45+ Best Coffee Bar Ideas and Designs

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There was a time when coffee was just for morning sips but now, coffee has become an all-day drink not just for the ones at home but also for friends and visitors who are coming over.

Having a coffee bar is a great addition to the home not only for functions like literal coffee drinking but also as a quiet nook for some me-time and a standout space to add to the home’s design. 

If you are looking for a coffee bar idea, we rounded up some of the best designs out there which you can choose from. Whatever the vibe of your home is, this list got it for you, so without much ado, read on. 

best coffee bar ideas

Coffee bar ideas for small spaces

For empty, tight corners in the kitchen or compact lofts, here are some coffee bar ideas that you can incorporate to exhaust all those spaces for your everyday coffee fix. 

1 coffee bar ideas

This one turned this space in between the refrigerator and the kitchen window into a vertical cabinet and shelves for coffee fixings and wares. At the slanting countertop would be the coffee maker and mini espresso machine. It also blends seamlessly with the aesthetics of the space. 

2 coffee bar ideas

This is another small space coffee station featuring a movable wood coffee bar. It is very simple with that white color and wood structure. This two-shelf cart is just enough for the two mini espresso machines, the cups and coffee fixings underneath, and the coffee beans, presser, and syrup on the bottom shelf. Plus, the colorful signs on the wall complete the look. 

Coffee bar ideas for kitchen counter

3 coffee bar ideas

Perhaps, this is the easiest coffee bar idea to incorporate. It is also a practical location for a small coffee bar because it is where all the intimate gatherings are usually done. 

This idea here really made a way for a small coffee station to be placed in the kitchen counter. It is neatly arranged in between kitchen cabinets on a marble countertop. The brick backdrop also makes it a standout part of the kitchen. It is everything you need for a minimalist chic, and warm coffee station. 

4 coffee bar ideas

This is another simple coffee station by the kitchen counter that is easy to arrange. It just made use of color coordinated mugs, towels, and coffee maker. The addition of this industrial style countertop shelving is a fine way to really make a statement out of such a small space. 

Farmhouse coffee bar ideas

There is just something very homey and standout about the farmhouse vibe. Common themes for this design would be of course, wood, metal, bronze, and some faded, withered, accent pieces. 

5 coffee bar ideas

This modern farmhouse style coffee bar features a wooden coffee cabinet and shelf, accented with metal covers for at the top boxes. It is completed by the traditional thermos, classic white cups, a dash of woven tobacco baskets, a coffee maker on the side, and other farmhouse decorations. 

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6 coffee bar ideas

Farmhouse styles are also associated with antiques and if you do have a lot of wood antiques around, you can always refurbish it with shiny wood finish to make it more standout like this idea here.

The coffee table is already glowing with warmth combined with that chrome pillar accent at the back. Adding to that coziness would be the lighter chrome coffeemaker and off-white mugs. 

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Modern coffee bar ideas

Modern designs are about bold yet sleek style and seamlessness. You can easily incorporate a coffee bar in your modern style home with a dash of geometric patterns, shiny wood finishes, and monochrome looks. 

7 coffee bar ideas

Like this idea here. The coffee bar is placed in a backdrop of slanting wood walls, on top of a brown marble counter, and completed by shiny wood finish shelves. The canisters for the coffee ingredients as well as cups, press, syrups, and coffee maker are all monochrome colored and sleek looking. The addition of faux greens also gave it a standout modern look. 

8 coffee bar ideas

Or what about these exposed shelves, with a modern flair? The well-labeled jar and making use of the height and capacity of the open shelves make an informal coffee space for everyone to hangout. Top all of that with some cool messages and you are good to go. 

Coffee bar shelf ideas

Shelving is very important for coffee bars because you need all the space that you can get to organize all the things needed to complete your coffee bar. Here are some ideas to consider. 

9 coffee bar ideas

If you have a considerable vertical space above your counter, you can make a high shelving unit to put in your lines of mugs and teacups, syrups, dry fixings like sugar and creamer, coffee makers, presses, thermos, saucers, and even produce and other provisions. 

10 coffee bar ideas

This next shelving idea for a coffee station proves that a coffee station has a decorative value too. The wooden shelf is practically stacked with the coffee maker and creamer options. Underneath would be sugar, the coffee mugs, a retro milk jug and traditional milk bottles at the bottom. 

Coffee bar sign ideas

There are thousands of coffee bar signs to choose from. From retro vibes to modern style to statement bar signs, you can go for any type that best complements your coffee station or coffee bar. 

11 coffee bar ideas

You can opt for a functional coffee sign like this vertical coffee sign with hooks where you can hang your coffee mugs. With its style and colors, it would perfectly match anytime of home color. 

12 coffee bar ideas

A color-coordinated coffee station and coffee sign make the neatest and most standout look even for a small corner coffee bar. This one does not even need an explanation as to how the coffee signs added to the overall look of the coffee station. 

Built-in coffee bar ideas

If you want to make your kitchen an extension of your favorite café, you can always go all in and make a built-in coffee bar in your kitchen space. Here are some astonishing designs to refer to. 

13 coffee bar ideas

This one is a complete built-in coffee bar with a modern rustic vibe. It is opened by a transitional kitchen door and features hardwood shelving, floating hooks for the mugs, bread toaster, bottom shelves for baking tools, and a mini fridge at the center. 

14 coffee bar ideas

If you want a sleek, hidden in plain sight type of coffee bar, this would be the coffee station to go for. The espresso/coffee machine is the focal point of the look. The shelves are all solely for the white mugs and the cabinet at the bottom is for the saucers, bowls, beans, and other coffee fixings. 

Shabby chic coffee bar ideas

This design type is the fusion of modern and rustic. It fits well with different kinds of home designs but having it for a coffee bar idea is just stunning. Here are some looks to consider for a shabby chic vibe for your coffee bar. 

15 coffee bar ideas

This idea made use of a refurbished freestanding buffet and painted it with white. It is topped with a marble counter and on top it would be wood and iron shelves including a hook shelf where the mugs are placed. Overall, it gives off an inviting corner coffee bar. 

16 coffee bar ideas

This is another stunning shabby chic design for your coffee bar. The muted colors of the console table and the classic design drawers make it homey. The wood canisters for the coffee fixings add warmth to the look and the rustic stenciled letters on a curved wood board tops the look with lots of rustic chicness. 

Rustic coffee bar ideas

Like the farmhouse design, rustic coffee bar ideas rely on wood pieces and retro or vintage accents. If you want to bring out some coziness in your home, a rustic coffee bar is a good idea. 

17 coffee bar ideas

It could be chill and simple like this one. A repurposed table is finished with excess wood planks while a DIY wood hook plate is tucked with brass hooks for the coffee cups to hang. The refurbished toolbox is where the spoons and small bowls are placed, and coffee fixings are put in a wire bowl. 

18 coffee bar ideas

This next one here is a modern rustic design for a corner coffee bar. It is literally just a wooden cabinet in blue-gray monochrome. The shelves are purposely stacked to contain the coffee maker and creamer, sugar, and tissue on top, the sauces and spoons on the next level and baskets for trash. That plush rug nearby adds to its modern rustic look. 

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Outdoor coffee bar ideas

Sipping coffee with a view of the outdoors is such an underrated relaxing moment. If you want to infuse one in your home, here are some ideas that you can consider. 

19 coffee bar ideas

Since it is the 4th of July, what about setting a patriotic coffee station in front of your porch? Adda jug of lemonade on the side for the kids and you are all good to go. 

20 coffee bar ideas

And at the back patio, you can set up a vintage cabinet on one side and fill it with coffee essentials and fixing. Add cozy seating with a view of your backyard garden and water features like this one. 

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Minimalist coffee bar ideas

Clean lines and compactness are the styles that make minimalism a sought-after vibe. If you have a small home but want a cohesive, and clean looking coffee bar, here are some ideas that you can go with. 

21 coffee bar ideas

This corner coffee bar is made for a masculine loft. It banks on monochrome-colored materials and decorative pieces. You can easily know that it is made just for one as you could only see a coffee/espresso maker, a wooden box for the mugs, and canisters for the sugar and creamer.

22 coffee bar ideas

This is another minimalist corner coffee station featuring black and white combinations and wood accents. A small addition of ornamental plants, a hook for the mugs and just one, big coffee bar sign is enough to come up with this minimalist arrangement.  

Bedroom coffee bar

If you are someone who really cannot get enough of coffee and needs a coffee fix every now and then, bring a coffee cart inside your bedroom like these ideas here. 

23 coffee bar ideas

For this one, a trendy coffee station set-up is featured. A gold-colored table houses a colorful arrangement of aquamarine coffee maker, brass teacup and canisters, and a turntable at the bottom spruces up the look. 

24 coffee bar ideas

This is another idea to consider. This master’s bedroom repurposed their small bookshelf into a coffee station in the bedroom. It is packed with teacups, mugs, a thermos, and a coffee maker. The backdrop of family pictures makes it an intimate nook in the bedroom. 

Coffee and wine bar ideas

Coffee for warmth and coziness and wine for a bit of spike is a perfect combo for the home. If you are thinking of a coffee and wine bar, here are some of the ideas to consider.

25 coffee bar ideas

This one here is a posh style for a coffee and wine bar. On one side, the coffee maker and the mugs are arranged with a thoughtful AM sign and on the other side would be the wine bar with the PM sign. The built-in fridge and the track style cabinet give it an upscale look. 

26 coffee bar ideas

This one is a minimalist design to consider. The counter is purely for coffee fixing but the cabinet below separates the coffee station from the wine bar. The fridge in between is a good addition and the floating shelves for the accent pieces transformed this small space into a standout coffee and wine station in an instant. 

Corner coffee bar ideas

Corner coffee bars are an alluring way to pop unexpected designs and spaces in a home. They can be an exposed corner coffee bar or can be covered up with doors as guests walk by it unsuspectedly.

27 coffee bar ideas

For instance, you can turn your empty corners into a closet design corner coffee bar like this one. The owner first added a distinct wallpaper where the coffee bar will stand and made accent shelves and cabinets for the coffee stuff to be placed. Swing it open for a coffee surprise, indeed. 

28 coffee bar ideas

But it could be as simple as having a console table design with cabinets like this one. It is in the walkway in between the living room and the kitchen. It is a fresh, chic sight with all the coffee essentials tucked in the white and gold accented cabinet while a bronze shelf sits atop it with fruits and other accent pieces. 

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Nordstrom coffee bar

This cozy bar is one of the go-to places for some chill and cozy coffee sipping. Its premium coffee beans are one of its selling points but the warm vibe is really what would inspire one to recreate it. 

29 coffee bar ideas

This is not some bistro café, this coffee station set-up is from a home in Long Beach, California.  The lights did not just make it Nordstrom like, but the black, white, and wood accents also add to the warm vibe of this cozy nook. 

30 coffee bar ideas

This is another Nordstrom bistro-like setup for a kitchen coffee station. It features chalk coffee signs, floating hardwood shelves, French press, coffee maker, syrup, and bottom cabinets for other functional use. 

Floating coffee bar

This type of coffee bar design relies on wall-mounted shelves and a supporting countertop which serves like the bottom shelf. 

31 coffee bar ideas

This one is a rustic chic design with that wood countertop finish and wood wall-mounted shelves. It is a corner coffee station with accent pieces on each floating shelf. The chrome mugs are a flashy sight and the coffee makers just look sleek and trendy. 

32 coffee bar ideas

This second idea is for a warm, cozy vibe corner coffee bar. Likewise, the countertop table is made of wood finish with compact cabinets below. The top and bottom shelves are lined with teacups, teapots, and French presses. The espresso maker is on the countertop along with mug handles. The warm lighting and decorative wall decors made it more appealing. 

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Industrial coffee bar

Industrial designs are the combination of raw yet professional looking vibes. If you are into this type of design, you must work with metal, pipes, and wood to make a coffee bar out of it. Here are some ideas to refer to. 

33 coffee bar ideas

This one is a clean industrial look with edgy coffee appliances, well-arranged woven rattan baskets on the bottom shelf for the syrups and coffee beans, a neat horizontal arrangement for the coffee maker and presses. 

34 coffee bar ideas

This one gives off a savvy, industrial style complete with a mini fridge for wine and water. It features two espresso machines, a coffee maker, a wood and metal cabinet on the side and stools for some intimate talk. With that large corkboard coffee sign, you would not even want to think of having coffee outside. 

Coffee bar cart

Having a portable coffee bar that you can push anywhere around the home is especially beneficial during events as you entertain guests. It can also be pushed into the room for coffee nightcaps and in the living room while you gather around for entertainment. 

35 coffee bar ideas

This compact coffee bar cart here is spacious enough to contain all coffee essentials from French press, mini coffee maker, syrups, glass, and cups, has a wine rack and more. 

36 coffee bar ideas

Or what about this industrial design coffee bar cart made of bronze pillars and wood shelves? It gives off a classy, regal look with its bronzy vibe, white and bronze accents in the canisters and mugs. But at the same time, the catch-all tray, the creamer jar and the coffee maker made it look inviting and homier. 

Beachside coffee bar

If you are on the coastal side of the region, make open coffee bars to catch that sea breeze. Open designs, coastal accent pieces and wood designs make up a fine coastal look. 

37 coffee bar ideas

You can put it by the poolside with adjacent home cabanas or just a small beach umbrella and seating on the side. This is for a large household setup or those who usually host events for family and friends. 

38 coffee bar ideas

And if you want to bring the beach or the coast inside the home, spruce it up with coastal colors, and coastal accent pieces and decorations even in a small corner coffee station like this one. 

Christmas coffee bar ideas

There is nothing cozier than Christmas. In between eggnogs, booze, and juices during the season, transform your coffee bar into a Christmas look too like these ones. 

39 coffee bar ideas

For a glaring Christmas feel, bring out those and red and white coffee mugs on those floating shelves. Adorn it with festive decorations and keep the fixings down in the cabinet. 

40 coffee bar ideas

And if you are living up the rustic, barn type Christmas coffee station, this is a simple wood and Christmas decoration combination to consider. 

Vintage coffee bar ideas

Retro style coffee stations would easily transport you back to 50 years ago and beyond. It is usually associated with colorful mugs, shabby chic coffee tables, and lots of blast from the past accent pieces. 

41 coffee bar ideas

Speaking of vintage colors, the ceramic wares in this coffee station plus the bright blue console table with dark brown countertop is screaming vintage. It is arranged in a homey manner and the floating shelves are just nostalgic of grandma’s coffee station from way old. 

42 coffee bar ideas

This Victorian look is another vintage coffee bar idea that you would love. The black and white combo of this coffee station is very elegant. The bourdua style table also looks very posh and regal. And the ceramic ware and delicate candelabra are just eye-catching. It is a coffee station that is as vintage as Audrey Hepburn’s style!

Church coffee bar ideas

You would find that even the simplest coffee station at the church would accommodate a lot of people especially during and after the service. It is a space where churchgoers spend their time to talk to fellow churchmen or to get a sip of water before going home. For these reasons, here are some church coffee bar ideas to consider. 

43 coffee bar ideas

It could be as over the top as this multi-shelf coffee station featuring lines of thermos, coffee maker, cups, and mugs. You can easily incorporate church stuff, brochures, and cups, mugs, and tumblers with the church’s logo. This one is placed near the entrance of the church room. 

44 coffee bar ideas

Or it could also be a simple self-service coffee station. For this, set-up a coffee cart and just load it with coffee essentials such as the thermos for hot water, ground coffee, and the fixings. Stirrer, napkins, and paper cups on the side should be there too. Arrange many coffee carts and place them at different locations in the church. 


Aside from these designs, there are also some useful FAQs that you need to know about. As such, here are some frequently asked questions about setting up a coffee bar at home. 

What should I put on my coffee bar?

On top of the cabinets, shelves, and decors, here are the eight most common items that you should put on your coffee bar: 

  • Coffee beans
  • Coffee maker 
  • Coffee grinder
  • Coffee mug
  • Napkins
  • Saucer
  • Sugar and creamer
  • Milk 

How high should a coffee bar be?

By the rule, standard home bars should be 34-36-inches above the floor. But for coffee bars, it should be 40-42-inches above the floor. 

Where can I put my coffee station?

The best place to put a coffee station would still be in the kitchen since it is more understandable that it is there. But you can also put in empty spaces in the home, along entryways, and also in the basement. 

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To conclude, coffee bar ideas can be simple or over the top depending on what you want to project and of course what you prefer. When it comes to building one, you should be smart on placement, how the shelves and cabinets would look and how much they can accommodate. With all things considered, if you are already set on an idea, make it happen, because a coffee bar at home is always worth it.