30+ Best DIY Upcycled Trash Ideas

Last Updated on November 19, 2020 by Kimberly Crawford

Are you left with lots of trash and have no idea what to do with it? Turning your trash into some cool decor is the latest trend nowadays. The need of upcycling or recycling is greater than ever before. Whether your trash includes plastic, old furniture or any scrap of junk material lying in the backyard of your house, turning it into something of value is a great deal.

We are going to give you some of the best upcycled trash ideas so you can turn your old trash into valued items. We bet that your neighbours will probably knock up your door to ask where you have bought this décor from.

Won’t these statements amaze you? You just need a couple of hours and some crazy ideas to turn old trash items into beautiful things that we believe you have never even imagined.

best upcycled trash ideas

1. Old Ladder Into Bookshelf

1 upcycled trash ideas


Isn’t it amazing? Did you ever have a thought of making a bookshelf out of an old ladder in your backyard that is of no use?

You simply just need to find a wall where you want to hang this bookshelf, creating your cool personal library for keeping books and files and have them all at one place rather than having to look for them here and there.

2. Vintage Suitcase Into A Chair

2 upcycled trash ideas


Has this thought ever come to your mind before? You can make a chair out of your vintage suitcase. Instead of throwing your old vintage suitcase in your backyard, it can be used to create a chair.

All you need is a piece of plywood to fit inside the inner portion of the suitcase and wooden legs for the support. Wow! Your creative and cool looking vintage suitcase chair is ready for you to use.

3. Chair Into A Shelf Or Closet Unit

3 upcycled trash ideas


Well, you must be thinking that we have gone crazy, how one can make a shelf or closet out of chairs? But yes, you can do it by using your old folding chairs that you must have used regularly for sitting year ago in your garden, but now, they are of no use to you. You can simply hang folding chairs on a wall and use them to keep your clothes on hangers.

4. Old Books Into Shelves

4 upcycled trash ideas


We all know that reading books is a good habit but after we are done with them, they are just simply lie in your cupboard or in boxes under your bed for years.

This is one of the unique ideas of creating a shelf out of your old books. Heck, this will be the coolest thing that you will ever do, to your books. The things that you need to make shelf are old books, some wall brackets and nails. You are done making your cool unique and sexy bookshelves.

5. Bowlers into Lamps

5 upcycled trash ideas

Many of you may like wearing bowler hats as they add that cool and the grace to your looks. But once you are bored of them, you simply throw them in closets or thrown with old clothes.

Well, there is something you can do about it, you can actually make lamps out of them. The things that you need for that are your unused bowler hats, bulbs and a hanging wire. You can simply hang them in your lobby, kitchen or can increase the beauty of your bedroom with them.

6. Tennis Rackets Into Mirrors

6 upcycled trash ideas


Okay, tennis rackets. What can we possibly do with spare, unused tennis rackets? Well, we can actually upcycle them and transform them into mirrors, lol!

Everyone has one or the other broken sports equipment that is uselessly lying in the storeroom. But if you have an old tennis rackets that are of no use, you can turn them into mirrors. Just remove the nets from it cut a piece of glass mirror according to its dimensions.

Hang them over the places you like, for example, your washbasin, bedroom, dressing room that will give unique transformation to the place.

7. Vintage TV Into Pet Bed

7 upcycled trash ideas


If you are a fan of retro pieces, then why not give your pet’s bed the vintage treatment too? You must have the old vintage TVs lying in the backyard or in a storeroom which are of no use. But now, it’s time to give them a vintage glow.

Simply remove the screen and components of the TV, you can add a cosy cushion in order to soften the place inside and we are sure that your four-legged friend will love it.

8. DIY Three Tiered Stand From Baking Tins

8 upcycled trash ideas


9. DIY Grater Owl

9 upcycled trash ideas


10. DIY Lampshade from Sweater

10 upcycled trash ideas


11. Recycled bottle pendant lamp

11 upcycled trash ideas

12. From coffee can into a planter bucket

12 upcycled trash ideas


13. Bicycle rim clock

13 upcycled trash ideas

14. Christmas lantern lights

14 upcycled trash ideas


15. Repurposed Wooden Industrial Spool

15 upcycled trash ideas


16. DIY farmhouse light from chicken wire for laundry room

16 upcycled trash ideas


17. Upcycled pallet shelf

17 upcycled trash ideas


18. Turn old piano into outdoor fountain water

18 upcycled trash ideas


19. Spoon lamp

19 upcycled trash ideas


20. Outdoor burlap pillows

20 upcycled trash ideas

21. DIY plate mirror

21 upcycled trash ideas


22. Turn a glove into a chipmunk

22 upcycled trash ideas


23. Recycled bottle to broom

23 upcycled trash ideas

24. DIY lace lamp

24 upcycled trash ideas


25. Enamel Mug Organizer

25 upcycled trash ideas


26. Chainmaille From Pop Tabs

26 upcycled trash ideas


27. Bike vanity

27 upcycled trash ideas


28. Turn bathtub into couch

28 upcycled trash ideas

29. DIY Missoni Shoes

29 upcycled trash ideas


30. DIY suitcase coffee table

30 upcycled trash ideas


These were the best upcycled trash ideas that you can utilize to put your old trash back in use, making it useful and off-course save some money. This way you will be able to reuse your trash items instead of throwing it in the backyard of your house.