22+ Guest Bathroom Ideas and Designs

The guest bath is one room that does not see a lot of use. However it is an important element in creating comfort for guests.

Make sure guests are provided with some storage that is private. A simple basin hanging off the wall just won’t do. A drawer or cupboard where they can hide away private personal items is essential. Travellers also need landing space next to the basin to spread out toiletries and make up, so a full vanity unit is recommended.

Landing space next to the basin is a must. Guests will be living out of a suitcase so having a space to place personal items will help no end.

Wall mounting vanity may help the room look bigger, but in a guest bathroom the additional storage of a floor mounted unit is more important. They will probably have a few items they would like to hide away so give them a drawer, medicine cabinet or cupboard.

No bath is needed in this room and a separate toilet is also not required. A power socket for a hair dryer, shaver and phone charger however is a very nice touch, but keep all power sockets away from splash zones.

Having a hair dryer available is also a very good idea. For long term guests have a semi stocked cabinet with disposable razors, tooth brush and paste, as well as some luxury items like perfume and aftershave samples, body lotion and tissues.

22+ Guest Bathroom Ideas

best guest bathroom ideas

#1. Transitional Bathroom

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#2. Craftsman Bathroom

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#3. Eclectic Bathroom

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#4. Contemporary Bathroom

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#5. Snow white

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#6. Rustic bathroom with a wood pedestal sink

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#7. Cream tile and vessel

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#8. Half bath industrial bathroom

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#9. Traditional bathroom with bookshelf mural

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#10. Small wooden vanity with the white bowl sink on top

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#11. Vessel sink

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#12. Scandinavian Bathroom: large floor light grey tiles with white

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#13. Asian bathroom

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#14. Rustic bathroom

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#15. Horizontal Stripes

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#16. Guest Bath-Lower Level

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#17. Large one-sink vanity

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#18. Rustic Ranch Guest Bathroom

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#19. Color mix

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#20. Sliced White Pebble Tile

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#21. Little Bear color

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#22. Single Metal Washstand

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Access and Entrances

If the guest bathroom is also acting as an additional bathroom for the house is should have more than one point of access.

A doorway from the guest room makes the room an ensuite, but having another door from the hallway means that it can be accessed from the main part of the house without going through a bedroom.

Showers and Baths

It may not be necessary to have a bath in the room as most guests will be happy just to have their own shower. If there is room and there is no other bath in the house it can be a good idea to put a bath in.

This way the main bathroom can be used if a family member decides to take a long bath, and it will be an unexpected bonus for your guest. Showers should be as big as they can be made and the shower in the guest bathroom is no exception.

Finally nothing says welcome more than stacks of fluffy towels, slippers and bathrobes. These are lovely additions to make guests fell even more welcome.


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