35+ Creative and Cheap DIY Outdoor Bar Ideas You Need To Try

35+ Creative and Cheap DIY Outdoor Bar Ideas You Need To Try

If you are not fond of crowds but still like to have fun, then an outdoor bar is a great addition to have in your house.

They are straightforward to construct and can be a great hang out spot for you and your friends. In this article, we look at some ideas for outdoor bars that you can employ.

DIY outdoor bar table plans

A bar is not one unless it features a table. After all, your patrons need a place to put their drinks. Depending on the size of your bar, there are different table designs that you can use for your bar.

You can opt for the standard couple’s table.

It is similar to the small dining table that you have in your pantry. You can also opt for the hexagonal top table that allows for up to six seats.

All these are very simple to construct so long as you have some wood, nails and a hammer.

Outdoor bar accessories

To amp the décor of your outdoor bar, you will need to accessorize a little bit.

A darts board is one of the accessories that you can have in your outdoor bar. Not only does it beautify the décor but it also makes a great pastime for you and your friends while sitting in the area.

Paintings are also a great way to accessorize the walls of your outdoor bar.

Other everyday items that you can use include a music player, pictures, or even some miniature figurines.

The accessories you use will all depend on how you decide to theme your bar.

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Outdoor bar plans with roof

Rain is one factor that you have to consider if you are going to have an outdoor bar.

A roof is therefore essential to include when constructing one. You can use a parasol as a roof, and this will work fine if you do not have a huge crowd.

Another way you can add a roof is by stretching canvas over the area. You will need wooden posts that extend to the yard to finish this installation. Make sure that the roof slopes toward the yard to allow for water to run off from it.


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Murphy Bar

1 diy outdoor bar ideas farmfoodfamily.com

source: ehow.com


Small Table with an Ice Pail Base

source: hallmarkchannel.com


An L-Shaped Pallet Bar for a Deck

source: 1001pallets.com



A Rustic Cottage Bar with Banister Supports

source: findinghomefarms.com


A Wooden Table with a Built-in Cooler

source: remodelaholic.com


DIY Outdoor Bar Ideas With Wash Basins

source: homesteading.com


Lime Green Kitchen Cart for a Porch

source: 2beesinapod.com


Wooden Chair with an Ice Bucket Center

source: ohmy-creative.com


 A Dual-Level Shelf for a Vineyard

source: alifedesigned.blogspot.com

DIY Outdoor Bar With Cooler

Nothing beats a cold drink after a long day’s work. A cooler is a must-have for any outdoor bar.

You can construct a small cabinet below the counter, where your cooler will fit. Cool boxes come in various sizes and these you can find at your local supermarket.


An Elevated DIY Cooler for Your Deck

source: foxhollowcottage.com


A DIY Bar with Plenty of Space

source: 99pallets.com



An Outdoor Bar Idea made from Wood

source: storefrontlife.com


Bucket Tree for Parties in Your Yard

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2 diy outdoor bar ideas farmfoodfamily.com

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A Wooden Bar Cart with Storage Galore

source: thatsmyletter.blogspot.com


An Elevated Cooler Encased in Blue Wood

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3 diy outdoor bar ideas farmfoodfamily.com

source: theownerbuildernetwork.co


An Old Stand with a Bucket Cooler

source: ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com

Patio Bar Cart

A Wooden Bar Cart for your Patio

source: theinspiredhive.com


A Simple Wooden Shelf to Hold Drinks

source: designsponge.com


An Outdoor Stove with an Ice Chest

source: diynetwork.com



4 diy outdoor bar ideas farmfoodfamily.com

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A Standing Bar for the Deck

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DIY Bar designed from an Old Door

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5 diy outdoor bar ideas farmfoodfamily.com

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A Full Bar with S-Shaped Metal Accents

source: sweetpea-labellavie.blogspot.com


A Soft Wooden Bar for a Cabin

source: thecreativityexchange.com


6 diy outdoor bar ideas farmfoodfamily.com

source: blog.homedepot.com


 A Recycled Pallet Bar Near a Hedge

source: projects.truevalue.com


 Tile Toped Bar with a Midwestern Feel

source: mycarpentry.com


An Icy Wheelbarrow to Keep You Cool

source: stylemepretty.com

Outdoor bar cabinet ideas

Every bar needs a storage space. These are used to store your drinks, snacks coasters, among other things that you will use at the bar.

Wooden crates can be used to make cabinets for the bar. You can place them over the back wall of the bar or even under the counter.


If you are looking for a great DIY project for the weekend, why not try an outdoor bar. You will have extra space for you to hang out and enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home.

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