17+ Cozy Winter Outdoor Patio Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on November 27, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

For providing endured use and resistance against natural elements, novel technologies are used in building outdoor furniture.

Metals are one of the most common materials used in this case. For example, patio furniture using Aluminum is one of the best options for all seasons and instances. Its advantages include durability, anti-corrosion, and that they are lightweight.

Scientists across the world are constantly experimenting with different materials to identify the ideal combination and their better treatment to improve their durability.

winter outdoor patio design ideas

How do I keep my balcony warm in the winter?

By maximizing your house insulation, adding a fire pit to your outdoor or balcony patio, using electric heating rods, providing floor heating, and layering your sofas with thermally conductive upholstery, you can keep your balcony warmer during the winter.

How do I keep my porch warm in the winter?

By providing a thermally insulating shutter screen on your porch, you can reduce the amount of cold winter air from entering the porch. Curtains can also be insulated to keep warm.

Adding sealants to the joints, cracks, and crevices will prevent cold air from entering the porch and your house. This process is often known as caulking and weather stripping.

How to keep deck warm in winter

Using a patio cover, buying an outdoor heating appliance, using mercury vapor lamps, and installing rugs are some of the ways for keeping your deck warm during the winter season. You can also use louvers, blinds, and retractable slats during the winter. The roofing has to be well insulated as well.

What can I hang on my front porch?

Hanging suspended heaters or heating coils in your front porch add to the overall design of the space, along with providing adequate heat. Hanging a winter wreath also is a design choice for the creatively inclined. Farmhouse style cornucopias may be provided in the front porch, though one should not overdo the design.

Can you use a patio heater under a covered patio?

It is not recommended to use fire-based patio heaters under a covered patio since it poses the risk of catching fire. However, efficient electric heaters can be used for heating the patio outdoors during the winters. Portable fire pits can be created or bought which will cater to the temperature requirement of the season.

1. Winter lighting

1 winter outdoor patio ideas

2. Patio Heaters

2 winter outdoor patio ideas

3. Winter outdoor decorations for porch

3 winter outdoor patio ideas

Using farmhouse style winter wreaths on the front door or simply hanging them on your porch will look good during winters. Painting small chairs with a snow theme or using plain white paint is also a better option. Matching pillows with a lantern (grey and black respectively) will also add to the design element during the winter. Try to match the overall theme of the porch with a small grey rug.

4. Winter-proof patio designs

4 winter outdoor patio ideas

Adding a custom fireplace to your patio will suit the overall look and purpose of the space. Try to stack books along the sides of the patio wall, as paper is a great insulator of cold air. You can also do a color match between the stone-based fireplace and sofa cushions. Orange color will look good on the sofa cushions, as it will match the orange/red stone layout of the patio floor and walls.

A layered look for the patio will surely turn a few heads. While designing this way, make sure to use a mix of cotton, plaid fabric, and dark lavender color.

While opting for a fire pit, there are choices which range from wood-based fire-pits to gas-based fire-pits.

5. Porch for the Valentine’s day

5 winter outdoor patio ideas


6. Farmhouse Winter Porch

6 winter outdoor patio ideas

7. Welcome Christmas Porch

7 winter outdoor patio ideas


8. Red and silver front porch

8 winter outdoor patio ideas


9. Christmas Front Porch

9 winter outdoor patio ideas


10. Rustic Christmas decor

10 winter outdoor patio ideas

11. Snow tree

11 winter outdoor patio ideas

12. White porch

12 winter outdoor patio ideas


13. Cottage decor with snowflakes on pillows

13 winter outdoor patio ideas


14. Rustic wood

14 winter outdoor patio ideas

15. Backyard lighting with lanterns

15 winter outdoor patio ideas

16. With firepit

16 winter outdoor patio ideas

17. Patio Lighting

17 winter outdoor patio ideas


Countless ways exist to decorate your outdoor patio, porch and other home areas during winter. Few items, which add essence to your winter decorations are as follows

  • Wreath made of yarn, in different shades of a single color
  • Pillows made of sweater
  • Pinecones wrapped in yarn
  • Lights inside ice blocks
  • Mirrors above the fireplace
  • Faux fur