20+ Beautiful Farmhouse Coffee Table Ideas and Designs

Last Updated on October 19, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

This is a basic household element which is usually understated. A living room coffee table can be a valuable and versatile piece of furniture. It adds design aesthetic to the gatherings and can also be used for resting one’s foot.

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best farmhouse coffee table ideas

How do you make a rustic farmhouse coffee table?

A rustic farmhouse coffee table can be effortlessly built using lumber wood. The demanding aspect, to some people, would be getting the wooden pieces as appropriate angles.

Some of the tools that might come in handy for making this table are an industry-grade saw, sander machine and block, drilling machine and tools, and jigs. Make sure all the equipment and tools are sturdy and of good quality. One would need about 15-20 pieces of lumber, cut into different sizes.

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These would serve the purpose of making the legs, top and lower shelves, stretchers, and support. Ready the jigs and make sure you have enough screws in hand. Assemble the ends and sides of the table.

Next, you need to attach the rail section, top and bottom shelves, supports, and breadboard ends. Once assembled and fitted, all you need to do is distress, sand properly, stain, and finish the product.

What kind of wood do you use to make a farmhouse coffee table?

Lumber from oak tree, walnut tree, mahogany, maple, and cherry are amongst the most preferred woods for making a traditional farmhouse coffee table. Hardwoods are also used.

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20 best Farmhouse Coffee Table Ideas

1. Table of crates

1 farmhouse coffee table ideas

In this style, old wooden crates are attached to create a vintage-styled farmhouse coffee table cum center-table.


2. Traditional and polished

2 farmhouse coffee table ideas

This design can be made at your home. The balustrades can be designed as per personal preference. Light brown wood or hardwoods can be used to build this farmhouse coffee table.


3. Industry component in home

3 farmhouse coffee table ideas

This table can be built using a cable spool drum used in the industry. The raw material, hence, can be easily procured. Polish and distress the material as per your personal preference. This can be a contemporary choice for your farmhouse design approach.

4. Recycled wood for a coffee table

4 farmhouse coffee table ideas

This coffee table is built using upcycled box containing windows. Such shadow-boxes can be seen in local shops for their use as showcases. Care should be taken to ensure the joints are tight.


5. The longer the better

5 farmhouse coffee table ideas

The design language used in this coffee table follows a long-table approach. The top, as well as bottom shelves, are cut in the form of elongated rectangles. Supports and legs can also be made from hardwoods.


6. Vintage box to a table

6 farmhouse coffee table ideas

This farmhouse style coffee table is built from an old wooden trunk and can suit the overall rustic look of the living room.


7. Wood and upholstery

7 farmhouse coffee table ideas

This design language entails the usage of upholstery on the top shelf of the coffee table. The color selected for the upholstery can be olive green or distressed grey.


8. Layered coffee table

8 farmhouse coffee table ideas

The striking feature of this coffee table is that its top shelf is made of different layers of wood. The bottom shelf, supports, and legs can match one of the colors of these layers.


9. Pretty white

9 farmhouse coffee table ideas

The overall design aesthetic revolves around white color. However, to create a contrasting look, the top shelf can be painted light brown.


10. Small door made table

10 farmhouse coffee table ideas

This DIY coffee table adds to the vintage feel of the living room. It is built using a door-pane of your old utility storage cabinet. Polishing is required since the wood might have been withered off.


11. Sturdy and Chunky

11 farmhouse coffee table ideas

This farmhouse-style coffee table is built from thick blocks of wood. The top shelf can be painted in dark brown. The cross-supports, bottom shelf, and the legs can be painted in contrasting light cream or turquoise.


12. Barn-board coffee table

12 farmhouse coffee table ideas

The rustic hacked barn-board coffee table for farmhouse meets beach house aesthetic. This loved by its size, simplicity, shape, and price.



13. Minimal does it

13 farmhouse coffee table ideas

This design approach follows a minimalistic tone. The coffee table lacks a bottom shelf but has multiple structural supports. The wood selected maybe oak or mahogany.


14. Basic Block

14 farmhouse coffee table ideas

This is a basic blocky DIY farmhouse coffee table idea. It consist of apron flush with top portion, legs, long and short aprons, supports and besides that a scrap piece for a spacer around the apron of the table. The table would have been stained with Minwax Dark Walnut and sealed with Annie Sloan dark wax.


15. Wine Barrel

15 farmhouse coffee table ideas

We can make use of barrel-shaped wine container for coffee table. In this DIY top, cutting and provide proper bracing to make it extra strong. When cutting the top for the wine barrel base we made it very imperfect, so the top would look more authentic. So it isn’t perfectly round.


16. Plaid Blog

16 farmhouse coffee table ideas

This is a simple industrial to farmhouse furniture makeover. While finishing after sanding the top we can apply Folk-art Wood Tint in Walnut and grey sides that can use Folk-art white wax. The base would take as metal with Folk-art Home Decor Chalk in Black.


17. Antique

17 farmhouse coffee table ideas

We can makeover a DIY world market coffee table by process until we had it how we liked it. To make it quickly antique a brand coffee table by using paint like Miss Mustard Seeds Milk paint.

A little bit about this side of the coffee table is that when it sits in the sun all day & for some reason, it makes the milk paint chip off of the coffee table & fall onto the floor.


18. Bold Balustrade

18 farmhouse coffee table ideas

This big and bold balustrade centerpiece has a worn look and very pretty and also expensive. The kind of botched the legs, messed up the stains, but blended in with the overall look.


19. Sweet sophistication

19 farmhouse coffee table ideas

This type of coffee table will brighten the space. One can use half-gloss white mixed with primer and for stain, and Classic Grey.


20. White coffee table

20 farmhouse coffee table ideas

A square coffee table looks a versatile take on a country classic. This has been made with pine tongue and groove planks and use vinegar stain, Behr Castle Path paint, and clear furniture wax to the top to seal everything.



A traditional coffee table is essentially a piece of furniture having four leg sections, top and bottom shelves, and supports. However, it has the mettle to transcend its conventional use. The coffee table in farmhouse-style can be an important design element and can even be used as a piece of conversation during get-together.