Growing Miniature Roses Indoors: Care, Feeding, and More

Growing Miniature roses indoors

Last Updated on February 19, 2024 by Kimberly Crawford

A guide to growing these popular plants indoors.

Ever see those pots of miniature roses in the store? Have you gotten one as a gift only to have it quickly die? Ever wonder if it’s really possible to grow roses as a houseplant? The answer is maybe, if you can provide the proper conditions. It does take some work and dedication however.

First off, you’ll want to purchase the most compact sizes. Miniature roses range in size from five inches to as much as four feet! For indoor growing, smaller is better. You’ll want to pot them up into a 4-8 inch pot, as the ones they come in are usually too small.

Like regular roses, the miniature varieties require a lot of sunlight. Six to eight hours a day is best. They also require moderate heat. If the temperature is too cold, they’ll go dormant, and if it’s too warm the plant will dry out quickly and wilt or brown.

Temperatures above 60F are best to prevent dormancy. Indoor roses also need to be watered more frequently than their outdoor counterparts because containers dry out much faster than the ground.

Despite their small size, miniature roses require the same conditions as their larger counterparts. This means lots of light (at least 6-8 hours). A southern facing window will provide more light than northern or eastern and is ideal.

A grow-light will work as a substitute, if necessary. Indoor roses also need good drainage to deliver nutrients and flush out salts. Good drainage also allows the roots to breathe and prevents rotting, and you have to feed slow-release rose fertilizer them regularly.

Another thing important to successfully growing roses indoors is air circulation. They need good circulation. Poor circulation encourages pests like spider mites and aphids and allows dust and dirt to settle on the leaves, which can literally suffocate the plant. Use a soft cloth or artist’s paintbrush to clean dust off the leaves.

Like all roses, miniature roses do require a period of dormancy. This can be achieved by placing them in an unheated basement or garage from late fall until January.

Then you can bring them back in, repot in fresh soil, and prune back to 3 or 4 inches. Place them in a sunny south-facing window or under grow lights and they will soon begin producing new foliage.

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How to grow miniature roses indoors
Growing Miniature Roses Indoors: Care, Feeding, and More