Environmentally-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts

Environmentally-Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts

Recycle items around the house to make Valentine’s Day presents and gift wrap items. Making romantic gifts has never been so much fun and inexpensive.

Repurposing items is an environmentally-friendly way to show loved ones that you care about them on Valentine’s Day. Make this romantic holiday special by recycling cereal boxes, sweaters, coffee filters and egg cartons.

Recycled Egg Cartons Make Special Valentine’s Day Packages

#1. Recycled Egg Cartons

Recycled Egg Cartons | Environmentally-Friendly Valentine's Day GiftsRecycled Egg Cartons | Environmentally-Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts


Use cardboard egg cartons to house tiny Valentine’s Day gifts. Anyone who needs a mini box or bag to wrap a present in for this romantic holiday should cut the individual cups out from a cardboard egg carton, punch a small hole on two opposite sides and thread a small piece of wire through the holes for the handle.

Secure the wire on both sides and decorate the container. Using buttons, beads and scraps of paper, one can make adorable packaging for a small gift.

Repurpose Coffee Filters into Flowers and Garlands

#1. Coffee Filter Heart Wreath

Coffee Filter Heart Wreath | Environmentally-Friendly Valentine's Day GiftsSource

#2. Rose Valentine’s Day Coffee Filter Tree

Rose Valentine's Day Coffee Filter Tree | Environmentally-Friendly Valentine's Day GiftsSource

#3. Valentine’s Coffee Filter Wreath

Valentine’s Coffee Filter Wreath | Environmentally-Friendly Valentine's Day GiftsSource

#4. Dyed coffee filter flowers

Dyed coffee filter flowers | Environmentally-Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts

#5. Upcycled Coffee Filter Flowers

Upcycled Coffee Filter Flowers | Environmentally-Friendly Valentine's Day GiftsSource

Decorate a loved one’s home using coffee filters to make beautiful garlands. Gather a package of coffee filters, newspapers that you’ve already read, used tissue paper and books that you plan on recycling.

Try to find items that are Valentine’s Day colors. For example, choose red and pink tissue paper and scraps of paper. Cut them into similar sized circles and sort them into piles. You’ll want to have about 15 coffee filters with other items in each pile. How many piles you need is determined by how long you want your garland to be.

You’ll need to punch a hole through the center of each pile. String them together with sturdy yarn or string, tying a knot before and after each pile. Leave six to twelve inches in between each pile. This makes beautiful decorations to hang up for your spouse to enjoy or to give to a friend or family member this Valentine’s Day.

Used coffee filters can also be recycled to make faux flowers. Rinse the coffee filter using cold water to get all of the grinds off of it. Make a stem by wrapping one edge of the filter and secure with tape.

Form the other side into a beautiful flower. Cut a small, round piece of cardboard from a cardboard tube, like the one you find in the middle of toilet paper or paper towels, and paint it light pink or red. Put the coffee filters in the tube to act as the vase. Whoever receives this Valentine’s Day gift can put it on her desk at work or on a windowsill and the flowers will never die.

Cereal Boxes Become Gift Bags when Reused

Cereal Boxes Become Gift Bags when Reused | Environmentally-Friendly Valentine's Day GiftsSource

After finishing a favorite cereal, keep the box to use as a gift box for a Valentine’s Day present. Cut the top flaps off of the cereal box and punch a hole near the top on both sides of the cereal box.

Paint the cereal box a Valentine’s Day color such as pink, lavender or red. Attach ribbon to the cereal box by threading it through the two holes that you punched to act as a handle. Decorate the box using scraps of paper around the house, stray buttons and ribbon, unused envelopes and other craft items.

Recycle Sweaters to Make Coffee Cozies

#1. Red Heart and Gingham Coffee Cozy Sleeve

Red Heart and Gingham Coffee Cozy Sleeve | Environmentally-Friendly Valentine's Day GiftsSource

#2. Homemade sleeve for your coffee

Homemade sleeve for your coffee | Environmentally-Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts

#3. Coffee Mug Warmer

Coffee Mug Warmer | Environmentally-Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts

#4. Shocking Pink Mug Warmer & Hearty Button

Shocking Pink Mug Warmer & Hearty Button | Environmentally-Friendly Valentine's Day GiftsSource

#5. Heart Mug Cozy Pattern

Heart Mug Cozy Pattern | Environmentally-Friendly Valentine's Day GiftsSource

#6. Wooden Heart Button & Blue Mug Warmer

Wooden Heart Button & Blue Mug Warmer | Environmentally-Friendly Valentine's Day GiftsSource

Have a spouse or loved one who drinks coffee on a regular basis? Give him or her a coffee cozy made from an old sweater that has rips or a hole in it. Just cut off the cuff from one arm of the sweater and you have the base of the cozy.

Attach decorations such as pink and red felt hearts by sewing them on by hand. This is an easy and simple Valentine’s Day present that will cost next to nothing to make.

Give friends and family members environmentally-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts by repurposing items around the house. Turn egg cartons and cardboard boxes into gift bags. Use coffee filters to decorate for Valentine’s Day and to give your spouse flowers that won’t die.
environmentally friendly valentine day gifts

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