17+ Best Farmhouse Storage and Organization Ideas

Last Updated on November 23, 2019 by Kimberly Crawford

No home is complete without storage solutions! Your storage solutions don’t need to be dull, no-nonsense industrial bins and lockers though! The beauty with storage is that it’s ever evolving!

There are tons of options ranging from decorative storage to functional furniture storage solutions! In this article, we’ll be sharing the 17 best farmhouse storage ideas we could find.

best farmhouse storage ideas

17 Best Farmhouse Storage Ideas

1. Upcycled Wood Crate Drawers

1 farmhouse storage ideas

These stunning drawer storage installment made out of upcycled wooden crates is just stunning. It lends a great deal of vintage appeal to any space and it’s easy on the eyes too.

2. Galvanized Wall Cubbies

2 farmhouse storage ideas

The galvanized metal trend has taken the decor scene by storm and it’s here to stay! We’re absolutely in love with these wall cubbies and love how functional they are while providing an industrial kind of look to our farmhouse dreams!

3. Wooden Portable Storage Baskets

3 farmhouse storage ideas

Grab yourself some wood crates and try your hand at painting them. These will do great on their own but adding in some wheels will make them more portable and easy to maneuver. Check out this quick and easy DIY now!


4. Old Book Knife Block

4 farmhouse storage ideas

If you aren’t a big fan of old books or simply just have a few books that aren’t in reading condition anymore, check out this easy DIY on reusing them as a knife block! Your kitchen will look LITERARY insane.


5. Steel Side Cabinet Basket

5 farmhouse storage ideas

Add some storage space inside of your cabinets by attaching small wire baskets to the interior of your cabinets. These will be extremely handy by keeping smaller things and items that you need more than the others in the cabinet.


6. Mounted Metal Towel Basket

6 farmhouse storage ideas

Get handy and mount a metal towel basket anywhere you need! Bonus: these can double as a magazine/newspaper holder.

7. Tiered Wooden Wall Storage

7 farmhouse storage ideas

These little DIY Shelves are clean, functional and look oh so good! Try this DIY and let me know what you think. If you aren’t too sure about DIY’ing this, there are always floating shelving units you can check out!


8. Wooden Cubby with Fabric Baskets

8 farmhouse storage ideas

This symmetrical wooden cubby is brought to life by filling it with identical fabric baskets. Slightly similar to a drawer type of look without all the fuss and restrictions.

This style is perfect for a study area or home office rooms—rooms that have a high volume of materials that need to be kept organized.


9. Rustic Ladder Storage

9 farmhouse storage ideas

Talk about a heavenly ladder! Repurpose an old ladder into the storage solution of your dreams by adding in a mini shelf level as well as attaching a basket to one of its rings.


10. Laundry Room Finders Keepers Score Board

10 farmhouse storage ideas

Losing a sock is something that happens to everyone. It’s annoying, sure, but it’s also inevitable. Turn finding the lost treasures into a game by organizing this finders keepers board and hanging it up in the laundry room! The best part? You get to choose the reward! Don’t forget to add in fun elements like a mason jar, clothespins and a scoreboard.


11. Free standing pantry with crate organization

11 farmhouse storage ideas


12. Storage baskets

12 farmhouse storage ideas

13. Wooden bin

13 farmhouse storage ideas


14. Uses of bookcases

14 farmhouse storage ideas


15. Metal towel holder

15 farmhouse storage ideas

16. Key holders

16 farmhouse storage ideas


17. Metal storage basket

17 farmhouse storage ideas



Storage is an essential part of any home. But it doesn’t have to be dull and boring! Whether you’re crafty or savvy, these ten ideas should help you decide what kind of storage solutions you need for your home.

So tell me, will you be trying out one of these DIYs?

Or will you be purchasing similar items to them? Do you prefer built in storage solutions or portable ones? Either way, there’s something here for everyone and we hope you find something that’s perfect for you!