20 Flowers That Look Like Roses

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We could all agree that roses are quite the queens when it comes to gardens. It is almost always the focal point of country gardens, a visual display for more formal gardens and the needed color and scent for any garden, for that matter. But not everyone is a rose person and its delicate care requirements could be tricky for some. 

The good thing is, there are various flowers that look like roses. Some even have scents and colors that are just like roses. So, if you are looking for these sets of flowers, you have come to the right post because we will run it down for you. 

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20 flowers that look like roses

beautiful flowers that look like roses

So let us dive right in. The main things that make these flowers look like roses would be their double petals, their color ranges, and their scent. If you need a lower maintenance flower compared to rose or more inexpensive flower alternatives to rose during special occasions, these are the flowers you check out. 

1. Peonies

1 flowers that look like roses

These flowers have become famous bridal bouquet, cut, and decorative flowers because of their layered petals on single or double blooms. They are always available in flower shops, blooming profusely throughout spring until early summer.

There are more than 30 species of peonies and they come in pink, white, magenta as well as the rare crimson red. 

2. Lisianthus

2 flowers that look like roses

It is also known as the Texas bluebell and is usually found in warmer Southern climates as well as in Central and South America. These are very inexpensive as they thrive mainly along grasslands.

They look like single bloom roses, only with a yellow center. It comes in almost all flower shades including blue, purple, white, fuchsia, magenta, and pink. The white lisianthus has the most uncanny resemblance to roses. 

3. Dahlias

3 flowers that look like roses dahlias

At first, dahlias would not look anything like roses. But their scent and pointed petals would give you a rose vibe especially when you get them in bunches.

Giving dahlias are especially symbolic because they mean emotional resilience, creativity, and elegance. They are also bright container plants and come with pink, white, yellow, purple, magenta, and red colors, among others. 

4. Double tulips

4 flowers that look like roses double tulips

They are not different from the tulip flowers in your head, only they look fuller, and more open because they have more petals than the regular tulips. Because of this look, they look like roses in full bloom.

Culturally, double tulips are a part of many lore and traditions. Generally, they symbolize love and fidelity. Double tulips come in red, magenta, white, yellow, and pink colors. 

5. Carnation

5 flowers that look like roses carnation

This flower is considered as most roses look alike. Its main identifier would be their massive, bunchy flowers that are frilly, textured, and look very romantic when given as a bouquet.

Carnations and roses both signify love, happiness, and abundance. It is also culturally significant in many traditions. It comes with the same color range as that of the rose and it also has a mild scent that everyone would love. 

6. Begonia

6 flowers that look like roses begonia

Both the flower heads of the rose and the begonia are feathery, massive, and plump. It also features feathery and ruffly petals akin to roses. Its most standout colors would be purple, pink and magenta.

Symbolically, it signifies individuality, so it is a thoughtful gift to friends, family, and romantic partners who have a unique personality and are ashamed to show it. 

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7. Double impatiens

7 flowers that look like roses double impatiens

This tiny flower is considered akin to roses during their early blooming phase. When looked at closely, it looks like the crossover between a rose and a begonia with its full, plump flowers which usually come in white, red, pink, fuchsia, and magenta.

They are easy to grow and very low maintenance. In some cultures, it denotes motherly love but in others, it could mean disagreement. 

8. Ranunculus

8 flowers that look like roses ranunculus

It is not the most popular flower, but it looks so much like roses with its feathery, double flowers, with the mix of upright, budding layers of petals and open, drooping ones. It is a good alternative to roses with its baby pink and white colors.

It is also called the tea buttercup flower and its native location is presumed to be the Middle East. It symbolizes love and friendship. 

9. Camelias

9 flowers that look like roses camellia

Although they are best identified for their arched petals, camellias are still considered to be akin to roses because of their ruffly, plump flower heads and rose-like colors. It is one of the best alternatives to red and white roses because it is its most common or more dominant color. 

This is also a very symbolic flower. Red camellias signify passionate love while pink is about fondness and love. White camellias, on the other hand, mean innocence, purity, and admiration. 

10. Double dianthus

10 flowers that look like roses dianthus

This one is like the crossover between rose and hibiscus. Its foliage is fleshy and striking, its scent is mild and soothing, and its open, bicolored petals and double blooms resonate a rose in full bloom. It also comes in colors of solid white, pink, and magenta, red and yellow. 

It is easy to plant, loves the sun, and does not require fertilizer to grow. It can grow to 18-inches, and it needs to be staked in the sides for it to maintain its upright form. 

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11. Gardenia

11 flowers that look like roses gardenia

The soft, waxy, and fragrant gardenias make it a good counterpart for roses. It has a yellow center, with glossy, dark green leaves.

It has a large flower head, ruffly like roses and comes in white, yellow, and cream colors, among others.

It thrives in tropical climates, low maintenance, and has a distinct scent that is loved by pollinators. It is also used in leis and as a landscape plant. 

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12. Double anemone

12 flowers that look like roses anemone

While this one is a standout flower on its own, it still shares some characteristics with roses. First, they look like semi-double roses but with a deep purple or dark blue center. Compared to roses, anemones cannot grow tall like rose shrubs. They also have more unique colors, ranging from deep purple to red and white. 

This one is a good alternative for blue flowers because this is a rare color and roses do not have even one. 

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13. Hydrangea

13 flowers that look like roses hydrangea

Once they bloom in the summer, the clusters of small hydrangea flowers form a bulky flower head that looks like a rose in full bloom. While its leaves are definitely not rose-like, they both grow as shrubs. It has become a popular flower because of its many symbols. 

For example, pink hydrangeas signify deep emotions and gratitude while white ones represent pride and innocence. Blue hydrangeas particularly standout because of their rare color and its associated meaning of wanting to understand someone deeper. 

14. Poppy

14 flowers that look like roses poppies

This flower is easily identifiable as not rose because of its papery texture and look but a certain variety called ‘Rose Chiffon’ poppy strikes a resemblance with roses.

Poppies are beautiful summer flowers and they come with a range of colors including bright orange, red, pink, yellow, and the rare color flower blue. It is easy to grow, and it is very low maintenance. 

15. Desert rose

15 flowers that look like roses desert rose

This adenium variety has single bloom flowers like roses but with sturdy, succulent-like stems. If you want a low maintenance flower that would somewhat give you a rose-like bloom, this one should be at your top list. 

It is a slow grower, does not need frequent watering, loves the sun, and has a compact size so you can easily bring the whole plant indoors. It is also said that it has air purifying capacity so it would really make a good indoor plant. 

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16. Azaleas

16 flowers that look like roses azalea

This perennial shrub takes on the ruffly character of roses. Like hydrangeas, they can look like roses when seen in bunches. Azaleas come in flashy colors including bright red, orange, purple, white, pink, and yellow.

They are easy to maintain and thrive in partial sun. They can be bushy growers, so you must cut it back after its first bloom. 

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17. Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus)

17 flowers that look like roses Hibiscus syriacus

It is not listed here because it has a rose on its name. This flowering tree is not related to roses, but its blooms strike a resemblance with rose blooms. It has the same ruffly by the edge look and is heavily scented like some roses.

It is most identifiable for its yellow center with surrounding red splashes. Other colors of the rose of Sharon include pink, blue, and lavender. 

18. Pink mountain rose (Greenovia Aurea El Hierro)

18 flowers that look like roses greenovia aurea ex el hierro

This one is not a flower, but a succulent and it deserves to be written here as honorable mention. Its florets are perfectly shaped like roses. It is found in the Canary Islands, and it was named as such because it turns into a seemingly pink rose when it enters dormancy.

It is one of the rarest succulents out there, with a beautiful, pink blush tone. No wonder that it is always on demand. 

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19. Moss rose (Portulaca grandiflora)

19 flowers that look like roses portulaca grandiflora or moss rose

This one is a hardy ground cover flowering plant but can also be propagated in containers. Its tiny flowers look like perfect rose florets and come in yellow, red, orange, white, and pink colors.

It has a bright yellow center that extends out of the flower head. Sometimes, a whole basket can contain flowers of different colors. It is tolerant to drought and frost and can thrive in different soil conditions. 

20. Apple blossom

20 flowers that look like roses apple blossom

It is also called the rambling rose; a hardy bush with small, pink flowers that look like small florets. This is not to be mistaken with the rose cultivar Carpet Apple Blossom because that is a different thing.

It can be used as a hedge plant, border, or accent plant. It is easy to grow, easy to maintain and not susceptible to various plant diseases. 


Are there roses that do not look like roses?

Yes. With the many varieties of roses and hybrid cultivars, there are, indeed, roses that do not look like roses. If you are curious about what these could be, here are the roses that you should know of. 

  • Apothecary rose
  • Crested moss
  • La France
  • Kazanlik
  • Quatre Saisons
  • Flutterbye
  • Joseph’s Coat
  • Pleasant Valley
  • Rainbow Knockout
  • The Magician
  • Maestro
  • Picasso
  • Watercolors
  • Little Artist
  • Champagne Cocktail

These are some of the most celebrated roses that do not look like roses. There are more of them out there and it would surprise you to know how they look and what colors they sport.

What scented flowers can be combined with roses in the garden? 

If you want a garden that is fuming with flower scents, here are some of the most fragrant flowers that you can add in your rose garden. 

  • Stargazer lily
  • Narcissus
  • Primrose
  • Mock orange
  • Viburnum
  • Honeysuckle
  • Freesia
  • Violets
  • Gardenia

What are the flashiest rose varieties?

If you insist on making a rose garden, it would be best to know the flashiest rose varieties for a full visual display for the landscape. Here are the most colorful varieties of rose that you can consider. 

  • About Face
  • Bonica
  • Teasing Georgia
  • Cherry Parfait
  • Falstaff
  • Easy Does It
  • Rainbow Knockout
  • Tahitian Sunset
  • Mardi Gras
  • Julia Child
  • Pat Austin
  • Morden Fireglow
  • Elle
  • Wild Blue Yonder
  • Frankly Scarlet

What are the easiest roses to grow? 

As has been mentioned, roses are quite tricky to grow sometimes. However, you would be glad to know that there are roses under the easy to grow category. These varieties are usually suggested to newbies and those that cannot fully commit to rose growing. 

  • Little Mischief
  • Flower Carpet Scarlet
  • Snowdrift
  • Paint the Town
  • Homerun
  • All the Rage
  • Firecracker
  • Grandma’s Blessing
  • Kiss Me
  • Mystic Fairy
  • Superhero
  • Sunrise Sunset 
  • Pink Fragrance
  • Peach Lemonade Rose

Is there a black rose? 

No. There are no existing black roses but some cultivars have been adjusted to darker colors, hence, looking as if they were black. One of the most popular ones would be the Rosa ‘Almost Black.’

It has the darkest crimson color and it means a lot of things for different people. Some of its associated significations would be: death, revenge, mourning, mystery, and resistance. 

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Are there climbing roses?

It is interesting to note that there are, indeed, roses that grow as vines. If you want to have one in your garden, these are the varieties that you should check out. 

  • Danse de Feu
  • Souvenir Du Docteur Jamain
  • Fourth of July
  • Alchymist
  • May Queen
  • Clarence House
  • Eden
  • Dublin Bay
  • Warm Welcome

What is the rarest rose? 

The rarest variety of rose would be the Juliet rose. It is considered as a type of tea rose with double blooms in a color of white and apricot. It is a rare rose because it takes years before it could fully bloom. As a matter of fact, the breeder, David Austin, spent 15 years and 4.3M pounds cultivating the Juliet rose. 

What roses bloom year-round? 

There are four rose categories where you can find year-round rose bloomers. These would be the roses belonging to: 

  • Miniature rose bushes
  • Grandiflora roses
  • Floribunda roses
  • Hybrid tea roses

How long can a rose cut last? 

The maximum shelf life of a rose cut would be seven days. However, you can still have a handful of ways to consider if you want to extend the vase life of the rose cut so that you can enjoy the flashy and at the same time delicate look of roses.

One of these would be changing the water in the vase every two days. Even when they already look wilted, when the water is changed, it tends to come back to life. 

What succulents look exactly like roses? 

If you are someone that wants the vibe of the rose but has resigned to the idea of planting an actual one to avoid upkeep, you can turn to rose-looking succulents.

They are generally called ‘rose succulents’ or Greenovia dodrentalis. You can find a whole range of succulents that look exactly like roses when you search for them online. 

When is the best time to plant roses? 

It would be spring to early fall. The major thing to consider here is that the roots must have enough time to be established before the winter because roses enter dormancy during the cold season. 

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They say that a rose is still a rose no matter the color or shape but there are also a lot of reasons why looking for a rose alternative could be a practical choice. When it comes to gardening, the maintenance of rose shrubs could be delicate. If given as a gift or as potted plant or even as flower cuts, there are rose counterparts that are as scented, as colorful yet come less expensive compared to these prized flowers. 

While nothing can take away the elegance of roses, perhaps, it is time to look for flowers that look like roses to compensate for its beauty when it is not in season or for a change. Fortunately, we have a range of choices to check out that are as striking as roses.