65 Handcrafted Outdoor Bench Ideas and Designs For Your Backyard

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Having a bench in your garden is one of the most beautiful things you can do for yourself. Creating a bench is not that hard, in fact, it’s the most basic, beginner-level project, you can do. Check out, the…

65 Beautiful Handcrafted Outdoor Bench Ideas that you can totally make on your own

best handcrafted outdoor bench ideas

I remember back when I had a house… The bench in the backyard was not something that was really “good”. But I enjoyed it tremendously. Every night me and my girlfriend went in the back yard – to sit on the bench and watch the stars.

The conversations were absolutely amazing and the atmosphere… You can imagine how great it was. You can create some very good outdoor benches that you and your special someone or friend, can enjoy to the fullest.

1. The bed leftovers

The bed leftovers

Do you have an old bed laying around somewhere? Well, you can turn your bend into a great bench. If you don’t have an old bed – you can buy these materials from a garage sale. With a little nailing, you can enjoy this comfortable bench in your garden anytime you sit on it.


2. Not the bench you’re used to

Not the bench you’re used to

Your bench can be used for multiple purposes. It doesn’t have to be for sitting. It can be a decorative porch setup.


3. Brick + plank = bench

Brick + plank = bench

If you don’t have a lot of wood around… use bricks to make the leggings of the bench. And after that, just add a plank on top of the bricks so you can sit on.


4. Plant box bench

Plant box bench

A great idea is to create two boxes of plants and make a bench between them. This is very easy to do. With just a little nailing you can have an amazing bench that smells really good.


5. The chair bench

The chair bench

You can create a beautiful bench with two old chairs. Just take off the two front leggings and add them together. Enjoy.


6. Easy tree bench

Easy tree bench

With just 6 old chairs that you don’t need anymore – you can make an amazing tree bench. You need to take out the cushion part on the chair and add them together in a circle. With wooden planks, make a rounded bench like in the photo and add the bench and the chairs together.


7. The door bench

The door bench

Use your old door to make a beautiful bench. Cut the door and make leggings and back support. With the same or with other wooden planks – finish the bench (the sitting area).


8. Simple and colorful bench

Simple and colorful bench

This is a simple wall bench that will take less than 2 hours to make. Create the bench with a simple nailing and color the little planks on the top.

9. Convertible bench and table

Convertible bench and table

Create a bench where you can use it for sitting or drinking coffee. It’s really easy to do and there are lots of tutorials on how you can do this. Just check them out.


10. Concrete block bench

Concrete block bench

Here you don’t need to nail or cut anything. Just get a few concrete blocks and wooden planks. Create leggings with the concrete blocks and after that, add the planks inside the concrete blocks.

11. Log leggings bench

Log leggings bench

Easy and costs nothing. Put two logs on the ground and on top of them add a reclaimed wood so you can sit on. You can also paint it – to be more appealing.


12. Merge wooden planks

Merge wooden planks

You can find this expensive bench anywhere. But you can create it very cheaper than you might think. It’s very easy. You can create it with wide and large slabs. You need to create very clean lines – so the peace seems seamless.


13. Pot leggings

Pot leggings

To make this, you’re going to need metal pots for your trees. Don’t try to do this with normal pots because they will break. After finding metal pots, get a big and wide wooden slab and cut two holes so they will fit the tree. But don’t make the holes bigger than the pot, or the slab will fall to the ground.

14. The corner bench

The corner bench

You can sit comfortably and enjoy your coffee on this bench. You can socialize and enjoy your drink as much as you want, with the little table that is connecting the two benches.


15. The pallet bench

The pallet bench

You can create an amazing bench or a bed with this wonderful idea. Use some wooden pallets and on top of them, put a mattress.


16. The sitting-table bench

The sitting-table bench

You can sit comfortably and enjoy your smoothie or coffee with someone you like. Just a few wooden planks, nailing, and painting will do the trick.


17. Two logs one plank

Two logs one plank

Get some two big logs and cut them on the sides, like the picture below. After that, put the wooden plank inside and now you have an amazing beautiful bench.

18. Cut log bench

Cut log bench

You can cut the log on slim pieces and use the pieces to form a bench, like this one.

19. Another idea of a log bench

Another idea of a log bench

You can cut a big log – forming little chairs. And also form little tables so you can put your drinks on.

20. The mighty pallet bench

The mighty pallet bench

Use your pallets to make a bench like this. Two pallets are needed here. You just need to cut and nail.

21. Stained bench

Stained bench

22. Day bed garden bench

Day bed garden bench

23. Stone bench

Stone bench

24. Old Baby Crib Bench for the garden

Old Baby Crib Bench for the garden


25. Cast Iron Bathtub to Outdoor Sofa

Cast Iron Bathtub to Outdoor Sofa


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26. Build bench from old door

Build bench from old door


27. Rustic wood bench

Rustic wood bench


28. DIY garden bench

DIY garden bench


29. DIY outdoor storage bench

DIY outdoor storage bench


30. DIY outdoor bench with arbor

DIY outdoor bench with arbor


With all the garden work, from planting ornamentals and flowering plants, to mowing the lawn, weeding, and regular watering, you would want to have a spot in the garden to just sit down, chill, and watch your work after. For these reasons, placing a garden bench in the middle of your lawn would be a fine choice. 

If you are looking for garden bench ideas to incorporate in your garden, you have checked the right post because we shall run them down for you. Hence, without much fuss, here are some of the most notable garden bench ideas out there. 

From DIY, scrap wood pallet ideas, to more distinct and unconventional choices, here are garden bench ideas for you to consider if you are planning on having one in your lawns and gardens. 

31. Repurposed bed

31 garden bench ideas

If you have old wood beds or bed frames that are still sturdy, you can always transform them into a garden bench like this crafty idea here. Not only is this cost-effective having maintained its distressed look, but it is also a perfect way to give your garden a sense of rusticity. 

32. Rustic bench with storage

32 garden bench ideas

Speaking of the rustic design, here is another idea that would give you a more modern rustic touch in a space facing the garden.

If you are one who needs compact outdoor storage for your garden needs, this is a good way to infuse a multifunctional garden bench in your extra space. 

33. Wooden garden bench

33 garden bench ideas

By default, wooden garden benches can take any form or shape. But this one here opted for the angled style, made from all-wood material.

This garden bench is perfect for stone gardens or those Japanese arrangements and zen themed gardens. It is very organic and natural looking, so it would spruce up your garden any day. 

34. Color popping garden bench

34 garden bench ideas

This is one of those crafty, cost-efficient garden benches that you can consider. It is made from repurposed cinder blocks and wood panels for the bench seat.

Using bright paints for the cinder blocks and the seat cushion make it an eye-catcher for your garden. It is also cohesive looking with the play of blue tones. 

35. Large farm-style garden bench

35 garden bench ideas 1

For sure you have seen those large porch benches in farm-style homes. But they should not just be confined by the porch. If you want the laid back and homey effect of farm style benches, you can put one in the middle of the garden.

Maybe, you can even make it a swing type bench for the kids to chill on. Here is a look which you can take after. 

36. Antique headboard garden bench

36 garden bench ideas

Just as we have already covered, there really are other uses for old yet still sturdy headboards. This one here made the most out of a rummaged old headboard by putting in a bench seat with an inconspicuous drawer beneath for extra storage.

Painting it with this bold gray color is also a good idea to keep its vintage appeal. 

37. Corner bench for the garden

37 garden bench ideas

If you want a compact seating but with much class and beauty, here is a corner garden bench for you to consider. Situate it by the porch, facing the garden and make use of all those extra spaces.

Accompanied by a small side table, this is the perfect bench for an afternoon sight-seeing, or reading and drinking either coffee or cold beverages with a garden view. 

38. Stonehenge style garden bench

38 garden bench ideas

The beauty of stone and wood shall always be phenomenal. Nature inspired and very rustic, this one here features a wood bench seat and stone legs.

It is also not just attractive but also cost-effective since you only need a spare wood plank and sanded large stones. This one is a perfect choice for seasonal gardens. 

39. Multicolored garden bench

39 garden bench ideas

This two-person garden bench is again another proof of all the good that would come from thinking out of the box if you have a lot of scrap wood.

The reclaimed wood used here is stained to varying degrees. Some of the pallets are also painted to make it multicolored. It is a sight to behold and a functional space to sit with your loved one over morning coffee. 

40. Bold, four-poster garden bench

40 garden bench ideas

In the row of repurposed bed frames and headboards, this bold painted four-poster garden bench here would be the ultimate design.

First off, it is very eye-catching and second, its height is relatively higher compared to usual garden benches so you can really have a different view of the garden if you are seated here. It is refreshing to see so you can never go wrong with this crafty idea. 

41. Creative, curved garden bench

41 garden bench ideas

If you have old wood chairs, you can mix them up together and build a unique looking garden bench like this one.

In this idea, the good parts of two old lumber chairs were fused together, placed sideways to make this curved looking garden bench. It also has a free space beneath for storage. You can paint it with any color you like but subdued tones would be good for a garden bench. 

42. Central America vibe

43 garden bench ideas

If you have a liking for eclectic designs, you would really love this colorful wooden bench. It is very simple in design but the alternating paint color really brings out the carnival in your garden without doing much.

If there is a space in the garden which you want to enhance or highlight, it would be good to put this beside those spaces. 

43. Garden box bench

42 garden bench ideas

Speaking of multifunctional yet aesthetic looking garden benches, this one here is a top tier choice.

Aside from having a more than enough bench seat, you also get to have a planter. As such, you could sit beside your favorite plants while taking a view of the others in the garden. This is just an ingenious way to make the most out of a garden bench. 

44. Extra long headboard garden bench

44 garden bench ideas

And if repurposing a king-sized bed is what is on your mind, you could opt for this extra long headboard garden bench idea right here. The black paint and wood combo of this headboard garden bench offers a striking contrast that would really pop out in any garden. 

45. Recycled door garden bench

45 garden bench ideas

If you want to add new life to an already old and distressed door but still workable and durable, you can choose to transform it into a garden bench like this one here.

It is made of four panels of rummaged old doors. It was assembled for just an hour so you would really dig this one around your garden. 

46. Canopy garden bench

46 garden bench ideas

If you want to go all out and have a garden escape, you can build this over-the-top garden bench complete with canopy. It creates a luxurious space in the garden, not only for the adults but also for kids who love to roleplay.

Complete the look with vibrant cushions and neutral-colored curtains for the canopy. Overall, this is a good garden bench to consider. 

47. Shabby chic garden bench

47 garden bench ideas

Who says that you cannot arrange a shabby chic garden bench? This reclaimed wood garden bench does not only come with a well-arranged bench seat complete with different textured throw pillows but also comes with a crate stool. Talk about total garden relaxation and this garden bench should be on top of your list. 

48. Provincial style garden bench

48 garden bench ideas

If you want the feel of the countryside, then you should go with this simple provincial style garden bench. This one here particularly features a laidback plank bench seat with a more ornate geometric leg.

It sports a glossy, black finish and it is long enough to accommodate four and more people. While it does not come with armrests, it is simple and classy enough to fit any garden type. 

49. Semi-circular garden bench

49 garden bench ideas

For a better, more cozy bonfire by the garden, you should really consider having this semi-circular garden bench.

It is not just a perfect focal point in the garden but its sloped back really gives it the permanent nod to cater to all the gatherings and future bonfires with family and friends. Let us just allow this look here to speak for itself. 

50. Cabin style double chair

We dig this cabin style double chair because of its multifunctionality and distinctiveness.

Not only does it accommodate two people at once comfortably and with their own space but the built-in table in the middle makes it more ergonomic and worth considering as a garden bench. Made of sturdy wood, this is something that you can count on for many years. 

50 garden bench ideas

51. BBQ style long bench

What better place to have BBQs over than in the garden, right? As is the case, you can never go wrong with incorporating BBQ or picnic style long benches in your garden.

The next time you have family and friends over, it would be more into character because of the benches. Painting them with bright colors would also make the vibe more fun and festive. 

51 garden bench ideas

52. Seaside cottage bench

Yes, we know that it is a garden we are talking of but it does not hurt to bring in a seaside cottage style bench in the middle of it especially if it looks rustic and dainty just as this one here.

This is just your normal wood bench but there is something about the bright white, coastal paint which makes it light and beautiful under the sun. 

52 garden bench ideas

53. Pagoda style bench

By this we are really talking about a covered sitting area in the middle of the garden. If you do not have a budget for a full-blown pagoda, you can incorporate this shed style, small pagoda with a small bench inside.

You no longer need to take the kids to the park to have something out of the ordinary because this one here would suffice. 

53 garden bench ideas

54. Cherry wood garden bench

There is just something about cherry wood which makes it one of the go-to wood materials not only for flooring and cabinetry but also for indoor and outdoor furniture.

If you want a wood bench with natural gloss and very sturdy, this should be on top of your choices. Look at the rugged edges of this cherry wood garden bench and its compelling look. You would want to sit on it all day. 

54 garden bench ideas

55. Garden bench with arbor

We have covered the garden benches with planters and those with canopy, but if you want another over the top for your garden bench, having one with an arbor would be a good idea too.

This becomes extra beautiful if you have climbers or vines to adorn it with. Think of a garden bench with a whimsical effect and this would be one of those that can come to mind. 

55 garden bench ideas

56. Bathtub garden sofa

Yes, it is not a bench per se, but with its look and form, it would pass as an attractive garden seating. As per material, this one is made out of a repurposed bathtub.

Upholstered with a durable cushion and adorned with colorful throw pillows, this one has such fine outdoor seating and an outlandish yet beautiful garden sofa to consider. 

56 garden bench ideas

57. Baby crib garden bench

And who said that you can only work on repurposed bed frames and headboards and doors for your DIY garden bench?

Just as the mentioned repurposed materials are transformed, your baby’s old wooden crib could also be assembled to become a garden bench. Practical and sentimental, this baby crib garden bench is such a fine addition to your prized garden. 

57 garden bench ideas

58. Tree wraparound garden bench

58 garden bench ideas

You will never run out of ingenious ways to make a garden bench if you just truly think out of the box.

For one, this series of repurposed chairs are attached together to create a wraparound bench surrounding this tree in the middle of the backyard. Picnics and BBQs shall never be the same again with this. 

59. Personalized, stenciled garden bench

If you want to make the garden bench homier and more personal, you can have it stenciled with phrases, your initials, family name, and more like this garden bench idea here.

The contrast of bright white paint and natural wood stains make it cozier. We also love that this was made from repurposed footboard and headboard of an old twin bed. 

59 garden bench ideas

60. Wine barrel garden bench

This is yet again one of those distinctive garden benches with a high wow factor wherever it is positioned. By the looks of it, you would be easily transported to a sunny morning in the Shire where The Hobbits live.

Whether you are a diehard fan of the movie franchise or just someone who has a flair for the extraordinary, this is a very beautiful garden bench to really take inspiration from. 

60 garden bench ideas

61. Deck garden bench

For those in the urban sprawl with a deck garden to chill on, having a wooden deck garden bench would be a good addition like this idea here.

Aside from its sturdy and really elegant look, this one features a built-in storage which is perfect for the minimalist urbanite. And if you have cushions and throw pillows, you can soak under the sun in this deck garden bench. 

61 garden bench ideas

62. Log bench

If you want to go simple, earthy, and totally define what rustic looks like, there is nothing better than this log bench idea.

It is made of well-chosen pieces of logs, fit together to form this long, log garden bench. It would fit any type of garden and is versatile to work around with if you are thinking of accent pieces to come with it in the garden. 

62 garden bench ideas

63. Slat bench

Reminiscent of countryside gardens, this slat bench idea here is a simple way to spruce up even the plainest garden. This one does not require a lot.

You just need something for the frame, the seat and the legs and one extra wood plank across the back for support. The base is what makes it slanted in form, giving it extra drama in the middle of the garden. 

63 garden bench ideas

64. DIY brick garden bench

If you want a garden bench that shall surely stay around for many years, this DIY brick garden bench is one of the finer choices to go for.

All you need here is a sturdy plank of wood for the bench seat and layers of bricks for the two legs. Make sure that everything is in place and well-secured. It might be simple but its low-key and simple look and its longevity make it a good choice for a garden bench. 

64 garden bench ideas

65. Garden love seat

Who said that you cannot incorporate a loveseat in the garden? The beauty of this wooden garden love seat proves why there should be more of this in a beautiful view like your garden. Functional, sleek, and modern in look, you cannot go wrong with this garden bench. 

65 garden bench ideas


Aside from the garden bench ideas that we have already covered in this post, there are also other tips and information which you should be aware of if you have finally decided to build one for your garden. As such, here are some garden bench FAQs for you to sift through. 

What do you put under a garden bench?

There are two ways to approach this question. One would be in terms of the surface it is put on and second, the added feature that comes with the bench, specifically storage. As for the surface, you could opt for a flat, concrete surface to put under your garden bench. It could also be paving stones, natural stone flooring, grassy turf, and a well-tamped gravel bed. 

As for storage, there are many ways to incorporate drawers in a garden bench or to make it more versatile. We have listed some ideas above for reference. 

Where do you put a garden bench?

The general answer to this is that garden benches should be placed where the surface is stable. But of course, to provide you with a more specific location, the following areas in the garden or around the vicinity of the home should be considered for your garden benches: 

  • In the middle of the garden. 
  • Near the pond or array of trees. 
  • Along the fence line. 
  • Near the kids’ playing spot. 
  • The patio facing the lawn or garden. 

How deep should a garden bench be? 

Just as other seating types, a garden bench should be deep enough for comfort but not too deep or too shallow to be literally sitting on the edge. Hence, as per rule of thumb, a garden bench should be at least 14-18-inches in terms of depth to achieve comfortable seating. 

What is the function of a garden bench?

When well-constructed and well-placed, a garden bench could do a lot of wonders for the garden or in any space where it is positioned. But in so far as its immediate functions are concerned, a garden bench is useful in providing a seating area for the gardener himself after all the gardening work, for people to convene or for some alone time to just admire the garden.

It also adds more visual impact to the garden for visitors and onlookers. Most of all, it is functional for family events, casual outdoor activities such as picnics, parties, BBQs, and bonfires, among others. 

Garden benches should be a default piece in accentuating your garden because of its clear functionality and added visual effect. You have to note however, that there are specific types of benches that shall work best with the type of garden that you have. As such, it is essential that you first come up with a garden bench idea that would fit your needs and preferences. 

With everything considered, the featured list must have surely provided you a takeoff point where you could finalize your own garden bench idea. It could be made DIY and it is one of those projects where you could really appreciate and master the art of repurposing materials.

Final Thoughts

Having an amazing garden bench is essential for good comfort and great conversations. Create something that you will enjoy spending time on. These ideas will inspire you to create a beautiful bench for your garden.

Also, you can read a wonderful book outside while sitting on your new beautiful bench, that you created. And enjoy your coffee.