10+ Creative Halloween Trophy Ideas For Your Party

October 31st is Halloween, which means the ideal opportunity for making your occasions sensational and creepy, with some themed challenges like a terrifying ensemble challenge or a spooky house challenge.

In case you’re as yet unsure about the challenge exercises or the ‘Spooktacular’ Halloween trophy thoughts, here’s some assistance:

best halloween trophy ideas

Halloween Scary Costume Awards:

You can present honours for Scary Costume Contest in these classifications:

  • Scariest Costume
  • Most entertaining Costume
  • Best Ghost Couple
  • Best Child Ghost
  • Most Creative Costume
  • Star of the Halloween

You can likewise compose a Haunted House Contest where you’ll provoke people to go inside a specifically manufactured frequented house with various dread initiating adornments and “alarm entertainers” and see who can last the longest. You can imagine different Halloween trophy thoughts in this classification too.

Frequented House Challenge Awards:

In light of the various exercises that you structure when inside the spooky house, you can give out the Halloween trophies in these classifications:

  • The Tomb Raider (for finding and arriving at the deadliest tomb and uncovering confections from underneath it)
  • The Ghost Hunter (for thumping down the most number of skulls and skeleton enhancements)
  • The Ghost Survivor (for basically remaining inside for the longest term)

Customize Your Trophies

Giving out the most topical or creepy looking trophies will just improve the delight of Halloween for their champs, and furthermore for the observers.

The look and feel of the trophies can likewise be made progressively complete with an amusing message engraved on it. Your trophy supplier can likewise furnish you with one of a kind message thoughts and the content etching administration, all notwithstanding.

3 halloween trophy ideas

2 halloween trophy ideas

1 halloween trophy ideas

10 halloween trophy ideas

9 halloween trophy ideas

8 halloween trophy ideas

7 halloween trophy ideas

6 halloween trophy ideas

5 halloween trophy ideas


4 halloween trophy ideas


An award is more than what is visible to the naked eye, it brings joy, competition/motivation to enhance the capability to become the best Halloween ever. If you have considerable time to prepare award, then there is no better idea above this. Make a list of supplies needed and customise it according to your wish and award criteria.

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