How To Make A Farmhouse Sign (25+ Easy Tutorials)

Last Updated on November 12, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

The farmhouse style is a budding designer’s dream. There are a lot of elements you could put in, vintage is never bad, and there are a lot of DIY’s to be had.

One of the most important elements of farmhouse design is the signs. You can choose within a multitude of options ranging from large, standing signs to small, hanging signs. In this article, we’ll be sharing with you 25 farmhouse sign ideas.

diy farmhouse sign ideas

1. Rustic wooden ”Our Nest” sign

1 farmhouse sign ideas

This rustic wooden sign features the words ”our nest” and is perfect for placing over a mantle or on your porch. This is a smaller sign that can either be mounted or placed against a wall. Nevertheless, it will never lack charm.

2. ”Hello” Screen-printed sign with wooden elements

2 farmhouse sign ideas

This screen printed sign has a wooden frame that enhances the beauty and simplicity of the design. This is a wall-mounted piece but could also be perfect leaned against a wall on a small drawer or side table.

3. ”Simply Blessed” large screen-printed sign

3 farmhouse sign ideas

This screen printed sign is perfect for your living room or dining room. Embody your values and always feel inspired and remind yourself that you are simply blessed with this farmhouse sign.

4. ”Gather here with grateful hearts” white paint on dark wood sign

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This sign provided the perfect contrast between light and dark and colors which makes your message stand out clearer to everyone who sees it.


5. “Welcome to our Home” Screen Printed sign

5 farmhouse sign ideas

This sign boasts plenty of charm and is perfect for welcoming your visitors into your home. There is nothing that says welcome better than wood accents and a beautifully calligraphed sign.


6. Easy thin-lined wooden framed sign DIY

6 farmhouse sign ideas

This DIY sign is incredibly easy to follow and is streamlined to look more minimalistic while still retaining its rustic charm. The great thing about this DIY project is that you can choose your own inspirational quote to put in.


7. Pallet wood and repurposed lug wrench sign DIY

7 farmhouse sign ideas

This surprisingly easy DIY is the perfect unique piece you’ve been missing in your life. The rustic charm and industrial chic it will bring into your home are just to die for and you won’t need for anything else ever again.


8. “Welcome to our Home” porch sign

8 farmhouse sign ideas

This sign is perfect for leaning against the wall on your front porch when you’re feeling a little daunted with the prospect of hanging it or actually hanging it on the wall of your porch.


9. Rustic DIY pallet sign

9 farmhouse sign ideas

This incredibly easy rustic pallet sign DIY brings in all the charm your house needs. I mean, who doesn’t need all those vintage signs? But they can cost a pretty penny.


10. Rustic reclaimed barn wood sign DIY

10 farmhouse sign ideas

This incredibly easy DIY makes use of reclaimed barn wood that adds a ton of charm to any home.


11. Farmhouse style pallet sign DIY

11 farmhouse sign ideas

Wood is a staple for any farmhouse home. And this easy to follow DIY boasts a ton of charm for a relatively small price.


12. Hand-painted mason jar sign

12 farmhouse sign ideas

This easy DIY boasts the simple charm of a mason jar done with a wooden pallet design.


13. “Sweet Tea” Kitchen Sign DIY

13 farmhouse sign ideas

This Incredibly charming kitchen sign lets everyone know you serve sweet tea!


14. Super aged “grocery” sign

14 farmhouse sign ideas

This nagging grocery sign not only looks adorable, but it also reminds you of your responsibilities. Your home might get old but make sure your groceries don’t!


15. Aged farmer’s market sign

15 farmhouse sign ideas

This aged sign boasts a lot of charm and personality not to mention, it never lets you forget that you’re in a farmhouse!


16. Easy rustic HOME sign DIY

16 farmhouse sign ideas

This DIY puts together the elements of wood and metal beautifully and makes for a cozy sign that is perfect to hang above your doors.


17. DIY Farmhouse style chalkboard sign

17 farmhouse sign ideas

Chalkboards have become increasingly popular throughout the years in home decor and this easy DIY shows you how to incorporate them into your home.


18. Irish blessing sign

18 farmhouse sign ideas

This gorgeous sign just brightens up a room with positive energy and good, reassuring tendencies.


19. Coffee bar sign

19 farmhouse sign ideas

This sign is an adorable addition for coffee lovers. They not only scream your love for coffee, but they also add a certain appeal to your home.


20. Enjoy the little things sign

20 farmhouse sign ideas

This minimalistic sign is perfect for when you need to remind yourself to enjoy life and the little things that make it wonderful.


21. Antique sign

21 farmhouse sign ideas


22. DIY Eat Sign

22 farmhouse sign ideas


23. DIY Metal Sign

23 farmhouse sign ideas


24. Painted canvas farmhouse sign tutorial

24 farmhouse sign ideas


25. DIY Painted Vintage Sign

25 farmhouse sign ideas



There is no place like home! We hope this compilation of DIYs and ideas inspire you to create a warmer, more inviting environment for your farmhouse.