22+ Beautiful Farmhouse Shelf Decor Ideas

A Farmhouse Shelf Décor effectively use the space available at home and add functionality to it. It brings in more pleasant feeling and welcome décor to everyone at home.

Using the multi-step stands, wall decors at specific locations on the wall, objects used as a décor all add beauty and harmony making the place you live in a divine place.

Farmhouse shelf Décor Ideas:

best farmhouse shelf ideas

Farmhouse shelf decors are a great addition to the space available and utilizes it to showcase the material elegantly. Turn the empty room into charming space with some farmhouse shelves sticking to the walls and decorating with material between to bring in more peace and comfort to life.

Usually, a conventional way of making shelves is cutting the wood into exact straight rectangles and squares and setup suiting to the wall type. Taking advantage of the dislocated wood rather than making wood pieces into rectangles make them lively and brings a character to the shelves beyond doubt.

You just need a little space to hang farmhouse shelves to make the room elegant and wholesome. These shelves can hold a variety of materials such as vases, picture frames, small plants, any other decorative material as you love.

If you are low on money and want to save some bugs, or use old lumber pieces as farmhouse shelves then it is not hard to implement. Paint the wood that is available at home, do some sandpaper work and finally use antique stain to bring a beautiful elegant look. This can be used with suitable decorations as farm shelves at your convenient pattern.

The other advantage of shelves is store. They are great for storage and good to display all kinds of decorations with your creative brain.

For example, a TV shelves will help fit in a television set in the middle, and other related electronic wiring and related stuff at the bottom of the shelves and other two sides can be used for decorating with speakers or any other material that brings comfort while you watch.

#1. DIY Headboard Shelf 

1 farmhouse shelf ideasSource

#2. Shelf for Christmas

2 farmhouse shelf ideas

#3. Rustic industrial shelf

3 farmhouse shelf ideasSource

#4. DIY Rae Dunn Display

4 farmhouse shelf ideas

#5. DIY Floating Shelf

5 farmhouse shelf ideasSource

#6. Industrial Shelf

6 farmhouse shelf ideasSource

#7. Cottage style kitchen shelf

7 farmhouse shelf ideasSource

#8. Gallery wall with wreath for living room

8 farmhouse shelf ideasSource

#9. DIY Barn Wood Shelf

9 farmhouse shelf ideasSource

#10. Living room shelf with love grows sign

10 farmhouse shelf ideasSource

#11. Rolling Bookshelf

11 farmhouse shelf ideasSource

#12. Bathroom shelf

12 farmhouse shelf ideas

#13. Vintage shelf and wine rack

13 farmhouse shelf ideasSource

#14. Floating shelf for bedroom

14 farmhouse shelf ideasSource

#15. Hanging planter box

15 farmhouse shelf ideasSource

#16. DIY Turnbuckle Shelves

16 farmhouse shelf ideasSource

#17. Bookcase

17 farmhouse shelf ideasSource

#18. Farmhouse shelf for bathroom

18 farmhouse shelf ideas

#19. Three style

19 farmhouse shelf ideasSource

#20. Wooden cubby

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#21. Styling shelf

21 farmhouse shelf ideasSource

#22. Farmhouse shelf for Easter

22 farmhouse shelf ideas



The kind of decorative items used differ from person to person but the essence will remain the same. Whatever the format used, it should bring in comfort and harmony at home while utilizing our space effectively. And remember, with change in seasons, your decoration pattern can be changed suiting to the condition and mood.

Farmhouse shelves can be so helpful concerning storage, bringing in more beauty to the home, bringing in more creative ways of making home and making your home a divine place with proper choice of materials and decorations.

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