67 Creative Ideas For Your Home Library

If you love books, then its obvious that libraries are one of your favorite places in the world. They are peaceful places, where you can just sit and immerse yourself in knowledge, stories and ideas of all kinds.

There is silence all over, therefore, you can feel your thoughts running in your head, and especially for introverts, this is like winning the jackpot. Sometimes, your love for books breaks all boundaries, and finds a home, inside your home, through a home library. Here are 67 amazing ideas for your home library.

67+ best home library ideas

best home library ideas

1. Black shelves

1 home library ideas

Black is a color that everyone loves. It has this natural allure that brings people towards it. Getting black shelves for your home library is a wonderful idea. This will make it look not only chicer, but in certain cases, mysterious as well.

2. Built-in seating system

2 home library ideas

You can create a built-in seating system, inside your library. While building the shelves, ask the contractor to create a built-in seating space within the shelves. This is new and unique, and will be loved by many.

3. Bring in some art

3 home library ideas

You can bring in some art inside your library to give it a whole new flavor. Adding some wonderful art pieces will enhance the beauty of your library, and art-lovers will find it to be even more irresistible than before.


4. Showoff your collections

4 home library ideas

If you love books, then it is possible that you might have your own collection set. There are certain books that you love, and you can show it off in your personal library as an intimate touch.

5. Keep it traditional

5 home library ideas

You can also try to make your library look a lot more traditional. Traditional designs are slowly being depleted, so, if you add them in, they will only increase the beauty and the authenticity of your library.


6. Add some blue to the brown

6 home library ideas

You can add some blur to the brown décor if you like. These two contrasting colors can create a beautiful effect that will make your home library look even more beautiful. You can also keep wood flooring for the brown color effect.

7. Add some dramatic green color

7 home library ideas

If you add some dramatic green colors to your walls, this will look way more unique than anything else. This will not only bring up a vintage look, but will also add in a little bit of tradition.

8. Wrap-around library

8 home library ideas

You can make yourself a library with wrapped shelves all over the room. This unique décor will benefit you in the best way, as this will look elegant and different than any other home library.

9. Gilded library

9 home library ideas

You can build a library with gilded details, like in the old times, and this will add something extra to your whole setting.

10. Architectural details

10 home library ideas

If you are planning to build a library inside your home, then go for a rustic architectural or a classy architectural setting. This will look beautiful, especially if you keep your walls white.


11. Light blue shade

11 home library ideas

If you give your library a light blue shade, with light blue colored walls and sometimes, even shelves, then this will look way more peaceful than anything. Remember that libraries are peaceful places, and there is no color that radiates more peace than the color light blue.


12. Pink colors

12 home library ideas

Pink is another favorite color. It has been stereotyped that girls love pink, when the truth is, that boys do so too. Add in a bit of baby pink to your library to give it a softer and cozier appeal.


13. Add in some color pops

13 home library ideas

Instead of painting your library with monotonous colors, you can add in some drastic color pops with a number of different colors to give a beautiful, bright effect.

14. Green curtains

14 home library ideas

You can also add in some beautiful green curtains to your library, especially if it is painted white. This color contrast is majestic and will really bring out the uniqueness of your library.

15. Metallic atmosphere

15 home library ideas

You can also give your library a metallic atmosphere. Try some metallic black or grey to give in a beautiful yet unique appearance. This will give it a stunning, classy yet mystical ambience.

16. Floor to ceiling shelves

16 home library ideas

You can build shelves in your library, those that go from the floors to the ceilings. This looks particularly beautiful for home-based libraries and will give in a traditional yet a classy look to it.

17. Pink and blue

17 home library ideas

Two of the best colors, that contrast perfectly with one another are pink and blue. You can add these two colors into your library without changing anything else, and it would still stand out from all other home-based libraries in the world.

18. Two-story library

18 home library ideas

You can make your shelved two-storied. This is a wonderful thing that you can add into your library, as this gives it a modern yet chic finish, but without missing out the fun.


19. Diagonal shelves

19 home library ideas

You can add in some dramatic diagonal shelves to give your library a stunning new look. The shelves could be as big as you may want them to be, and try out some wooden setting as it goes with the structure.


20. Entertainment center

20 home library ideas

One of the main purposes of a library is entertainment. You can add in an entertainment center with television sets and radio along with a music system, and voila! You’ve got yourself a stunning new library.

21-67. More home library designs

21 home library ideas67 home library ideas66 home library ideas65 home library ideas64 home library ideas63 home library ideas62 home library ideas61 home library ideas60 home library ideas59 home library ideas58 home library ideas57 home library ideas55 home library ideas54 home library ideas53 home library ideas52 home library ideas51 home library ideas50 home library ideas49 home library ideas48 home library ideas47 home library ideas46 home library ideas45 home library ideas43 home library ideas42 home library ideas41 home library ideas40 home library ideas39 home library ideas38 home library ideas37 home library ideas36 home library ideas35 home library ideas34 home library ideas33 home library ideas32 home library ideas31 home library ideas30 home library ideas29 home library ideas28 home library ideas27 home library ideas26 home library ideas25 home library ideas24 home library ideas23 home library ideas22 home library ideas


Libraries are beautiful places, known to serve knowledge to eager minds. If you want to build a library, you should focus on the books more than its outer appeal. Even so, the mentioned points can actually help you build a wonderful home-library.

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