a vintage look.

15. Make Shelves For Kids Room

15 recycled old drawer ideas

To make your kids’ room more interesting for them, you can create shelves using the old, unused drawers for their room. They can keep their toys, colour pencils, comics, games and all their cool fun things that they like the most in it.

16. Make Drawers For Your Bathroom

16 recycled old drawer ideas

Make drawers for your bathroom to keep all your bathroom accessories that you need on a daily basis. You can make your bathroom look clean and much more arranged by keeping everything at one place.

17. Turn Them Into Flower Pots

17 recycled old drawer ideas

Turn your old drawers into flower pots which will make your living room more attractive and beautiful. Plant different types of flowers and make your living room more graceful.

18.Create Bulletin Boards Using Old Drawers

18 recycled old drawer ideas

This is one of the best ideas. Turn your old drawers into bulletin boards where you can stick anything with a pin. Anything like a thing to remember or just for decoration.

19. Gift Yourself A Small, Little Personal Library

19 recycled old drawer ideas
If you are a book lover and you don’t have a proper place to keep your books, you can actually create a mini library for your books by using your old drawers.

20. Make Shelves For Your Garden

20 recycled old drawer ideas
If you are keen to decorate your garden, your old drawers can help you in doing so. You can make colorful drawers that will light up your garden.

21. Library

21 recycled old drawer ideas

22. Plan board from corks

22 recycled old drawer ideas

23. Magazine holder

23 recycled old drawer ideas


24. Shabby chic shelves

24 recycled old drawer ideas


25. Jewellery Hanger

25 recycled old drawer ideas

26. Drawer shelf

26 recycled old drawer ideas


27. Teapot birdhouse

27 recycled old drawer ideas


28. Vintage planters

28 recycled old drawer ideas


29. Bathroom storage

29 recycled old drawer ideas


30. Vertical garden

30 recycled old drawer ideas

31. Vintage cabinet

31 recycled old drawer ideas


32. DIY Fabric Bulletin Board

32 recycled old drawer ideas


33. Storage box

33 recycled old drawer ideas


34. Under bed storage

34 recycled old drawer ideas

35. Upcycled drawer

35 recycled old drawer ideas


These are the best 35 recycling ideas that you can utilize to put your old drawers back in use, making them useful and beautiful and of-course save some bucks. This way, you will be able to utilize your old drawers without having to throw them out of the house.