25+ Creative Vintage Storage Ideas

Last Updated on August 17, 2021 by Kimberly Crawford

In a home, there can never be an excessive amount of storage, however, nobody needs to overwhelm with unattractive plastic containers or some other cheap storage unit. One arrangement – that we find so engaging – is to fuse stockpiling thoughts that have vintage style.

Regardless of whether everything in the room isn’t retro, vintage-style stockpiling arrangements include ageless character that can truly pull a room together.

Concerning what sort of vintage things to search for, it’s an individual choice. We cherish farmhouse style, and it positively mixes well with even some cutting edge looks – metal wire containers look breath-taking combined with wicker ones, for instance.

Truly, who can oppose a pitiful chic bureau? Be that as it may, we additionally have our eyes on the streamlined looks of mid-century current furnishings, fantastic and sentimental French chic organizers, and the easy cool of mechanical racking.

There are such a significant number of astonishing thoughts that go with that retro vibe. Regardless of whether the things originate from an old fashioned store or are reproductions that simply look old, they all convey precisely what’s required – more places to store things.

best vintage storage ideas

Few Ideas are listed below:

· A vintage storage can be used as a coffee table,
· Window frame with little or no modifications
· Vanity Used as a storage set from old luggage
· As Storage racks
· An old wooden crate can be turned into a kitchen spice rack
· Bureau with a paint can be used as vintage luggage
· Ladder turned into a beautiful shoe rack
· Industrial bins can be turned into books rack
· Crates can be turned into storage bins
· Old bed frame can be modified to porcelain cups display
· Grater utensil turned to spoons storage
· Bucket turned into flower pot
· Turning wash tub into a bathroom storage rack

#1. Basket from old shutter

1 vintage storage ideas

#2. Footboard upside down

2 vintage storage ideas


#3. Birdcage toilet basket

3 vintage storage ideas

#4. Metal Boxes

4 vintage storage ideas


#5. Shabby chic cupboard

5 vintage storage ideas

#6. Metal toolboxes

6 vintage storage ideas


#7. Coca cola crate spice rack

7 vintage storage ideas

#8. Old door shelves and chairs

8 vintage storage ideas

#9. DIY Shoe rack

9 vintage storage ideas

#10. Rolling crate

10 vintage storage ideas


#11. Kitchen storage

11 vintage storage ideas


#12. Table storage from suitcase

12 vintage storage ideas


#13. Storage bins

13 vintage storage ideas

#14. Jewelry holder

14 vintage storage ideas

#15. Magazine organizers

15 vintage storage ideas


#16. Coffee table

16 vintage storage ideas

#17. Chicken wire dress mannequin to hang important things

17 vintage storage ideas


#18. Waste basket

18 vintage storage ideas


#19. Shabby chick bathroom storage from old cabinet

19 vintage storage ideas


#20. Kitchen storage from garden rake

20 vintage storage ideas

#21. Hanging Wall Shelf Cupboard Towel Rack

21 vintage storage ideas

#22. Wire towel basket

22 vintage storage ideas

#23. Zinc bucket

23 vintage storage ideas


#24. Craft room

24 vintage storage ideas

#25. Attic print storage

25 vintage storage ideas



A lot of extra room is fundamental to keeping your home perfect, sorted out, and running easily. The magnificence of these vintage-style finds, obviously, isn’t only that we get the opportunity to conceal our children’s toys or our cosmetics or everybody’s shoes in them.

It’s that they add to the stylistic theme, making a more lived-in and gathered look. So vintage stockpiling things are arrangements in a larger number of ways than one. A room can be neater, hold more, and be progressively in vogue by including only a couple of these retro components.

Before you go out on the town to shop, make up a rundown of the sorts of storage thoughts you’re searching for–”vintage baggage,” for instance, or “capacity rack for washroom.” This will enable you to remain concentrated on your pursuit, and can enable you to see the potential in sudden things. An incredible aspect concerning vintage pieces is that it’s anything but difficult to re-reason them or utilize them in innovative ways.