No-Cost or Low-Cost Valentine’s Day Centerpieces

No-Cost or Low-Cost Valentine's Day Centerpieces

Easy-to-make table decorations for Valentine’s Day can be created by using items from around the house or by purchasing a few low-cost supplies.

Simple Valentine’s Day centerpieces can be striking, easy to make and budget-friendly. These no cost and low cost ideas work for a quiet Valentine’s Day dinner at home, a family love feast or a party room filled with tables.

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No-Cost or Low-Cost Valentine's Day Centerpieces

Heart Shape Table Decoration Idea

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This budget friendly centerpiece lets party hosts either use what they have or purchase low cost supplies to create a visual message of love for Valentine’s Day.

This easy to make table decoration has one simple rule – arrange items in a heart shape. Whether using candles, candy, rose petals, shiny chocolate kisses, heart playing cards, coins or craft gems, lay out the items of choice into a large or small heart shape.

This Valentine’s Day centerpiece can be edible or not, aromatic or not, no cost or low cost, but red, pink, white, silver or even black items are placed on the table in a heart shape. The heart shape can be an outline or can be filled in with the same item as the outline or a different item varying color or texture.

“The Game of Love” Table Decoration

Game supplies from around the house are all that’s needed for this no cost, easy to make table theme ensemble. Letter tiles from board games and a set of playing cards can create a “Let’s Play the Game of Love” theme for a Valentine’s Day centerpiece.

Letter tiles can be arranged flat on the table to display a themed message such as, “I LOVE YOU”, “THE GAME OF LOVE” or “HUGS AND KISSES”. Another option is for letter tiles to be placed on the stands included with games such as Scrabble© and Upwords©. The actual boards from board games can also serve as table decorations for this budget friendly theme.

Heart cards from a deck of playing cards can be arranged around the letter tiles and boards from games. Game pieces, dice or monopoly money can be placed in a heart shape to compliment the “game of love” table theme.

This low cost “game of love” theme can be continued on walls and doors by printing out individual letters on 8 ½” x 11” red, pink or purple paper.

These large-scale letters on paper can spell out Valentine’s Day messages to coordinate with the “game of love” themed table decoration. Candles and heart candy can be added for additional color.

Clear and Simple Valentine’s Day Centerpiece

This “use what you have” budget friendly table decoration starts with a colored tablecloth for each table. Red, burgundy, black, pink and purple all work well as colors for romance or love.

Then the party host gathers and/or purchases decorative clear glass or plastic items such as drinking stemware, bowls, cake plates, trifle dishes, candle votive cups, candle holders, etc.

The next step is a search for items to fill the containers. Color coordinated and “love” items from around the house work fine to reuse for a no cost table decoration – candles, glass beads, craft gems, pearl necklaces, ribbon, etc.

If desired, additional low cost items can be purchased such as Valentine’s Day candy and metallic heart shaped confetti. Glass decorative containers look good lined across the center of the table or gathered together with the taller items in the center and shorter items around the edges.

Party hostesses can create no cost and budget friendly, easy to make centerpieces for Valentine’s Day by using what they have on hand. Simple household items arranged around a theme make great table decorations perfect for a Valentine’s Day family meal, romantic dinner for two or a banquet room.

Dinner Party Candles

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Valentine’s Cork Heart

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Shower Your Windows With Love

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You’re sweet

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Romantic dinner table setting

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Romantic Table Setting With Candles

9 amazing valentines day centerpiecesSource10 amazing valentines day centerpiecesvalentine day table212valentine day table163valentine day table100valentine day table86

Mason Jar Flowers Arrangement

11 amazing valentines day centerpieces

Roses and Candles

12 amazing valentines day centerpieces

From my heart

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Vintage Table Setting

14 amazing valentines day centerpieces

You and me

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Be mine

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Tea and Cakes

20 amazing valentines day centerpieces21 amazing valentines day centerpieces

The Heart Cake

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Pink and red Valentine’s Day party

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Easy Valentine Centerpieces

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