20+ Cozy Farmhouse Porch Decor Ideas

When visiting you house, the first thing that greets your guests is your porch. For the perfect farmhouse. it should be inviting and overflowing with character.

Remember, the perfect farmhouse doesn’t end when you leave the house. Your porch needs to be beautiful too.

Get inspired and bring new life your Farmhouse Porch today with these excellent ideas that will help you create a porch that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

1. Milk Pail Porch Plant Pots

Transform milk pails into versatile pots and decorate your porch with them. Aged to vintage perfection, these milk pails are a great way to display your porch side plants.


2. Use Hanging Lanterns to Hold Flowers

Porch plants don’t have to be on the ground. Raise your greenery to new heights by housing your flower pots into these simple and elegant hanging lanterns.


3. Make Plant Boxes

Galvanized troughs are great repurposed as plant pots. Metal troughs age gracefully, tinging green or orange as they rust and age, helping add a rustic feel to your Farmhouse Porch.


4. Vintage Welcome Signs

Let everyone know that they’re welcome by installing a welcome sign on your porch. Farmhouses are meant to be friendly, so let everyone know as soon as they step onto your porch that they’re welcome.


5. Get A Runner Bench

Runner Benches are the perfect place to rest on your Farmhouse Porch, particularly when it’s sunny. Go for a bench with muted colors like this one for an authentic farmhouse look.


6. Hanging Bed Porch Swing

Get your Farmhouse Porch swinging with this hanging bed porch swing and enjoy peaceful snoozing all year round.


7. Use Farm Crates Creatively

Farm crates are a brilliant way to decorate your Farmhouse Porch. They’re also good for keeping your tools organized. Take some inspiration from this creative use of crates.

8. Colonial Style Porch Lanterns

Vintage lamps are a great way to make sure your porch is well illuminated at night. These colonial wall mounted lanterns are very in keeping with farmhouse style.

9. Adorable Hand Painted Porch Signs

Personalize your farmhouse porch with these adorable hand painted signs. It’s your opportunity to express yourself, so go wild. If you’re creative, try making your own signs too.


10. Porch Rocking Chairs

Nothing’s more satisfying than spending time in a rocking chair. This rocking chair adds a wonderful splash of red, keeping the porch interesting and highlighting its features.


11. Upcycle To Make Hanging Pots

These Galvanized Hanging Round Bucket Pots are unique and add a rugged look to your farmhouse porch. You could make your own by upcycling the right materials.


12. Wicker Chairs

Wicker chairs never go out of style. They’re also a comfortable and fashionable addition to your farmhouse porch.


13. Patio Wall Clock

Time is timeless. Never lose track of time when you’re on your porch with this metal patio wall clock.

14. Inviting Door Mat

Invite your friends and family into your house with a welcoming doormat. Find one that has a message that resonates with you.


15. Creative House Numbers

You need a house number, so why not do something creative with it? This one doubles up as a great plant pot.


16. Cosy Outdoor Furnishings

Make the most of your Farmhouse Porch by making it cosy and inviting.


17. Fairy Lights

Let there be light! These fairy lights look spectacular and are a great way to bring your farmhouse porch to life at night.


18. Lay Down Wooden Decking

Decking is durable and very chic. Get inspired and see how it could make your farmhouse porch a more inviting place.


19. Add Some Cushions

Sometimes wicker chairs are uncomfortable, so get some high contrast cushions for them.


20. Transform A Sink Into A Plant Pot

Sinks double up as great plant pots. Find out how you can transform a sink into a potting bench.


An Inviting Farmhouse Porch

Remember, farmhouses don’t end at the porch. Your porch is a brilliant opportunity for you to be creative and make the most out of the space in your home.

Use these ideas to transform it into something remarkable today.


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