Here’s How To Display Old Baby Photos Safely

Ooh, look at that little cutie! It’s amazing how much they’ve grown, isn’t it? We all love looking at old baby photos, but did you know that there’s a right way and a wrong way to display them? If you’ve got a bunch of old photos lying around that you’d like to display, there are some things you need to know.

Like most people, you probably have a few old baby photos you’d love to display. Maybe it’s a picture of your baby as a newborn or your child’s first steps. Whatever the case, there’s no need to keep those precious memories hidden in a box in the attic.

Here’s how to display old baby photos safely so that your family can enjoy them for years to come.

Photo Boxes

Photo boxes are an excellent way to display your photos without having them out on display for everyone to see. You can have photo boxes with a lid that opens up so you can easily take the photo without damaging or touching it. Plus, it comes with different inserts, so you can choose the one that best fits your space!

If you want to display your baby’s photos in a box, make sure it’s an acid-free, archival-quality box. This will help keep the photos safe from damage and degradation over time. These are great for displaying single photos or small groups of them. They come in different sizes and styles, and they make it easy to see your baby’s changing face over time.

Baby Book

father showing book child

A lot of people don’t know this, but your baby’s first year is actually a pretty important one when it comes to developing their identity as human beings.

A good baby book can serve as a way for them to look back on those days later in life and get some perspective on who they were then compared to who they are today—and what better way than by seeing the physical evidence right in front of them?

A baby book is a great place to store old photos because they’re safely tucked away from sunlight and dust. Plus, you can write down memories on each page like when your child was born or how much they weighed at birth! It’s always entertaining to look back at these types of things later on in life (and even though it might not seem like it now… someday!).

Old School Yearbooks

If you don’t want to spend money on new frames for all of your pictures, consider displaying them in an old yearbook instead! It’s a classic way to showcase your favorite photos while also letting everyone else know which school your kids attended.

Plus, if someone asks where they can buy one of those big, heavy books full of thematic essays about life goals and how great it is to be alive… well, let’s just say they won’t be getting any more orders from anyone who saw yours!

Old school yearbooks are often made of thick paper or cardstock, which means they’ll stand up well to being handled by kids or being displayed on a desk (or shelf). Plus, if you live in a house with lots of little hands around, this is a good way to keep the books out of reach of curious fingers.

Remember, your baby book doesn’t have to be just for babies—it can also be used as an album for past events in your child’s life, like first steps or first words. It’ll be fun for both of you to look back on these memories in years to come!

Canvas Gallery Wall

little girl santa hat smiling holding photo canvas her hand christmas concept

If you have a lot of old photos or want to display them all at once, consider a canvas gallery wall. A canvas gallery wall is a great way to show off your favorite old photos and keep them safe. The canvas will help protect the photos from dust and moisture, which can be damaging over time.

If you’re feeling ambitious and want something more permanent than just hanging up your photos on the wall with tape or pushpins, try mounting them onto canvas boards and attaching them together into a giant photo collage! Your kids will love seeing their early years all at once like this—and so will everyone else who visits your house.

This is a great way to create a cohesive look across multiple rooms in your home and ensure your photos are displayed in the most flattering way possible. Plus, you can hang them on the wall and change them as often as you like. This also makes it comfortable for you to switch up your decor when you get tired of looking at the exact same thing every day.

Photo Pillows

Pillows are an easy way to display your favorite pictures in a fun way. Your guests will love seeing your old photos while they’re sitting on the couch or relaxing in bed. You can find them in all kinds of styles, from geometrics to floral patterns. They make a statement, and they’re easy to change out when the mood strikes.

Photo pillows are soft, comfortable, and easy on the eyes. They also have an advantage over photo frames because they don’t require any mounting hardware—just slip them onto the pillowcase of your choice and voila! You’ve got yourself a beautiful new piece of decor without having to do any work.

You can even add a little extra flair by sewing on some buttons or ribbon with your favorite colors. These make great home decorations, or they can be used as throw pillows on the couch. They’re made of velvet, so they feel nice against your skin, too!


Old baby photos are a great way to take a trip down memory lane—but it’s important to be careful about how you display them. With all the options out there, it’s really up to you how and where you want to display your old baby photos. However, we hope these ideas have given you some inspiration on how to make sure that they’re safe and sound. By following these five simple tips, you can make sure your old baby photos are displayed safely!