30 Handcrafted Outdoor Bench Ideas and Designs For Your Backyard

Having a bench in your garden is one of the most beautiful things you can do for yourself. Creating a bench is not that hard, in fact, it’s the most basic, beginner-level project, you can do. Check out, the…

30 Beautiful Handcrafted Outdoor Bench Ideas that you can totally make on your own

I remember back when I had a house… The bench in the backyard was not something that was really “good”. But I enjoyed it tremendously. Every night me and my girlfriend went in the back yard – to sit on the bench and watch the stars.

The conversations were absolutely amazing and the atmosphere… You can imagine how great it was. You can create some very good outdoor benches that you and your special someone or friend, can enjoy to the fullest.

1. The bed leftovers

The bed leftovers

Do you have an old bed laying around somewhere? Well, you can turn your bend into a great bench. If you don’t have an old bed – you can buy these materials from a garage sale. With a little nailing, you can enjoy this comfortable bench in your garden anytime you sit on it.


2. Not the bench you’re used to

Not the bench you’re used to

Your bench can be used for multiple purposes. It doesn’t have to be for sitting. It can be a decorative porch setup.


3. Brick + plank = bench

Brick + plank = bench

If you don’t have a lot of wood around… use bricks to make the leggings of the bench. And after that, just add a plank on top of the bricks so you can sit on.


4. Plant box bench

Plant box bench

A great idea is to create two boxes of plants and make a bench between them. This is very easy to do. With just a little nailing you can have an amazing bench that smells really good.


5. The chair bench

The chair bench

You can create a beautiful bench with two old chairs. Just take off the two front leggings and add them together. Enjoy.


6. Easy tree bench

Easy tree bench

With just 6 old chairs that you don’t need anymore – you can make an amazing tree bench. You need to take out the cushion part on the chair and add them together in a circle. With wooden planks, make a rounded bench like in the photo and add the bench and the chairs together.


7. The door bench

The door bench

Use your old door to make a beautiful bench. Cut the door and make leggings and back support. With the same or with other wooden planks – finish the bench (the sitting area).


8. Simple and colorful bench

Simple and colorful bench

This is a simple wall bench that will take less than 2 hours to make. Create the bench with a simple nailing and color the little planks on the top.

9. Convertible bench and table

Convertible bench and table

Create a bench where you can use it for sitting or drinking coffee. It’s really easy to do and there are lots of tutorials on how you can do this. Just check them out.


10. Concrete block bench

Concrete block bench

Here you don’t need to nail or cut anything. Just get a few concrete blocks and wooden planks. Create leggings with the concrete blocks and after that, add the planks inside the concrete blocks.

11. Log leggings bench

Log leggings bench

Easy and costs nothing. Put two logs on the ground and on top of them add a reclaimed wood so you can sit on. You can also paint it – to be more appealing.


12. Merge wooden planks

Merge wooden planks

You can find this expensive bench anywhere. But you can create it very cheaper than you might think. It’s very easy. You can create it with wide and large slabs. You need to create very clean lines – so the peace seems seamless.


13. Pot leggings

Pot leggings

To make this, you’re going to need metal pots for your trees. Don’t try to do this with normal pots because they will break. After finding metal pots, get a big and wide wooden slab and cut two holes so they will fit the tree. But don’t make the holes bigger than the pot, or the slab will fall to the ground.

14. The corner bench

The corner bench

You can sit comfortably and enjoy your coffee on this bench. You can socialize and enjoy your drink as much as you want, with the little table that is connecting the two benches.


15. The pallet bench

The pallet bench

You can create an amazing bench or a bed with this wonderful idea. Use some wooden pallets and on top of them, put a mattress.


16. The sitting-table bench

The sitting-table bench

You can sit comfortably and enjoy your smoothie or coffee with someone you like. Just a few wooden planks, nailing, and painting will do the trick.


17. Two logs one plank

Two logs one plank

Get some two big logs and cut them on the sides, like the picture below. After that, put the wooden plank inside and now you have an amazing beautiful bench.

18. Cut log bench

Cut log bench

You can cut the log on slim pieces and use the pieces to form a bench, like this one.

19. Another idea of a log bench

Another idea of a log bench

You can cut a big log – forming little chairs. And also form little tables so you can put your drinks on.

20. The mighty pallet bench

The mighty pallet bench

Use your pallets to make a bench like this. Two pallets are needed here. You just need to cut and nail.

21. Stained bench

Stained bench

22. Day bed garden bench

Day bed garden bench

23. Stone bench

Stone bench

24. Old Baby Crib Bench for the garden

Old Baby Crib Bench for the garden


25. Cast Iron Bathtub to Outdoor Sofa

Cast Iron Bathtub to Outdoor Sofa


26. Build bench from old door

Build bench from old door


27. Rustic wood bench

Rustic wood bench


28. DIY garden bench

DIY garden bench


29. DIY outdoor storage bench

DIY outdoor storage bench


30. DIY outdoor bench with arbor

DIY outdoor bench with arbor


Final Thoughts

Having an amazing garden bench is essential for good comfort and great conversations. Create something that you will enjoy spending time on. These ideas will inspire you to create a beautiful bench for your garden.

Also, you can read a wonderful book outside while sitting on your new beautiful bench, that you created. And enjoy your coffee.


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