35+ Creative Herb Garden Ideas for Indoors and Outdoors

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Herbs are as lovely as they are tasty and aromatic. As a result, both the grower and the cook benefit from cultivating them. What’s even better? Herbs are recognized as superfoods and have several therapeutic properties. They may be grown both indoors and outdoors. 

Plant them in standard pots or experiment with unusual containers like teacup planters, coconut shells, or wooden boxes. They are little and may be grown in a small yard, suspended planter, or pot. And at the conclusion of all your hard work, you’ll be rewarded with a delectable treat.

Check out these 35 herb garden ideas and be inspired to start your own!

1. Herb Garden in a Wine Bottle

1 herb garden ideas designs

To contain the plants, this handcrafted herb planter employs repurposed and chopped wine bottles. The titles of the plants are inscribed on cut stone pieces in the scaffold panel holder.

If you reside in a more temperate climate, growing cold-tolerant herbs such as chives is a fantastic option—plus, it attracts pollinators all whilst repelling pests.

Dill is another plant that can withstand the cold. For this style, you’ll also opt to use herbs that don’t become too broad. Basil, chives, parsley, lavender, and mint are all excellent options.

2. Potting Herbs

2 herb garden ideas designs

Individual clay pots with each herb species and putting them together is a simple method to build a herb garden. These pots are inexpensive and widely available at garden shops and hardware stores.

They may be used outdoors and indoors, making them quite flexible. If you reside in a colder region, you might take them outside in the summer to stimulate development and then bring them back indoors during the cold season to preserve them from the weather.

3. Beds on Risers

3 herb garden ideas designs

If you’re thinking, “How do I build an exterior herb garden?” you’ve come to the right place.  The simplest solution is to build one in a garden bed.

Incorporate raised garden bed designs into your landscape to join the ‘grow your own’ trend. They are simple to construct, consisting of a rectangle or square made of metal, wood, or brick that is then covered with dirt.

If you can’t grow at ground level, elevated beds are a good option since you may choose higher designs that allow you to cultivate while standing.

4. Herb Holders Inspired by Kokedama

4 herb garden ideas designs

The method of hanging a plant’s root ball in a dirt ball covered with moss is known as kokedama. This herb planter trio was inspired by a Japanese plant-based form of art.

Herbs such as oregano thrive in hanging pots, where they acquire a lovely trailing tendency.

When cultivating oregano, choose a location with lots of visible sunlight, such as a west- or south-facing window, and then utilize a well-drained garden soil because oregano does not thrive in wet soil.

5. Reduce, reuse, and recycle

5 herb garden ideas designs

Using used mason jars to hold your herb plants is a fashionable and environmentally friendly option. It’s quite cost-effective, and because each of the jars get placed up in a row, it can appear pretty spectacular.

Use string and printed labels, garden ribbon, and stickers and scribbled labels to create a more vintage look with the labels.

While helping to conserve the environment, you may grow a wide variety of herbs to use in your cuisine. This is a wonderful concept that will pique your interest.

6. In one border, plant herbs.

6 herb garden ideas designs

To make your own herb garden, you don’t need to have a separate herb hedge or kitchen garden. We have a lot of herb garden options that don’t require a lot of areas.

Planting herbs in a blossom and bush border is a terrific opportunity to boost a character to your garden while also delivering delicious aromas and being culinarily useful.

Some types provide additional benefits for other plants, such as insect resistance or increased output.

7. Herb Garden on Pallets

7 herb garden ideas designs

If you enjoy upcycling and have access to a wooden board, you might transform it into a garden for your herbs to drape on a robust garden wall.

Pick herbs that are appropriate for your USDA planting zone and paint or stain them in a color that complements your garden design.

When you’re cultivating a variety of herbs, multi-tiered arrangements like these are ideal. Basil and dill, for example, are annuals, so after they’re finished, you’ll still have plenty of other herbs to select from.

8. Round and Round It Goes

8 herb garden ideas designs

Growing your herbs in a spiral pattern in your garden is a great method to guarantee that they get the best growth circumstances possible.

Every herb demands slightly varied care, with some favoring continual sunlight while others preferring to be shaded on periodically.

You may grow herbs that are sun-loving at the very top of a raised spiral to guarantee they get full sun. Grow herbs that want more humidity at the bottom of the container, as that’s where precipitation will run down.

Herbs that demand little water can be planted at the top, where they will benefit from good drainage. Helix garden beds may also serve as a visual focal point in your yard.

9. Planter for herb gardens on patios

9 herb garden ideas designs

You may grow an entire organic garden in a solitary planter if you have limited garden area, such as a tiny courtyard or maybe even a porch.

Different holes in terracotta herb pots allow you to grow different plants in different regions of the same exact pot.

Terracotta is an excellent choice for this sort of pot because it is porous, allowing air and water to flow, which prevents fungal diseases and root rot and keeps your plants healthy.

10. Hangers for Mason Jars

10 herb garden ideas designs

Do you own a lot of unused mason jars lying around? Why not tie those to a wooden panel and fill it with herbs both inside and out? Since mason jars lack drainage holes, just add water up to one-third of the contents of the vessel at a time if you’re worried about rot root.

11. Planters on Wheels

11 herb garden ideas designs

In practically any hollowed-out feature in your house or shed, you may make a herb garden. This galvanized large bucket gives a variety of planted herbs an industrial vibe, but herbs might also be housed in ancient teapots, watering cans, paint tins, mugs, or perhaps even ice cream containers.

To keep herbs from becoming soggy, drill a hole inside the bottom of your selected container. Growing every one of the herbs in one portable container makes it simple to move them indoor or outdoor as the weather dictates.

12. For added appeal, create a vertical herb garden.

12 herb garden ideas designs

Consider growing your herbs vertically if you want to make the most of your garden area. There are a variety of herb garden designs that might assist you in reaching that goal.

Repurposing a rustic wooden ladder into a spectacular yet modest focal point that catches the attention and adds depth to your garden is a lovely rustic method to add height.

13. Planters with Trellis

13 herb garden ideas designs

To rest on a sunny patio, these herb-filled pots have been affixed to trellis supports. Every one of the planters is large enough to produce more than one variety of herb. If you decide to go this route, be sure the combinations you choose have comparable growth needs.

Herbs that grow quickly will quickly fill larger pots. Mint is a good example, and growing it this manner prevents you from fretting about its spreading tendencies causing difficulties for other plants nearby.

14. Basket Case

14 herb garden ideas designs

Herb gardens are attractive additions to any house, and they also help to improve the quality of the air. Plant a variety of your beloved herbs in some kind of a plastic tub, then exhibit it in a much more appealing external layer in your dining area or kitchen.

A woven basket has a warm, classic appearance, whilst an antique hardwood wine box or produce box has a more rustic appearance. You may get imaginative with any herb garden vessels by updating them with paint on antique pots or jars to match your decor.

15. With a twist, here’s an indoor herb concept.

15 herb garden ideas designs

Outdoor vertical planting isn’t the only option. There are still plenty of herb garden alternatives for your kitchen if you don’t own a windowsill or would like to keep it clutter-free.

Hanging pots from the roof is a practical method to cultivate herbs in the kitchen while also adding a floral flair to the decor. This innovative Ikea hanging pot takes up little worktop space, making it ideal for compact kitchens.

You may also cultivate your favorite herbs by dangling pots on cutlery holders or putting them on bookcases.

16. Retro Chandelier that has been repurposed

16 herb garden ideas designs

Repurposing anything creatively brings up a world of possibilities. This vintage chandelier would be perfect for a suspended herb garden.

If you’re going to use this outside, you’ll probably need to varnish or coat it to keep it waterproof. Inside all day, this is a terrific alternative for a retro-styled mid-century contemporary home.

17. Make a Statement

17 herb garden ideas designs

Using numerous containers which you already possess, you may create a distinctive appearing herb garden. In your kitchen, dining area, or in your backyard, mismatched pots with various herb plants may create a vivid and colorful appeal.

Using pots of various kinds and sizes creates an eclectic effect that you can entirely customize to fit your unique preferences. Avoid uniformity or height order and position the pots in a random manner to provide a casual air.

18. Herb garden with a twist for limited places

18 herb garden ideas designs

How do you get a beginner’s herb garden started, especially in a tiny space? Containers are a terrific method to achieve this since they are simple to maintain and, when clustered or wall-hung, it also look great.

Many herbs grow well in full light and well-drained soil and are indigenous to the Mediterranean. Cultivate a few pots of preferred herbs on the balcony, terrace, or patio for easy harvesting and adding fresh ingredients for the meals you and your guests will enjoy.

19. Design that is simple

19 herb garden ideas designs

Do you have any herbs that need to be planted in a location with adequate drainage? Classic planters are joined to a repurposed plank of wood in this small project. Vessels with drainage, on the other hand, can only work if they are placed outside! 

The design’s simplicity will work in almost any setting. Its simplistic design is ideal for creating a modest yet attractive look both indoors and out.

20. Herbs on the Shelf That Are Good For You

20 herb garden ideas designs

If you don’t have a lot of room in your garden, a rack is a terrific way to store your herbs. To generate extra area space for herb containers as well as other plants or flowers, suspend a shelf from a fence, metal railings, or even wooden fence.

You may buy ready-made garden shelves or make your own with simple wood planks and steel brackets to keep them in place.

If you’re going to create your own shelves, ensure to cure the wood so it lasts. Then just arrange the herbs on the racks and take pleasure in them.

21. Vases filled with herbs

21 herb garden ideas designs

Herbs should be kept near at hand since you are far more likely to utilize them in the kitchen than if these are blooming at the back of the property.

Grow them right at the back entrance or clip sprigs and store them in bottles of water, much like cut flowers, to guarantee you always have your preferences ready to use on hand.

22. Planters made of macrame

22 herb garden ideas designs

Macrame is rising in popularity, especially among vintage fashionistas. Many merchants sell suspended macrame planters, or you may follow a guide to build your own in any style you like.

Just be sure the style is strong enough to support the herb planters that will be placed within.

23. Simple Homemade Fix

23 herb garden ideas designs

All dangling herb garden designs don’t have to be difficult to put together. Install a number of hanging bars to your fence or wall, then choose some jars with knobs or nail holes and suspend them with sturdy rope from the rails.

24. Warming Herbs

24 herb garden ideas designs

Herb plants are fantastic gifts, especially for housewarmings, and are a nice variation from the typical house plants or flowers. Choose a herb that will match the sender’s taste in cuisine when picking your herb plant.

A basil plant, for instance, may appeal to an Italian cuisine aficionado, while dill might appeal to a fish lover.

Cover the plant in parchment for a lovely yet rustic look; unlike so many store-bought wrapping materials, brown paper is attractive and subtle, as well as totally recyclable.

This is an excellent present for someone who values long-term gifting, since it will keep growing and be utilized for months, if not years.

25. Window Boxes with herbs

25 herb garden ideas designs

Herbs may be grown in window boxes both outdoors and indoors. It’s among the handiest methods to cultivate your preferred herbs on the house windowsill — you could go from herb to dish in a couple of moments, and it doesn’t get any better than that.

If you just have a tiny (or non-existent) yard, an outdoor window box is great. It will offer your home’s façade a charming cottage feel, and you can always punctuate your herbs alongside flowers to add intrigue and artistic flair to the display.

26. Hanging Herb Garden with Multiple Tiers

26 herb garden ideas designs

This multi-tiered suspended herb garden, which fits well in a sunny spot, is a great project for eager DIYers. Herbs are suited very well to box gardening. Herbs with modest root systems don’t need to be planted in huge pots.

27. Planters made of terracotta that are stacked vertically

27 herb garden ideas designs

This DIY project may be hung from porch eaves if you don’t own much access to wall space. If you choose aromatic herbs like lavender, basil, or lemon balm, you’ll be able to enjoy their smells while resting in your outside environment.

Terracotta pots are attractive, and their high porosity makes them ideal for drought-tolerant plants that prefer a drier soil.

28. Tables for Outside

28 herb garden ideas designs

Use a table to set your herb containers on to generate extra surface area in your backyard. You may lay the desk on top from other plants to optimize space if it is correctly positioned to accommodate sunshine and shadows. 

You might use an exterior table made expressly for outside usage, such as a coated tabletop, or you may repurpose old useless furnishings from your storage or from relatives or friends.

29. Herb Garden Suspended in the Air

29 herb garden ideas designs

This aerial swinging herb garden is built from reclaimed wood and enables you to fit a lot of wonderful herbs into a little space. Just ensure you don’t overfill it to the point that the sun for the lower-level plants is blocked.

The brilliance of this idea is that if the herbs have to overwinter indoors, you simply pull the pots off the facade and relocate them inside.

30. Creating a Corner

29 herb garden ideas designs 1

It’s a good idea to create a herb area in your backyard to preserve your herbs away from other flowers and plants.

If you have kids or dogs in your garden, choose a secluded location to keep the herbs safe. You’ll also want to pick a location that isn’t near a walkway or an area with a lot of foot activity.

31. Garden on the Rooftop

30 herb garden ideas designs

Even apartment dwellers may enjoy herb gardens outside by growing herbs in containers and putting them on rooftops or balcony areas. Even with the most unexpected places, herbs will survive as long as they have access to adequate natural sunshine.

32. Planter for Cascading Rails

31 herb garden ideas designs

If your kitchen has railings that lead to your backyard, it’s the ideal location for a floating herb garden. The plants that need full sun are on the top row, while those that can withstand partial shade are on the bottom row.

33. Hanging Ladder

32 herb garden ideas designs

Get creative with a pair of conventional wooden ladders to reap the benefits of the brilliant light coming through a glass window. Oregano, thyme, and parsley are planted in bucket planters. Cilantro, basil, and lemongrass are among more herbs that thrive in direct sunlight.

34. Polytunnel for Protection

33 herb garden ideas designs

If you would like to keep herbs outside all year, polytunnels are an ideal alternative for your garden. Polytunnels come in a variety of sizes and are constructed of polythene, a low-cost but durable material that protects your plants from the elements, pests, and animals.

They also trap heat and generate a humid climate, similar to that of a greenhouse, which warms the soil and allows for early planting and development. When required, polytunnels may be readily dismantled and utilized in other sections of your garden.

35. Fenced In

34 herb garden ideas designs

By erecting a little picket fence surrounding the potted plants, this unusual herb garden has adopted the idea to its logical conclusion. This is an excellent illustration of how clever and creative you could be with your herb plant, utilizing it to represent yourself and as an expression of your individuality.

Experiment with fresh ideas like utilizing various pots or covering boxes in wallpaper or cloth to give them a new appearance. Look for small fence panels online if you want to create your personal wooden fence for the herb garden.


What herbs could be planted together?

Herbs that grow well in the same environment may usually be planted together. Thyme, sage, marjoram, lavender, rosemary, and oregano are some of the herbs that are usually cultivated together. Because of its invasive nature, mint should not be mixed with other plants.

What should I plant in my herb garden?

These must-have herbs just require sunshine, frequent watering, particularly during the summer, and adequate drainage to thrive at home. Collecting the herbs on a regular basis will keep them in condition and stimulate new growth. Thyme, chives, basil, mint, parsley, oregano, and lavender are among them.

Mason Jar Herb Garden

Herbs in a Jar
Stacked Wooden Shelves Herb Garden
Source: 99pallets.com
China Tea Cup Mini Herb Garden
Ladder-Style Sunny Window Herb Garden
mason jar herb garden
Up-cycled Fence Post Vertical Herb Garden
Pretty Little Pails Herb Garden
Hanging Shelves Herb Garden

Tiered Herb Garden

Fountain of Herbs in Tiered Metal Tubs
Kitchen Shelf Herb Garden
Source: purple-id.dk
Curtain Rod Hanging Herb Garden
Source: hgtv.com
Wall Hanging Potted Herb Garden
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Rustic Three Tiered Herb Garden


Built-In ‘Mini Bookshelf’ Herb Garden

Terraced Herb Garden

terraced herb garden

Indoor Hanging Herb Garden

Painted Pots Hanging Herb Garden
Nature-Inspired Driftwood and Tin Hanging Herb Garden
Ladder Box Herb Garden
Fresh and Dried Chalk Wall Herb Garden
A-Frame Shelf Herb Garden
Window Box and Mason Jar Herb Garden

Mason Jar Herb Garden

Shabby Chic Painted Mason Jar Herb Garden
Vintner-Inspired Wine Box Herb Garden
Hanging Jar Herb Garden ‘With a Twist!’

Coffee Tin Can Planters

Copper Tin Can Planters
Source: homeyohmy.com
Three-Way Sun Room Herb Garden
Decorative Wooden Box and Vase Herb Garden
Herb Garden from a Pallet
Source: pinkwhen
One Pot Herb Garden
Source: blackeiffel
Chalk Painted Herb Planters





Indoor Herb Garden IKEA Hack

Indoor Herb Garden IKEA Hack
Source: curbly

Indoor Window Sill Herb Garden

Indoor Window Sill Herb Garden
herb garden ideas pin


Producing herbs is a low-cost method to add new tastes to your cuisine, and the sheer act of successfully generating your own produce is a source of delight and accomplishment in and of itself. We hope that these garden ideas inspire you to develop your own.

What are your opinions on the matter? Let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments section below!